Stella Dimoko BBNaija 2018 Eviction Sunday -Who Leaves Tonight?


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Sunday, March 11, 2018

BBNaija 2018 Eviction Sunday -Who Leaves Tonight?

The N45million dream will end tonight for some..........

Up for eviction are Lifu, Tolex, Mito and Ceelo

Which pair do you predict will leave the house tonight?


  1. It's gonna be tough and difficult
    But I know LIFU is liable to go

    1. Ope oooooo
      my vote counted
      Tolex is saved.
      LIFU bye bye

    2. LIFU is out
      Alex wants to die oooo
      Me I knew she go cry tire
      What did you expect girl. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    3. Alex Epic disgrace.

    4. No small epic disgrace. She is even telling herself Alex be strong, madam face the price. Shaa nwoke ka nwoke shaa yi biko. (Leave man make man leave you pls.)

    5. Crying as if someone died. Mtchewww

    6. Lmaoo Madam B that Alex be strong tin she said made me laugh so hard. The babe dey cry like widow, she should calm down she doesn’t have upto 3 weeks again there. Cry cry Baby. Imagine Nina sounding like Miracle is more important than the 45M. They should kuku unpair them already let all ds unserious ones go.

    7. Madam B...wait. "Shaa nwoke ka nwoke shaa yi"
      Hahahaha. You be Ada Ide?

    8. Lol @shaa nwoke ka nwoke shaa yi
      Madam B must be Ada Ide

  2. As much as I will luv Ceecee to leave, but I see Lifu leaving.

  3. Lifu is leaving no doubt

  4. Stells said the show is scripted. Hahahahaa did u watch d drama? I doubt Lifu leaving o! That girl has some silent voters, d Da silver guy has strong supports... I fear o

  5. Did Ebuka just say HOH won't have immunity again? Na real double wahala.

    Chioma A where is you?

    I love Ebuka's suit.

    1. Yes ooo
      No more immunity for HoH

    2. Well let's see how it's gonna play
      That's not fair though

    3. Not fair. So kini big deal winning the HOH task then? Na to carry last na im sure pass.

    4. I think maybe it's means they can be put up for eviction but will be able to save themselves and replace with someone else

    5. Anon you might be right. I think they did it in BBA

  6. No idea.
    I don't know my heart is beating faster than normal cos of this eviction 🀣🀣🀣

    1. My miracle is safe baby, that's all I know but wait o why is Alex crying like someone died? All I want is for tobi to sleep in her bed for consolation so that cece can die

  7. And that's how nepa fucked up. Chai

    1. Lifu has been evicted. But what is wrong with this Alex girl, crying like she didn't expect people to leave. Hmmm, I'm beginning to suspect this is her strategy. Na wa oo

    2. If its her strategy, good for her she is def leaving next week to go n mee leo who has already dumped her

  8. Lifu
    Leo and Ifu Ennada.

    The party was lit lastnight.
    ICYMI - In Case You Missed It:
    It was an all night party with Cooooool DJ Jimmy Jatt as The Man the wheels of hot jams. He dished it like no other. Since 1985 straight of Obalende? Now Dude is A PRO. He dissolved songs appropriately, good transition man. Good transition.

    All I imagined was the National Encomium Magazine White Gig at the WAKA and subsequently at The Lagos Oriental Hotel. Awwww!

    They all danced real HARD except some clowning moves from Leo.
    Did Payporte forget Bambam's pants? Dress too short biko, she did groove anyways. Then Ifu and Rico gulped more than their light brains could contain and messed up big time. Thank God Tobi took hold of Ifu and put her cloth back on properly, Rico turned stupid on the dance floor. Ahhh. Then 'pinchΓ΄m' Anto no grew at all. Hahaha.

    About being a scripted programme or not, obviously it is. If you are attentive to details you will most certainly grab all their errors.

    Some questions though:???
    1.DEE-ONE 2016 tweet on surely being a housemate in 2018 BBNAIJA Show, then knowing the name will be "Double Wahala". Na wa!

    2.CEE-C received a phone call from home over Tobi's issue. Interesting. Who called and where was the call received. There's a cradle in the Diary room or what. Why are 60% of Biggie's timeout with housemates not televised.

    3.Leo's picture with BBNAIJA 2 SEE GOBBE contestants in a Payporte old advert cropped up online. That dude won the Pepsi Challenge without dancing shiiiii. Though Ifu did dance but hey they aren't the expected winners.

    4.Then about the supposed sex. The actual confusion is do they do the do or they just move the duvet for a few minutes as 'indicated on the script.

    Many questions. No answers.
    And the Cee-C and Tobi quarrels. Look well, read countenance and smell the drama + conspiracy. The youths need to start sleeping more and make use of the record button on their decoders. Staying awake waiting for 'shifting cultivation' and biting each other on Twitter?

    1. Tuale mama. Lo and behold πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

    2. Mama niyen
      You just echo all my thoughts

    3. Swag Lafresh... OmosΓ­ yes o. That is the Koko on the show as we dey see am.
      Atanofe na. Abi no be so your peole dey talk am.

