Stella Dimoko Tinubu's Wife Oluremi Says Husband Was Sidelined After APC Won 2015 Polls But Now Sent To Reconcile Party Members


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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Tinubu's Wife Oluremi Says Husband Was Sidelined After APC Won 2015 Polls But Now Sent To Reconcile Party Members

As the national leader of the All Progressives Congress, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, begins to reconcile warring sides in the ruling party, his wife, Senator Oluremi Tinubu, has decried that her husband was “trashed” after the party won the 2015 elections.

Senator Oluremi, who is representing Lagos Central Senatorial District at the Senate, on Monday featured on Your View, a breakfast show of Television Continental, where she alleged that Tinubu was sidelined despite his efforts towards ensuring that APC won the polls.

Mrs. Tinubu, who disclosed that she was forced to discourage her husband from his continued loyalty to the Presidency and the APC, said the party leader was always harping on the development of the country. She said, “He was campaigning, I did too. We were running three campaigns in my house. And for him to be trashed like that? But I saw somebody who has love for this country. I hate to speak because when I stand in the front of God, I don’t want, because of this man, go to hell. Occasionally, I would chip in and I would say, ‘You’re still helping out? Why are you helping out?’ He would say, "This country matters to me more.""

Wife of President Muhammadu Buhari, Aisha Buhari, had lamented that those who worked for her husband to get into power had been sidelined in the scheme of things under the current administration. Mrs. Tinubu however pointed out that despite that the Buhari-led administration was now under massive criticisms, the President remained “the candidate to beat” in the forthcoming poll.

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  1. Humm
    Am a fan of Tinubu and am sure things wouldn't have gone this bad

  2. That's the way the cookie crumbles, lol!

  3. Smh! Country love kor, country hate nii. Apc nothing for you come 2019

  4. The northern people used Tinubu to gather votes from the west. After which they dumped him and it's all Hausa business.
    Now it's election time and since Buhari is loosing popularity with the yorubas, Tinubu is going to be used again to be dumped later.
    Yoruba be wise!!

    1. Remb how OBJ dealt with d Yoruba's? Lets wait and see

  5. Your husband was sidelined and they call him, he jump like frog answer here i am. Nonsense.

    Please let us get our PVC ready for these people. They need to be flushed out like shit

    1. Yori it's called politics. He knows he was sidelined and him answering them when he was called does not mean he has forgotten the ill treatment but he is playing the game of politics. Probably when the Easterners understand the game, they might produce a president

  6. He will be used again only to be dumped.

    Chikito's fan

  7. Hope everyone here has got their Pvc? About time to vote in freshman

  8. Your husband was sidelined and he is still stretching his hands 👐 up towards that direction again? Hhmmm he had better open his opkolo eyes 👀 very well

  9. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Tell your husband to borrow sense and use his tongue to count his teeth.


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