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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Place Of Primary Assignment Palava ....

Corps members always face the problem of being rejected in the
organizations they are posted to.....

The first day I set foot into the camp, I was looking/searching/eavesdropping for where I can possibly work in town.

Some said if you join a particular group on camp, you will "EASILY" be posted to town for your PPA.*yimu*.
I joined Red cross, my activities on camp was so limited, just stand under the tree and watch people "faint".

Initially, I knew red cross will not help in the posting, so I had to open my antenna for another choice of station. Met a woman who eventually helped me to a good company.

Final day on camp, we all queued to collect our posting letters. I got what I wanted nitemi with smile on my face. My friends in Red cross were crying oooo.. One girl like that one stone me ooo, come see "red" eyes. Aswear those red cross no do us well oooo.

Took my letter to the company along with my friends, entered the reception, told them what we came for. The Receptionist said we should go to the 4th floor and report to admin office.

We had 2 options; first to climb staircase 2nd to enter elevator. elevator ke,what's that called, Abeg swerve make I climb staircase jare, what am I a man for?*yimu*

When I got to 2nd floor, I Don tire oooo, chai,. I managed oooo.

We got to the office, the lady told us to wait, that the MD is not around. Choi sweat catch me for armpit. 

I asked when should we check back, the admin girl said next week. Alright oooo, we were asked to put down names oooo..
This happened around December oooo.

Next week came, the admin girl said next week, the MD is not around. I had to call those who helped in my posting to inform them that they are misbehaving ooo.
So I was linked with a man inside who also said I should exercise patience ooo, that MD is not yet back.. Oga oooo, oro MD yii ma wa sun mi oo.

Because of this PPA I refused to travel for Christmas and new year ooo. I chilled wella , hoping that new year will be better ooo.
Got there January 3rd with some of my Corps friends smiling... I told my friends that i know a man, that i should go meet him before going to their admin office.

I knocked at the man's office, entered and explained myself, he said no problem, we should all go together.

The man stepped outside, only for him to head to the elevator. Elevator ke, inside me "man yii, maa disgrace me oo". He summoned us to enter, I had to encourage myself ooo, I entered, held on to one handle sweating, when that thing stated moving ehn, I wan throw up oooo, praying the phobic journey through endless fear should come to an end..

Well prayer answered, we stepped out and went to the admin office, that same lady just smiled back n said "no news yet".
Naso some vex collect rejection that day oooo.
The lady adviced us to go and come back next week, that we can even do clearance without PPA.

Went there for 3 consecutive weeks no news.
I had to tell my friend to follow me to their GRA, to look for schools.
Finally, we got there, trekked the whole GRA for a nice PPA, eventually got a school, entered, told them we are looking for PPA ooo, that they should help ooo.
The woman asked for our CV, told us we will be called.

Next day, I was called and told to resume next week.

The company was ready to pay us more, only if, only if I had a little more patience. The school was paying far less, but I just had to reject the company, time was far spent, it was more than a month.

Do you know the day I went for rejection, the next day they accepted Corps members? I was sad ooo.. Make I no lie, the thing pain me ooo.. After all the patience I had.
But who am I to question luck?

Patience is very key in life, but my question is this, FOR HOW LONG?? FOR HOW LONG??

Ain't giving up too, God knows the best, cos actually I worked my PPA, which isn't cool thou.

Some Shortcuts may not be the needed cut..


  1. Well,nice story. That patience thing is tricky sha. The day I was rejected in my first PPA was the same day I got my offer letter in a new place. That's after one month of doing me 'go and come'
    You had to have a plan B so you should have no regrets.

  2. So funny... U make me remember when I was trying to get my PPA.. Igboro daru lojo yen

    Story for another day

    Mc pinky

  3. Didn't have any issue with my PPA
    Got to otuoke with my friend and looked for state school 1
    I did not even know that was Jonathans primary school
    The headmaster and teachers were happy sef
    Cos we took almost all the subjects

    By 12pm,school is over
    The students will come and tell you.. ..
    Aunty eee,my mama say we dey go farm
    Missed Bayelsa plantain and fish with sauce tho

  4. Patience is key but you can't lay all your eggs in one basket

  5. this poster was a mumu sha. ppa is not somewhere that you have to start almost immediately. the admin girl even said u could do clearance. how far u na.

  6. Wow! Nice story...but you sometimes forget patience when you get frustrated...


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