Stella Dimoko Mama Nnuku's Gist Corner -The Maid.


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Saturday, February 03, 2018

Mama Nnuku's Gist Corner -The Maid.

Salute to everyone !Welcome to mamannnuku's Corner....

The Gist:

So make I sama una this gbeje wey shele for the hood......

There is this couple who live down the street, the wife has a very big shop where she sells orisirisi, so she brought home this lady one fateful day, no one knew she was a maid, cause she treats her like family.

Early mo- mo one day, I was to meet up someone at that compound, because she stays downstairs the couples flat. On arrival, I see say some of the other flat occupants gather for the couple door, begging the man to stop beating the lady. (Lol)

No this Gbeborun shall not pass me by, immediately I changed location and I headed to the next flat to see what was happening , what could be the problem, and I heard a guy saying ''oga please calm down we heard scream and noise that why we came to see what’s wrong ''

Good for me the person I was coming to see was also there (lol) and lo and behold I saw the maid one of her legs been tied to the chair (lmao) with her two hands tied to her back . Oga dey para holding a belt in his hands and telling the maid how he will deal with her mercilessly.

What the problem was?The man said immediately his wife left for the shop in the morning cause a customer called, he had gone into the bathroom to take his bath , while he was bathing the maid bust into the bathroom (lmao)

The man was furious ehn, probably because the girl had seen his john-thomas (haaahhahaha) he got out with soapy eyes and started beating her up and tied her to the chair .

In my mind I was like but she only saw now, she didn’t touch, what if she had grabbed it . (hahhhaha)

Well people started telling the maid what a terrible person she was, after the way her madam treats her well and buy her nice things. Some were even shocked to find out she was a maid.

Some olofofo’s called the wife on the phone to tell her what was going on, she rushed down.

On sighting her husband she begin to shout haa mo ku ooo , oko mi , aye mi oo . (You know how dramatic we Yoruba women can be) (lol) the husband just hissed and said ''today is not the day of your tears and said I warned you not to bring in any maid but you won’t listen'' he just left all us in the sitting room and went into another room .

Immediately, madam brought out the girl box and flings it outside untied her and asked her to leave(lol)

She was trying to apologize and people were putting fire, calling her names and all .well she shamefully left .

And that was the end . (lol)

Till I come yah way again

*So she was giving the man green light and he didnt want and ended up disgracing her?He didnt have to do that at all,he could have discussed it with his wife and she would been asked to leave wa for the drama!


  1. The man drama was too much joor! Why tie her leg and hands like a thief? Ok, she came to steal his jt lol.

    1. This drama was unnecessary. But it is typical of Yorubas. The one he has been "scr&wing" all along will not be mentioned.
      False imprisonment and battery are crimes.

    2. The maid no sharp joor. The minute the madam throw her things out she and her taxi is around, she should have just said well she don fuck the man well well and that they will continue the rest in the hotel. Then she should cause even more shock and drama by saying even sef madam too dey Fuck me. Nah the jealousy she come dey angry. All the neighbors will now focus on the couple while she escapes. And their lives won’t be easy any more.

  2. Hehehehehe, I love this drama, if the man had done it and the woman caught them Shelbi she go disgrace the man and the maid together. Thumbs up to the man jare. That one no means say the man no fit chop for outside hehehehe

  3. So "Yoruba women are dramatic"; quoting Mama Nnuku. So please let no Yoruba drama woman vex when I call her dramatic on this blog; na Y-woman talk am.

    1. Oya now, make the drama start.

  4. Only very few men can say no to distractions from women, Proud of the guy even though I don't subscribe to the violence he resulted to in his defense to say No.


  5. The drama is very necessary. That one don pass green light. What boldness.

    Kudos to the man. Many men have gone the try to settle it quietly route and ended up ruining their marriages.

    Women sha... the maid na wah

  6. Its better not. Tomorrow she 'll think twice before trying such arrogant move again. Imagine how nice the woman was to her self . Horny ingrate

  7. Bwhahahahahahah, green light gone wrong.

    In one trillions voice *end time maid.

  8. Which kyn bathroom be that abeg? No lock? Na question 😏

  9. Might even be a set up. Who knows if the man decided to disgracefully throw her out because she would not oblige him

  10. Ah, this so called "Drama" is very necessary oh. Ladies are not smiling. Weda they marry, that one no concern thief. She go put head. If the man was one useless man, second wife loading and bigger shop she shall desire. And more over the wife for no believe am. So evidence was very necessary with witnesses around.πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

  11. This doesn't make much sense. He did all of that because she may have sense his penis? What If it was a genuine mistake? Maybe she went in to clean and didnt realize that he was there until she went in. This guy grossly overreacted to the situation which makes me think there's something more to this story. That poor girl didn't deserve all that (even if she had bad intentions). A simple dismissal would have sufficed.

  12. Believe this and believe anything!

    You tried sha...keep it up��

  13. Lol. This could be a plot to send the lady away so they’d continue their amorous affair without the fear of being caught... abi why did he say “ today is not the day of her tears?

  14. But I don't believe this story if you have nothing to send please leave the space blank


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