Stella Dimoko Place Of Primary Assignment Palava


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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Place Of Primary Assignment Palava

The Hustle to get a place to serve Motherland Nigeria is real!!!

Stella I didn't know that getting a better PPA in Abuja na by Cunny o
lol! After camp na so NYSC carry me go one kind wicked organisation
like that o but to accept me was like expecting to find a 30 year old
virgin girl in Lagos. With all their shakara there they still rejected
me I just kukuma launch a search for another PPA.

All this whatsapp group that people create in camp is very good o, it
was there I heard one organisation like that need corpers. But I went
there and couldn't meet the MD so I had to go to return another day,
even that one did not work too because there needed a motion editor.
I learnt from my Whatsapp group that Federal Capital Territory
Administration is accepting more than 500 corpers na it I rush off go

I was told to go and get my reposting letter o but na there the
main PPA wahala start sef. Na so NYSC officials begin do me come today
come tomorrow until me sef begin vex.
One Monday like that I just vex go their office determine to cause
trouble if my posting letter was not ready because it was almost two
weeks after I submitted my application.

Lo and behold my letter was the first and I was really overjoyed
however when I got to FCTA na so them begin de turn turn me o. At the
end I was told that the delay in getting my posting letter was the
issue because they have gotten the number of corpers they needed for
the batch but one lady like that told me that I can still be accepted
if I know anybody that can press buttons for me.

Na so I quickly meet my friend serving there already and she took me
to her ex boyfriend working there but my small cunny no still work
because the ex boyfriend begin play big man that we should go and wait
for him that he will come and see the lady in charge of accepting
corpers. After some minutes my friend left for her job and I was
alone. One hour two hours the ex boyfriend still never come na I
borrow myself brain o.

People where entering and exiting the office and I decided to enter to
see the person in charge, one old man like that refused me to enter o.
Told me that they have stopped accepting corpers but I told him that I
want to see his madam to explain my condition to her. After all she's
an Igbo woman and should understand the man no gree o. I told him OK
na that I am not going anywhere until I see the woman. I just gather
one chair siddon and we begin look ourselves wetin concern me. As people
de enter de comot I decided to try my luck.

I knocked and went in the woman was with someone. She told me to come
back later ''as you can see I am with someone''.
I waited for the someone to finish na. I made friends with people in
the general office and even the old man. If not for my seven over
seven NYSC uniform,I for begin form like staff sef.

The madam came out to the general office later and was helping a
pensioner to sort out her retirement documents. Once I caught her
attention, I begin blow Igbo for her. No time abeg.
She asked me what was the matter and I told her that I am frustrated
and tired of the world,with a tune that suggested I want to commit
suicide. She just told me that should wait some minutes and went back
to her office.

I went in again after two more people and met her discussing with a
man. I just hung around admiring objects in the room. She was through
with the man and I stepped forward.
Yes corper what is it? She asked me if I was not told that they have
stopped accepting corpers,why are corpers still disturbing her.
I told her that I've been rejected in many places and that I am tired
the whole thing.

She asked me what I studied and I told her,she now started shouting
one name like that, Kunle! Kunle!! Kunle!!!

When the guy no answer she told me to just go and give my posting
letter to him and he will tell me what to do.
Na so I begin de thank madam,thinking say my PPA Palava don end but I
no come see Kunle and nobody wan collect letter from me nor help me
call Kunle.

I begin search for Kunle in all the thousands of offices in fcta.
Later on kunle came and I told him madam told me to give him my
letter. He says i should photocopy it and it. Kunle na broke my heart
like my ex boyfriend by telling me that i should write a letter of
undertaken that i will not be paid for the whole of my service year and
that they will post me to a school.

I just died and woke up again. How i no go receive money for one year
ni? I go just do thank you service sebi??? I called all my friends
and they say make i no even thinking. I was just tired and told them
to reject. Wetin person go do na? I searched and found another PPA
sha. Praise God!!

*To serve for one year without being paid`So who takes the money you are supposed to be paid with?This is really bad


  1. U go tire to search for much dey wan pay u 5k??...i had my ppa in one useless private school d man wan kill me with work i had to relocate to a public school...they didn't pay me but i had peace of mind

  2. I served in otuoke community secondary sch bayelsa state my principal was the best I can wish for kelemama so nice to all of us infect when I was passing out I bought him a present because he was a like a father to me

  3. My dear i am going to be done with nysc in April and i have not been paid a dine . Just my 19800. God's grace will sustain you. But pls don't do runs ooo. Irespective of the course. You can serve in a churcb. Just get a request letter from them. Trust me nysc will post you there. Na church plenty pass for abuja

  4. Ha! With all these stories, this NYSC is really very stressful sha !

  5. It. Is well. We must shame this country! The country can't shame us.


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