Stella Dimoko Alleged Husband Killer Maryam Sanda Says She Didn’t Throw Any Party For Her Daughter


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Monday, March 12, 2018

Alleged Husband Killer Maryam Sanda Says She Didn’t Throw Any Party For Her Daughter

Maryam Sanda who is standing trial for the alleged murder of her husband, Bilyamin Bello has fired back at critics, accusing them of being hell-bent on destroying the innocent child.

In a statement on, Monday, Aisha Sanda who spoke on behalf of the family, equally attached pictures to buttress the family’s stand.

“Due to recent events regarding the celebration of an innocent child’s first birthday, we her maternal family have decided to speak out because of what we consider a calculated and malicious effort by certain quarters to ruin the happiness of an innocent child just to destroy her mother”.

Speaking further, the family said; “Let us start by saying that the pictures shared on social media of Maryam Sanda and her beautiful daughter Aleesha which were claimed to have been taken on Aleesha’s birthday is false. Just by mere comparison of recent and old pictures of the little girl, it will become apparent that Aleesha was a lot younger at the time when the picture was taken. (For the purpose of clarity, the picture in question was taken on the 8th of July, 2017 when Aleesha was only 5 months old as it is our family tradition to take her pictures every month). We have attached the photos showing dates from the studio with a time stamp.

On the 8th of March, 2018, Aleesha turned 1, and her maternal grandmother (our mom) considered it necessary and in the best interest of the innocent child to organize a photo-shoot for her (especially as Aleesha had not had her traditional monthly photo-shoot ever since the incident that befell her family).

The picture of Aleesha with cake and balloons which subsequently emerged on social media was a photo-shoot and not a birthday party as was falsely reported by various blogs and media houses. This photo-shoot happened while her mother was on bed rest and only as to have something to remember her first year in this world, hence, you will not find any picture of Aleesha with anyone (not even her own mother) on that day.

“What sort of birthday party could have been organized without children and other party guests? The photo-shoot was an in-house event and the picture was only sent to Aleesha’s paternal Aunt Kilo in Kebbi state. It is however strange to us how anybody (especially those who pretend to love and care for Aleesha) would have maliciously misrepresented the story and even sold it to the media with such caption and message. It is unfortunate that none of those media houses reached out to us to ask questions before jumping on such wicked misinformation as has been the pattern ever since the death of Aleesha’s father.

“We understand that everybody wants justice; we too want justice but we will appreciate if the innocent girl is left out of the problems, lies and deceits of adults while her mother goes through the process which has already commenced”.

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  1. Hmmmmmmmmmmm, na here I dey watch events no comment for now!


  2. Stupid busy cos her mum killed her dad she shouldn’t have any pictures of her 1st birthday....anyway she should get ready for people to poke nose in more of her affairs

  3. Bastard mother

  4. Make them allow the woman be please, if not that I controlled my anger the day I catch my then husband who is now an ex with his girlfriend in the house I would have done worst that her. Please let her be no one understands what the man did to her, some men are evil.

    1. So she was justified in killing him and allowing her family tell lies to cover up her crime?A man cheats and you think killing him is wow

    2. A man FUCKS my mother! If u don't know d whole story SDFU! I will exhume him and stab him over and over again.what fuckery

    3. You sound so ignorant,if it were true that the boy was sleeping with her mother,how come she is bringing her child around her mother and allowing her mother care for her.What do YOU know?Were you a fly on the wall to witness such?She should kill the man,exhume d body,kill again...her mother nko that you claim was the other party nko?Your madness is selective i see...evil person.tueh

    4. My dear, The man fucked her mother. I got the news from a right source... Its not like he fucked the mom, both the mom and d man are fucking together. And again, if its left for her, her baby girl will not stay with the mom.. I wish them all well and may Allah bless all of us

  5. So we can say that the paternal Aunty of Alesha sent the malicious and misinformed birthday story to the press....Na wa o,how do people drag an innocent child into their mess.


  6. I thought as much!
    Cos that pix where she's carrying her daughter isn't a 1yr old baby.

    No matter what, it's better to leave an overdue marriage than to stay and die/kill by mistake all in the name of trying to make ur marriage work.

    I just imagine the stigma this little girl will go through in this world and even in the hands of her paternal relatives.

  7. This one na long story, we don’t just want to see any pix of the wicked woman smiling. Simple! The Baby’s pix came alongside d one her Mum was carrying her so ppl didn’t notice d difference. She should also bed rest sharp sharp and go bk to where she’s supposed to be.

  8. "ever since the incident that befell her family" u mean d tragedy her mother "befell" on her

  9. anonymous to bahd12 March 2018 at 20:42

    "(especially as Aleesha had not had her traditional monthly photo-shoot ever since the incident that befell her family)"


    Especially as Aleesha had not had her traditional monthly photo-shoot ever since her mother stabbed her father to death....

    There, that reads better!

  10. We have heard. Makes me feel better that she wasn’t partying. She is on bed rest. I don’t condone killing anyone but it takes Grace to live with a chronic cheater who even rubs it on your face blatantly too.

  11. Really...u killed the girl's father for Christ sake.
    No explanation can bit that abeg

  12. Too bad to kill someone cos of infidelity not even self defence.

  13. Na wa ooo, why didn't she kill her mother that ducks her horseband ,


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