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Friday, February 16, 2018

Mama Nnuku's Gist Corner - Marathon

Welcome to mamannnuku Corner ....

The Gist:

I had boarded a bus going to yaba this fateful day to get some stuff at yaba night market where things are cheaper, (lol) if you are looking to get things cheap go to yaba market at night. It's where all the big girls go, even some on this blog (dodges slaps), it was the time of that fuel scarcity and I had entered this bus from the island and the journey started .

A passenger had stopped at sura and this eleha (what’s the English name for eleha?) entered and sat beside me

She had whispered to me as she sat and said ''sister please I am going to waec kindly tell me when we are almost there'' It was already a bit dark, I guess that why she asked me to alert her when we are almost there. I said no problem madam and the journey continued...

After reaching that turning where u either enter yaba axis or go straight to iyana-oworo , we had moved forward a bit heading for estate when the driver's village people remembered him and the bus stopped .

All passengers had come down and started insulting him , all this useless drivers , you put car wey no get fuel for road , this that , lol everybody was shouting and screaming at him at the same time lmao .

He told his conductor to carry keg and start running to nearest fuel station, but the insults continued, we were on a bridge and everyone started looking for a way to leave

I had gone to the back of the bus to stand, so I can stop the next bus coming , but the few that passed were full.

I placed my hand on the stopped bus and rest my head on it , I was typing a text on my phone , suddenly I just felt a hand gives me towai on my bum-bum, immediately I jumped I turned to see who it was , it was a guy in a tattered cloth I screamed yeeee ! egbami ooo and took to my heels , (lmao) everybody wey dey front dey insult driver plus driver na so all of us begin run even tho them no know why I dey run or wetin dey pursue me . (lol)

Even the eleha had removed her cloth covering her face and was running, and some people while still running were asking what happened ..

The eleha was asking sister what happened, when I catch my breath. I realized the guy who tapped me wasn’t even chasing us. Then I stopped.

Then all of them had surround me and asked me what happened , shame no gree me talk I just left them there and begin waka go estate cause it wasn’t’ far anymore after all the running. lol

Na so this wan take happen

Till I come yah way again

Bye for now 


  1. hahahahah which one is night market at Yaba. Is it bend down select clothes or food stuff?

    Funny girl. So you dey among people that runneth when no one pursueth hahahahaha. Good one

  2. Just one of the segments on this blog that I can't read even if they put a gun to my head

  3. Sorry, but this was really 'dry'

    1. Take 🍯 honey
      In fact you can have 🐝

    2. No it wasn't. You need to check yourself

    3. Maybe u are just like me, I ddnt understand it a bit. Pigeon no easy oo

    4. No be only pidgeon.Vulture nko?

  4. Hahahhahahha
    Mama Nnuku thanks oo
    I had a good laugh 😁😁😁😁😁
    Your wakawaka plenty eee

  5. ROTFL mama nnuku was kee me too...

  6. Hahaha, werey gba idi e lol

  7. I hear that people in Lagos sometimes take action before inquiring about the cause.. .

  8. Hahahaha. I learned long ago not to run stupid runs that I dont even know the reason why.

  9. Chei! I had a real good laugh. Thanks!!!

  10. oh! my my, mama nnuku, you made me laugh and forget my grief.

  11. Hahahaha... Mama Nnuku, you be craze eziokwu.

  12. Hahahaha... Mama Nnuku, you be craze eziokwu.

  13. So the elehaa forgot that she must not open her veil abi?

  14. I guess it is safe to run to safety first before checking to ascertain the level of danger. It is a strategy that works sometimes. On the other, you may just find yourself running into danger so I guess it is safe to stay and access the situation first. What am I even typing sef? Runs out to continue my work

  15. Kai this cracked me up ... I got tears in my eyes


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