Stella Dimoko Chronicle Of Polygamous Brouhaha


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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Chronicle Of Polygamous Brouhaha

She left when the Journey became tough and he had to remarry....

Odosamamwen was a good man, full of life, strong and very hardworking. He was loved and cherished by all because of his kindness and humility. He was also very religious in his orthodox way. When he graduated from the university, he got a juicy job with an official car. With hard work, he made steady progress and got promoted to head the finance section of the company.

He had a loving wife, the tall and elegant Obehi. The marriage was blessed with five children. Life was rosy and wonderful until Odosamamwen was roped in a fraud in his place of work. The amount involved was huge and as the head of the finance department, Odosamamwen and two others in the accounting department were arrested and taken into police custody. A lot of people gave testimonies on his behalf that he cannot be involved in a fraudulent act that would affect the good of the company but the good testimonies were not enough to set him free since his signature was on the documents.

They were reprimanded in the police custody while investigation went on. The real culprit seemed to be very smart and did a good job. The family members were forced to sell off his land in order to meet up with demands and settle out of court to avoid him going to jail. After some months in the prison, he was set free but his job and car had been withdrawn from him.

He started job hunting but luck was not smiling on him fast and people developed cold feet once they heard what happened in his previous place of work. Gradually, life became tough and hard. The kids were transferred from the expensive private school to a public school, decent good meals also disappeared from their table and turned to one meal per day.

Odosamamwen, prayed and fasted but it seemed all hope were lost. The loving wife Obehi, became irritating, nagged and complained about their predicament. She complained that her meagre salary could not sustain them anymore since what he brought in through the business he was managing was not enough, she threatened to leave the marriage if there was no improvement in their life style.

One morning, when they woke up, they could not find Obehi ......she was gone for good. The man was devastated but took solace in the five children she abandoned with him.

Isoken was a widow with a daughter. She was a teacher in a secondary school and needed a companion. A friend introduced her to Odosamamwen for him to be a father to her daughter Ameze while she filled in the role of a mother and also contribute to the financial budget of the family .

They got married and instead of alleviating his plight, she began maltreating his children.

She made the fifteen year old first son Efosa and his younger brother Ogiesoba to hawk varieties of goods after school hours. She gave Odosamamwen reasons why Ekiuwa should be sent out to live with a distant relation.

 Efosa, was crushed to death when he was selling his goods at the express road. This affected Ogiesoba so much that he had constant disturbed sleep, always alone and whispered to himself. He was in shock because he witnessed what happened but Isoken never showed him love and understanding rather she kept calling him a lazy boy.

The news of Efosa’s death affected Odosamamwen’s high blood pressure and he was hospitalised. He was down but he never gave up, he believed that one day, God would remember him. He never relented in praying.

The fraud that happened in his company was a top management fraud. The falsification, manipulation of the financial records and signing of his signature were properly plotted and carried out, he was used as scape goat because they knew he would not succumbed to their plans if they involved him.

The real culprits were later found because one of them confessed to the crime that his life had been full of crisis after roping an innocent man in a crime he knew nothing of. The Chairman on discovering the real culprits, arrested them and compensated him for the years he lost. He was happy that God vindicated him and cleared his name.

He told Isoken to bring back Ekiuwa where she was serving as a domestic help. But she had been put in a family by Baba the security guard where she resides.

He blamed the death of Efosa and Ekiuwa’s condition on Obehi for her lack of patience and endurance in time of difficulties.

NB: If you can enjoy with your spouse when the journey was merry and smooth, then also bear and exercise patience when it becomes tough. Do not be in a haste to leave because you don’t know the impact your decision might have on your family..... especially the children.

*To those who always complain inside this post....Read the story,get the meaning and forget the format.....The aim is to teach and all stories brought here are true narratives with names and details altered. .....


  1. This is sad but thank God there was light at the end of the tunnel been though the kids paid for it. So so sad. So The woman left her children without looking back? Kai!

    1. Forget the format when it is terrible! Stellywood!!

      Have people write in instead their polygamy experience, then it will sound more believable

  2. O.k we hear you Madame Stella 😉
    This one sounds real
    Last week own was sounding SDKwood SDKwood..LMAO 😁

  3. If i decide to leave my husband, my children must come with me.

  4. If i decide to leave my husband, my children must come with me.

  5. Thank Go for exnorating the man . But my question is that y do God allow bad tins to happen to good people. Ycant d secret b revealed immediately for d wicked but no,things must have turned bad for d innocent ones b4 d trutg is revealed.

  6. When people swear to "for better or worse" I wonder why when the "worse" comes they run away. Thank God he was finally compensated after everything. He would never have gotten a second wife if Obehi didn't leave.

  7. I don't understand how some women were created .So she was just in the marriage for only good the good times.

    End time women

  8. Some women do not deserve to be called mothers

  9. one thing that saddens me, the children are always at the recieving end.


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