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Friday, February 09, 2018

Place Of Primary Assignment Palava ....

Corps members posted to developed cities and to organizations
other than schools always face the problem of being rejected in the
With Service Year Boulevard not being updated for a long time now,I
want to introduce ''PPA PALAVA'' as a new post and lets see if it will stand the test of time!

First poster says...

''I used to have the pipe dream that all your problems in life will be
solved once you acquire a University certificate,but I now agree that
NYSC means Now Your Suffering Continues.

All my village people joined me in the bus taking me to NYSC camp and to my PPA.

After every every at the orientation camp,na so dem carry me post for
one kind organization wey de office dey for the 6th floor. See me see
wahala o. Me wey be say na 2-storey building be de highest house wey
we get for village and any man wey try get am na celebrity for life.
Well,I just summoned courage,appealed to my village people not to
disgrace me and approached the building cautiously.

''Which office are you visiting?'' This was one of the security
officers,after scanning me and making sure I was not a herdsman hiding
in NYSC uniform.
''I want to see the MD.''
''Which MD? Which department? What floor?''
''I was posted to this organization,here's my posting letter.''
The security man shrank away from the paper as if it would bite him.

''Fill this form,'' he said simply,pushing the Visitor's log book to
me. ''Admin, 5th floor.''

After filling the necessary info,I started climbing a flight of
stairs.I met security officers on each floor.

''Which floor are you going to?'' one of them asked me.

''5th floor,'' I replied,panting like I just finished a race.

''Na it you no use elevator?'' she eyed me suspiciously.

''I come from village o and I no sabi use such a thing.''
She told me to enter the elevator and press the button that would
indicate the floor I was going to. Na so I enter press 5 o. When I see
people de comot,na so I follow de comot,but I still found myself on
the same floor.I came face to face with the security woman
again.Kilode wetin de happen na? I didn't bother to explain. I just
jejely and nwayoly climbed the stairs. I no fit come de disgrace
me,myself and I,mbok.

Even the guyman MD was not in the office sef.
His secretary explained calmly: ''He's attending a conference. The
conference started yesterday,so I doubt if he will be in the office
today. Just go and come back next week. Or you can be coming everyday
to check if he's in,but I'll advise you just come back next week.''

So all my elevator suffering is for nothing?

I just told her OK, admired her left breast and left to think of about
my future. I summoned courage and met some ladies using the elevator.

They were going to the ground floor,so I monitored proceedings.
I've heard of people being stranded inside an elevator, because of
power failure,so I did a sign of the cross before and after me,in case
the devil wanted to attack me from behind and for Christ to join me in
the journey.

We arrived in one piece at the ground floor and I wanted to escape
when the security man apprehended me to sign the check out register.
By then I was so hungry that I could eat a cow,but no be only me waka come na.

The following day followed the same pattern,but I come turn from JJC
to expert in Elevator Management, abi na like this we go de dey?

Verily, verily I say unto you, after one week,the MD was still away in
some hotel in the name of a confererence. The Accountant decided to
solve the problem once and for all by summoning me to the office.

''How are you finding the city?''

''Fine,sir,'' I smiled and decided to use the opportunity to market
myself. We no de carry last for my place.

''I didn't know that northerners are very nice people until I came
here. I have made friends with a good number of them. The
misconception that northerners are illiterates is very wrong. I now
know better.''

''Well, thank God you see the difference,'' he smiled and then turned
businesslike. ''It's unfortunate that we can't accept you to serve
here. We're already overstretched as it is. Paying corps members is a
problem for us because we usually have position for only two,but we
have more than ten at the moment and can't accept more. I am sorry,but
you have to try somewhere else.''

Na wa o. I come reason am. But I no talk bad thing about northerners
na,abi kiloshele? But I was angry too for the rejection because I've
been spending money to the PPA only to be rejected.
Shuo! Just like that? After one week?

I tried all the tricks I knew for him to change his mind, including
admiring his bald head and wrinkled face,still nothing. I even wanted
to clean his shoes,but he knew all about that.

Well,I wished him well and went in search of another PPA. I no come
city to come count bridge,na hustle I come. It's good he rejected me
sef because I eventually got a better place.
NYSC PPA wahala no be here o!

*Hahahahahahahhahahaha..I didnt have PPA wahala when i served.Infact all the babes were in hot demand from my set....Ilesa loves women and nobody will send you back if you are one with hips and the right smile   LMAO
If you have/had PPA Palava,please send it in...


  1. Ola and Co, waiting on you guys for PPA wahalas.

    Cookie how far oooo. Most companies have stopped taking youth corpers. It is well

    1. I don't have PPA wahala jare, Na local government them post me go, they just told me "Hope you know there's no work to be done here and we also don't pay! I'll advice you get a better job so that you won't be idle"..... They didn't reject me but I only go there twice in a month.... For clearance and general Cds!!!!

  2. Hahaha the elevator part is so funny.
    My first PPA rejected me and I was very grateful cos it was community school inside bush, hustled for a placing in their state University and I got, but I still run comot enter ghost mode, don't ask me why.

  3. Still searching for ppa. Didn't know lagos rejects dovtors. Nawa

    1. Ahh, for real. Drs have suffered in this nation oh!

  4. Mine don tey so I no fit remember every every.
    *But I remember say dem post me go Union bank HQ (Stallion House), Marina but upon all their 27 abi how many storeys, dem reject three out of five of us only to pick others from back door.
    *I remember say I had to go in search of PPA myself and got somewhere in Ikeja, submitted my Request Letter to NYSC state office @ Surulere only for them to post other people go there.
    *I remember say after one month NYSC post me go one yeye one-man cooperative society wey expect a carpet to enter Lagos road dey look for depositors.
    * I remember say I beg the man to reject me him no gree na so I collabo with the girls for office collect all 11months clearance letters go keep for house dey pick am one one when the need arises.
    *I remember say last last I take my hand go find a place of 'secondary primary assignment' kack for there finish my service jejely.
    *I remember say because of all these back-and-forth my allowee delayed for four months.
    I also remember say some NYSC officials are badly corrupt.

  5. This my own story dey one kin oooo.
    Make I try my best small.

  6. Lol..nice one..abuja kofa.wehdone ma.
    very soon your bizness go enter permanent site..e dhey show for ur writr up already..body dhey sweet you well..welcome to abuja..enjoy yourself.

  7. God help us ,let them not turn it to PPA they turned the other one and ended up making it to sound like blue film

  8. Tooo funny u to try meen nice piece

  9. Service year was fun in Abuja but the levels no be here o. You will go for CDS,cars will be parked everywhere like say na work seminar.
    The govt parastatal I was posted to rejected me one month after going back and forth for confirmation. I didn't know one needed connection to be accepted there too(Naive me). Thank God during the wait period,I just started searching for another place.
    I got a private organization where I was paid triple but the workload ehn??? We had Only Sunday to rest. After CDS we still had to go back to work until we protested and got that fixed.
    I met 'big big people',those I only saw on tv and read about. Can't forget the first day a Governor came to our office,I couldn't stop staring. Lmao.
    I was lucky I didn't stress about PPA like most people did sha,I have always been a lucky girl.
    I like the idea of youth service if only conditions of corp members can be improved,I don't think it should be scrapped.

  10. I was already working b4 I served, was posted to a school I never visited and just sorted the principal and the LI. Had the best camp experience ever as LOLO of my platoon 9.

  11. Abuja Corfer 2014 batch B. Una weldone oooo. My PPA wahala loading

  12. Lol...this is really funny! Will type mine later.


  13. I will write my own PPA wahala if blog visitors permit, lol! That's another epistle...


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