Stella Dimoko Actor Ernest Asuzu Talks About How Active He Was In The 'Other Room' When He Suffered Stroke


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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Actor Ernest Asuzu Talks About How Active He Was In The 'Other Room' When He Suffered Stroke

Nollywood Actor Ernest Asuzu suffered a stroke in 2015, but was later healed miraculously.

In a recent chat with Sunday Scoop, Asuzu said although he could neither walk nor talk while he was down with a stroke, it didn’t affect his sex life. He said, “When I was down with a stroke, my wife was the only one who didn’t forsake me. It was a terrible situation because I did not work for three years, yet I was spending money. I must confess that I was afraid that my wife would leave me at that time because of my situation. Though the illness was serious, it didn’t affect my sex life. Naturally, I am hyperactive in bed and I don’t joke with sex. I have been married officially for five years.”

Ernest added that people, who abandoned him when he was sick, now call him for movie roles. He stated, “Since I survived the stroke, it has not been easy for me but I am working now. I went for a shoot some days ago.

“When I had a stroke, I was abandoned by friends but all the people who abandoned me then are calling me for jobs now. We do not help each other in Nollywood. If a person has a stroke or any other illness, he should not be left alone. I was angry at my colleagues because they didn’t help me when I needed them.”

Asuzu admitted that he was yet to recover fully despite reports that he had been healed. “I was truly healed and I thank God for sparing my life. I loved to dance, but I cannot do that anymore. When I have recovered fully, I would be able to do some of the things I was doing before. After all, there was a time that I couldn’t walk or talk well.


  1. You had stroke, yet you could nack? That's hilarious

    Thank God for your healing

  2. May your healing be permanent and I wish you total healing in Jesus name.

  3. Good actor: can someone remind me the name of that movie he acted with
    Hilda Dokubo as his mom. He was shot by overzealous policemen while his
    ghost tormented them etc.

    1. Chei anon, you just brought back memories. I watched the movie too but have forgotten the title. Hilda was his mom, he had a younger brother (Hilda's real life son) and one tall girlfriend. He was also a musician in the movie. I particularly liked the film soundtrack. Oh lawd... Abeg someone help o.

    2. That 1996 or therabout film Black Maria? With Isosia Dokubo and his Mum Hilda. He acted the scary frowning ghost,he had woven cornrows as hairstyle, his white gown had very long sleeves.
      I watched halfway and was stopped by family. Me don't do horror. Nooo.

      Abeg Ernest Asuzu matter taya person. He had serious psychiatric issues. You know how many faces he destroyed with blows, destroyed properties in a Surulere night club, fought some "mysterious" society ladies and his live in Nollywood lovers to a halt. His terrible love dalliance made scary headlines then.

      He sure needs Jesus.
      Recover fully Ernest.
      God loves us all.

    3. Proudly Anonymous11 March 2018 at 23:13

      I love him in Another Campus Tale with Chidi Mokeme, Hilda Dokubo and one unknown guy who played Hilda's son in the movie.

  4. Hmmmm
    He was heal and blessed by prophet Jeremiah of mercy land in Delta state

    1. No man can heal. Just say that God used the prophet.

  5. That's life for you my brother.

  6. I am so happy reading this story. My loved one also had a stroke. He is on physiotherapy and already trying to walk but his speech is not yet clear. So for Ernest to be talking now,im so optimistic that he will recover fully.

  7. May his healing be permanently

  8. Saw him along Okota Rd and he wasn't looking good at all, Life eh

  9. Proudly Anonymous11 March 2018 at 23:10

    Obot Etuk e don do now!

    Tu eran yii le now!

  10. Obot etuk really deslt with him.

  11. THANK God for his testimony. The healing is permanent in Jesus name


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