      I even forgot one point sef:
      Tobi said he resigned from Heritage Bank in December that he was going in for the big brother show in 2018. So he already had qualification tag before audition started? Oriegwu!

      One thing is for sure. The votes count. Honestly, the SMS module makes money for them that is the determining factor. You love the housemates? Keep them in the house. Vote.

      Olori...i see you clear like water. Mi wo o ko o dabi omi!
      I love the BBNAIJA SHOW. I love the Hype-Life. I love looooove!

      BEE 10...Mummy twins. I got your hailing from the other side. I was late jare. Check inbΓ². Oooshhey!

    4. Xp mama I hail oh see download of matter I give you triple tuale!!!

  9. I am gap tooth, black girl
    back corner of class
    Scribbling left handed poetry on blank paper –
    Save the school’s curriculum for later.
    I am overflowing tales by moonlight
    That informal education
    trickling off the tip of my grandmother’s tongue
    You’ll find my mother’s tongue here
    A fast & fluent Yoruba
    Crisscrossed in English
    Hidden messages in prose & proverbs

    I am the miracle of melody
    Nestled deep in the groove of rich highlife rhythm
    A child of the marriage of hip-hop & afro beats
    You can hear our voices
    Pulsing beneath the skin of a talking drum
    Commanding hips to move without caution
    I am the sky-high gele-bold and beautiful
    We redefine fashion
    Wear our stories around our neck from our ears
    So we never forget the voice of our ancestors

    This heartbeat
    This is who I am…

    They should bring back this advert πŸ‘†πŸ‘† I don't understand what this Efe Paul says.

    I miss Titilope

    1. Yes swaggy!! I miss that advert too! Best advert on BBN!!

    2. Can someone please remove the Samvita advert?
      It makes me feel (^@^). Aaarrrrgggghhhhh!

    3. Swaggggggg!!! U know ds too😍 that advert is LiT! I don’t know what ds old man is talking abeg.

    4. Miyonse resemble mumu inside that samvita advert.

    5. I thought I was the only one that felt he was undermined. A chef that didn't display any expertise. He looked like a houseboy helping in the kitchen.

  10. CEELO IS SAVED. Yes I'm shouting

    Don't be surprised that their vote will be higher than that of TOLEX

    1. Ceecee was saved because of lolu. No light in wukari

    2. Anon, that is your business. I voted for them and they are safe in SA

  11. TOLEX is safe. Another party with Alex the dancer πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

  12. LIFU most definitely.

    Who is watching? I'm at work

    1. LIFU is out ooo
      Alex is crying like a widow
      Tobi said he didn't die now😁😁😁😁

  13. Abeg I want that Ceecee girl to stay. I'm not watching o, please you guys should keep me updated.

  14. Alex is a big DISGRACE.hissss

  15. LIFU out. Alex cry no be here o.

    I'm proud of LIFU. They played the game and didn't go home empty handed. Some people will stay till the last day and still win nothing.

    In other news, payporte should be giving Anto clothes that compliments her body structure.

    1. So proud of Ifu In particular
      She so played a good game.

    2. Always adorning oversized clothes. Not good for my pinchΓ΄m Anto.
      Payporte why?

    3. Alex is a professional mourner.
      Messy girl.

      Next week we bid her farewell.

  16. The table Ifu was shaking tonight. I couldn't stop laughing. Alex need to stop that annoying cry.

  17. Sorry to say but Ifu reminds me of Chikito
    How i wish she wasn't evicted

  18. MITO 34.16%
    CEELO 30.38%
    TOLEX 24.56%
    LIFU 10.90%

    I said it up there πŸ‘† that CEELOs vote might be higher. Wey the fans wey TOBI get?

    1. Wait for next week if Cee-C is up for eviction whether she no go top the chart.
      The only thing some Igbo men discussed together in a gathering was Cee-C and her virgin story. Some be like *nwa Ada ahu marammaa, oshia ya bu fargin* (That girl is beautiful and she said she's a virgin).
      Don't try Alaba market men with their keypad if story on chastity follow. Dem go vote am die with enough SMS.

      In Nina's voice...*we die here*.
      Hahahahahaha. Watch out.

    2. People generally believe CeeCee doesn't have fans at all. We will see now that they are been unpaired that's believing they've been unpaired. I didn't watch. Meanwhile Alex needs to go home. The two people I want to see put up to test their strength against each other is Miracle and Teddy A because if the trend of votes is anything to go by, Tobi is out of the running to win.

    3. Tobi has followers not fans.

  19. Now cee c is talking about tobi after she will get angry when tobi talks about her

  20. Miracle and Nina are not intelligent. Nina is so dumb, so Miracle is her prize to be won. she is not there to win the 45million. Miracle is not coherent, cocky and aggressive in fights with other housemates He's not there to win but their relationship is their priority (SMH). Na only pilot uniform he wears on every eviction show and even at yesterday's party. Big brother did not select good housemates this year. Tobi is so childish and immature, calling ladies names in the house and he's very desperate to win.
    Antonette is too boring. Alex is lazy and the coloured hair does not fit her. She's only dances during the party.

