Stella Dimoko Emergency Room Series: Pay Attention To Your Ward!


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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Emergency Room Series: Pay Attention To Your Ward!

Every child deserves to be loved and shown care...

A lot of parents don't pay attention to their child's needs and this causes a lot of harm and no good to both the child and the parents.

Its okay to work, infact its im
portant to work hard so as to provide the essential things for your child, but sometimes parents get so carried away in the hustle to survive and pay less attention to their children's social, physical and emotional needs.

A little boy was brought into the ER. He looked quite okay and not in any physical distress but his parents were panicking and restless. They claimed the mother's sister saw the boy put a large nickel zip into his mouth while he was playing with her stuffs on the floor as she was busy with a sewing machine. The mother's sister then forcefully inserted her finger into the child's mouth to bring it out and he ' mistakenly' swallowed it. She then called the parents immediately who rushed home from work.

The doctors ordered a chest xray. Lo and behold, it showed a zip was in his chest in a position that everyone imagined how it happened to have gotten there. It was stuck inbetween the trachea (the pipe that goes into the lungs) and the oesophagus (the pipe that goes into the stomach). This meant two things if something wasnt done fast; either the zip enters the lungs somehow and punctures the delicate organ and the boy suffers from either internal bleeding and collapsed lung and dies OR enters the stomach (which I think is safer).

The ER doctors had to request for a Cardiothoracic surgeon to review the case as it was beyond them. When the surgeon finally came, he kept looking at the scan and asking the parents how, how, how? The mother was hysterical, rolling and begging for a miracle. She feared the child might die suddenly.

The surgeon told the parents that they would have to do a surgery and that if it was in the stomach, it could have been easier to get the zip out but it looked like the zip was deviating more to the trachea which was very risky. While all this was happening, the child was playing with a stethoscope.

The boy had to be referred to a hospital where the surgeon would carry out the surgery with his team. Cardiothoracic surgeries are extremely expensive and the parents were told they would have to make a deposit of #600k when they get to the hospital. They are expected to spend nothing less than 1 million. I felt really sad for them. I hope the boy makes it, with no complications.

I recently shared a post about how a child drank kerosene and landed in the emergency room. Children are very active and would always like to touch, drink, and taste anything in sight. Its always important you put dangerous items away from them and never leave them unattended to, especially children between the ages of 1-5 years. I can't stress this enough.

Its important parents pay attention and create time for their kids always, most especially parents who leave for work early and get home very late at night and put the kids in the care of nannies during the day. Most schools have been on holiday this week and kids are home but hardly would you find a parent who takes time off work during this period to have a little more time with the kids. It doesn't have to be work, work , work all the time. 

I'm sure if the child's parents had taken time off at the office to spend time with the child at home or take him out, this wouldn't have happened.

The most important thing is to keep your home safe for the children and give them more attention. That way, you would identify their social, physical, emotional needs and that makes you a better parent.

I sincerely hope the zip is removed safely and he doesn't develop any complication.

*I hope everything works out according to plan...


  1. Na wah oh!
    My second son is something else,I guard him like a hawk.
    There was a day he took his younger brother and they hid inside the wardrobe. We were searching for them while they were asleep there...LMAO
    Thank goodness they didn't lock themselves from inside...hmmm
    If you see the way they were sweating when we saw them..hmmm
    Kids eeh!!! Only GOD can help us with them

    1. Chai I can imagine how scared you muse have imagine they were sleeping peacefully in the wardrobeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


  2. Oh God! Who sent me to read this article today, I am officially so scared right now. God please help this child.

  3. Didn't even finish reading the post before I ran inside to check on my kids. Parenting isn't easy. May God help all parents.

  4. You can't blame the parents for this. This could have happened even if the parents were home. Because they would be busy trying to pick up the mess they are making, fixing the house, fixing break fast, lunch or dinner or doing something..

    Again, they can't be home because they were working. It's not about work work work. You can't tell your company that you need 2 days off because your kids are at home on midterm. No one will answer you. Because if they give that to you, that means half of the staff will be home.

    So again, this is not the parents fault. It could have happened when they were even infront of the kids. Kids are quick. They pick things sharply and put in their mouth sharply. If the sister couldn't help even though she was close to the child, how then would the parents presence have made a difference.

    I hate it when people blame parents for everything because they chose to work seeing that same accident could happen even if they were home. The lady her child deal kerosene was home, wasnr she?? It didn't stop the child, did it?? Many mishap happen when parents are around.

    The day my son bad an accident with scissors, I was home. But it didn't stop it. Because that scissors wasn't in a place his hands could get to. But that moment I was rushing to pee, I hit the thing and things fell, I coukdnt wait to pee as I was already soo pressed. Just to wee and come out and the had cut himself. Just that less than a minute I used to wee. Let me just come out and clear it and it had happened.

    1. You are very right.

    2. I thought same. The parents weren't to be blamed. Even if they were home, the child would have still swallowed the zip. Maybe the aunty wouldn't have been there to notice it and call for alarm and nobody would have known that the big had a zip close to his trachea.

    3. God bless you jare. I read some paragraphs with wrinkled nose.
      Must the parents be home so accidents won't happen?

      A mother that doesn't have a CV can be home all day ,well paid and the family well taken care of by the rich hubby, yet child-prone accidents will still occur. God knows it all. The Bible said we should cast all our fears...

      Let's pray this child goes through the surgery and the pain unscathed. That's all.

    4. Nurse Judgina. When you have kids, please resign from your job so that you look after them to ensure no harm befalls them inugo?

  5. Wow this is judgmental!! I am guessing you don’t have kids. It’s not easy being a parent

    1. Aunty nurse never said it was easy o. Keep your house safe, period.

    2. Really judgemental...i like this segment but this doesn't go with me. How many organizations in the world not even Nigeria only will let you take break cos your kids are on holidays. These and more are the reasons I' don't wanna have kids yet.but then, one can't be 100% prepared right!

  6. #Your fears are a kind of prison that confines you...The less you fear, the more power you will have and the more fully you will live*

  7. It is well o. Even if you can't be home all the time, its good to keep your house safe always

  8. There are children and there are little demons. Loooooool!!!

  9. God please help this kid, I feel sorry for them. Children eh they are something else. Lord protect them

  10. Oh dear, this is serious. I pray he makes it out in one piece.
    I couldn't work because of my kids. I can't trust them with anyone. I had to do little business from home so I can be with them, though it's not easy. It's God that guides them, even with me around they still play some very dangerous play. One entered the kitchen and want to help me with the boiling water in the kettle and I was in the kitchen o. I turned and saw her trying to lift the kettle from the gas, I screamed. Thank God the water did not fill the kettle to the top. It would have splashed on her body when she dropped it.

    1. Madam get to work but pray over your kids daily. Shikena.

      Even when you pad them up or tie them with oja to your back, if they want to commit they will. Leave this story of "I can't go out because of my kids". It's gibberish.

      Women of the old trashed millet and guinea corn in the farmlands,toiled in buildings sites to fend for their families. Their kids were not strapped to their backs.


  11. "I'm sure if the child's parents had taken time off at the office to spend time with the child at home or take him out, this wouldn't have happened." Nurse i beg to differ. Home accidents do happen even in the presence of the parents. We can only keep the home safe and pray to God to protect our kids.
    May God help the little boy. Where 1million dey for this Buhari era?? It is well

  12. You can't blame the parents for this one. Whether they were home or not accidents do happen. That's why its called accident


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