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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Chronicle Of Polygamous Brouhaha

Story of a step mother who went too far....

Adekilekun and Tayo were divorced because of constant beating and infidelity on the part of Adekilekun. Tayo had collapsed several times from the constant battering by her husband. The divorce had so much impact on their first son Ayoola, who would occasionally spend the weekend at the home of his beautiful class teacher Bolatito.

When he arrived back home, he wouldn’t say anything in particular, but his father Adekilekun could read his body language and perceive what was left unsaid. He didn’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand that Ayoola really liked spending time at Bolatito’s place, and the reason was clear, he loved her and enjoyed her presence and cooking.

Ayoola wished he had a family with a gregarious, big-hearted, and affectionate parents who clearly loved each other. Adekilekun knew that this was precisely what he had deprived Ayoola and his brother of.

This made him to wonder if he had made a huge mistake in divorcing his wife and breaking his family apart. And after each of Ayoola’s subsequent visits with Bolatito, he became more convinced to mend his marriage. He approached his wife, Tayo and pleaded for reconciliation especially for the sake of their sons but she refused to reconsider and accept him back.

 She was not convinced that he was a changed man that would not beat her up again and cheat on her without any remorse. That marriage was over and remained dead to her. She promised to visit and spend time with her sons without any hope of coming back.

Ayoola made a single direct statement about his teacher to the father of how happy he was having her in his life. Adekilekun decided to pay Bolatito a visit with his son. They were given a wonderful reception by Bolatito who showered open affection on Ayoola .....

He developed interest in her and decided to tie the knots with Bolatito after explaining everything to her. She assured him that they would get along since she and Ayoola had developed bonds already. It wass just for her to win ikeolu the second son over to her side which wouldn’t be much problem to her.

Five months into the marriage, everyone was happy. Adekilekun could not ask for more since his family was complete with a caring step mother to his sons.

But Ikeolu, the eight year old boy was always withdrawn and sad. He told his father one day that he would like to visit his mother. It was shocking to him because their mother had already travelled abroad and going by the attention he witnessed Bolatito give them, he could not understand why he sought for his mother. He consoled him and promised him that he would work on his travelling schedule to enable him spend much time with them.

He asked Ayoola to tell him the truth if their step mother maltreats them in his absence but the little boy put up a defense for her that she was the best he could ask for. He told his father he was happy coming in contact with his step mother Bolatito. 

He became convinced that Ikeolu was just too attached to his mother.

Adekilekun, planned a small trip for his family and came back earlier than he used to, to give them a pleasant surprise. On that fateful day, he met Bolatito and Ayoola watching adult movie while she was romancing his twelve year old son.

He was traumatized, shocked and confused. He demanded to know how and when the illicit and deadly act started. The confession blew his mind away.

Bolatito had been molesting Ayoola from when he was eight. Initially, he cried and complained but she threatened him then followed by buying him gifts in order to silence him. In the long run, he started enjoying his teacher who later turned out to be his step mother. She made attempts on Ikeolu but that one resisted but he was threatened to keep mute or face the consequences after giving him the beating of his life.

Adekilekun was devastated and troubled and blamed himself for everything.

*Na wah for this story....SMH...anyway we get the message!!


  1. this is the reason parents should always find out why their kids are particularly fond of one particular person.

  2. End time step mom

  3. I knew it
    No child should be fond of the opposite sex

  4. This came to my mind immediately I started reading the story. What a pity.

  5. Hmmmmmm who can even imagine that this woman would molest a little boy that could pass for his own son.our eyes should be on our children 247.God save our kids from wicked men and women.


  6. Honestly the first thing that came to my mind when reading it was, hope the teacher has not been molesting the young boy going by their closeness.

    I'm too awake to see my kids too attached to someone without doing my assignment very well

    *Larry was here*

  7. But which responsible woman will leave her kids and leave a marriage?

    1. This one don come again.
      Please reason first which responsible man decides to begin a family legally and does all to ensure it disintegrates hoping that the woman in it would bear all the losses?
      Till the day we begin to value the next life like ours​ and stop blaming others blindly for our actions Africa will only get worse. Both the man and woman (mother) should bear this responsibility.
      Despite the man's action of getting another wife he too should have made extra room to see that his boys grow up in a safe environment. Men should learn to stop dumping the whole responsibility of parenting on the woman, there are limits.
      My Dad is one rare example and you would initially give the credits to my mum if you didn't know better.
      That man up there is careless and irresponsible!

    2. Your head dey shake abi you no sabi read? So responsibility is when she chop beating and die because of children and marriage? Wait for your turn ok. When your husband beats you like a goat and cheat like a fool, please stay becos of marriage and children mumu. How did you even buy a phone sef?

  8. Na wa o. Divorce has negative effects especially when kids are involved . ..

    1. Most especially when either or both parents involved can't handle their issues like adults ought to.
      Responsibility is one thing most people in Africa dread. They would rather live without any positive impact than be responsible for anyone else even the very lives they have introduced into this competitive world. The children didn't beg to be welcomed into this world.

  9. I never understood how a grown woman would be interested in little boys. Poor kid. I hope he doesn't grow up to do the same.

  10. Jesus Christ!!!! I thought is step dad that molest, Hian step mothers too.


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