    1. Nina is as dumb ASF.
      Her parents threw away money educating her.
      Abeg make she finish school,marry miraku and begin born like rat. That is her priority in life.

    2. I was just shaking my head at Miracle and Nina
      Dem fit each other
      Intelligence is far from them.

    3. @ chi exotic very very far from them.Yet some people want to make them winners?if any of them eventually wins i am done watching the big brother franchise biko.

    4. Be done now who cares, she said ebuka I want the money o, I have already gotten miracle, plus the miracle was too tensed to be answering nonsense questions, you people will not say anything about teddy denying you bam bam again she was even shaking her head. The last time I checked it was not a show about ones intelligence

    5. Denying bambam how? Are we in high school.
      What exactly r u people expecting frm Teddy? A marriage proposal? A promise of a future so unsure?
      Is even relationships like theirs that evebtually make it. Bambam only shook her head when he said he doesnt even know if he is in her own plans outside. What he said was decent enough. He cares for her. His baby mama is in the past. They talk abt life outside everytime. They will take it oneday at a time. That is good enough.
      You people should stop pitying bambam, that she is quiet doesnt mean shes stupid.
      Worry abt the reason miracle has been avoiding nina. Having this distant look and been almost molested by her every night. Those r huge cracks. Even when ebuka asked abt nina, he couldnt even complete his sentences. Worry abt that.

    6. Push up the miracle mind reader I greet you.

      Miracle and Nina are dumb. Nonsense strategy.

      How did Teddy deny bambam?

      Miracle fans na all noise no action. The should go and take voting lessons from Efe's fan.

    7. @swag lafresf, wait until ur Teddy or Bam starts leading b4 you can lecture Miracle's fans bcos when I checked they were still leading. Meanwhile all of you twisting every word from #flyboy's mouth Kwantinu. ..just know that he is a child of grace and his name follows him. They said he is dumb but he is the only with liver to fly at age 23 how abt that. I pray cee-c becomes ur role model just remember not to tell ur guy that that she is bcos the guy go pick race, who wants ticking bomb as wife? Please focus on ur fav and leave Miracle alone.

    8. @Anon 8:10 ur Bam Bam said she regretted choosing Teddy in the diary section bcos she didn't know it would be for long...but less than two days she was all over the G, what a pretender. Abeg free all these their pretence make we just enjoy the show like that. As for Teddy A the guy na correct guy; he said it more than once that he didn't point gun on Bem Bem to do stuffs with him so he owns her nothing abeg. Whether them go continue no concern me sha. But abeg make uma free Miracle.

  21. Alex should go joor!!!! Senseless crying

  22. CeeC is a ticking time bomb. Make una dey vote her they go oh. Till she drags Tobi into the mud and humiliate him beyond redemption

  23. Na wa.

    It was obvious who would leave tonight.
    And obvious who will be in the finals.
    True true like Khloe said some people just came to the house to escort others.
    Ifu, well done for winning some cheddar for yourself before you left.
    Big Brother you can do better than all these your pre selected housemates. Why call for auditions when you already know who you will put in the house? Oh I forgot, this is Nigeria....
    And how housemates are prompted to say certain things is always laughable.
    And as for the scripting I can't believe people are still trying to 'confirm'. Like seriously???

    Even those your ratchet local competitions on TV that give 10k as 'star prize' and packet of cowbell milk or carton of indomie are scripted then the one that sinks hundreds of millions will not be scripted?? They wii just open house and invite everyone to do what they like and play like rats abi?
    FYI Everything on radio and TV is scripted. EVERYTHING. I remember a reality show I worked on in Nigeria. The winner was known before the finals. Man I was weak.!

    Please try to educate yourself with the same phone you use to type excruciatingly dumb questions.
    Your IQ should be higher,way higher, than your age.

    1. Na fight. Leave us to watch the scripted reality shows na. It's not that serious.
      You know you don't have to watch. You can by-pass channel 198 and watch CNN. That one is not scripted.
      You that your IQ is high pls be watching CNN, Sky News and discovery channel ... Shoor.

    2. Anno
      You are really shaking the table

    3. 22:01 aka Beavis and Butthead what part of EVERYTHING did you miss? So you don't know CNN, all news stations have news scripts??? Gosh, please don't procreate!!!!

    4. Anon 07.50, you are the 'savagery' in Savage!! Haba!

  24. Replies
    1. Sure.

      I see Bisola in her. She's going to sell

  25. The game is getting serious now...

  26. I like ifu and i am not happy she left but very glad she is going with something.

  27. Hahahahahaha laugh wan tear my belle.
    Anony 22:01
    Lily Simple
    Please read that comment 3 times, you go nearly catch the person that wrote it.
    Ignore please.

    1. Madam Knowamagbe!!!


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