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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...




I've been an avid reader n anonymous commentator for ages.just couldn't come out cos of the insecurities I've lived with since 1989.yes I'm sure of it.
I wish you'd take ur time to analyse this n maybe advise, or print.but my mind"s made up.
I'm a 36 year old female architect.residing in Abuja.married with a 4 year old child.I grew up in a broken broken that i never had a relationship with my mum.all I rem was the beating.
I was beaten since I can't rem, she gave birth to two boys before when I came. My dad was super excited.finally.female.he was all over me.loved me to pieces till date.but she got intimidated by The attention I guess.

All I can rem was that my dad went on a course in the USSR then.when he came back.HATE became my insignia. I just was branded a witch.beaten thrown to live with house helps in The then Gongola state. She hated me in indescribable words Stella. I still have the marks.

And I was lucky.I said I'm lucky cos like the Jews of the holocaust. I believed God didn't exist.he abandoned me.of course dad was paying my fees n I was doing well in sch.I was excelling in fact.

I rem when I had my first period. Dad tool care of it.cos mum was the she demon.
I a job.worked n I'm okay. I've a child as I said. But my worst nightmare is being or taking after her.I'm extra careful n clumsily trying to be perfect.

Stella.i can never be the life revolves around being the best mum for my dearest.cos I don't trust Nada.
People exist with these type of deadly parent that should only be watched on investigative discovery.but they do exist.

Shes old now.almost 70.but Stella I I can NEVER FORGIVE.
Parenthood is a once in a lifetime experience.she fucked hers up real good.she should face it.

Daily i get calls n reasons why o should forgive but nna ehn, I've donated forgiveness to charity.that woman should never have been given a chance to birth a child. 

Never again can I forgive or forget.never.she belongs to the deepest pit in hell.
My mum inlaw .hmnn. I only exist.I agreed to everything she says To allow her absolute access to my child.she might fill in the void my supposed mum can.
As for my tales.I tell my friends my mum is late.her topic is a no no in my household.

Stella,some women are not women.beasts.

My greatest wish is to be absent at her funeral.I so look forward to it daily.

Kindly hide my identity.
Lots of love

*Wow,anger and bitterness has built mansion inside your heart.....The only Revenge you can give out to her is to forgive her and love her,It will confuse her and earn you loads of Blessings from God...
Please you don't need to welcome her into your life,just forgive her and move it...

you don't know the battles she was fighting then,you don't know what she was going through....Find out her story....Ask her questions so that you too can find closure from this...
All the best!


  1. This is serious,why birth a child and hate her so much,a child that comes out of u,i don't understand,unless u were exchange in the hospital.

    1. This her chronicle made me think twice about what one of my senior friend told me,initially I thought it was a joke cos it was weird to me at the time but reading this now ehennnn hmmmmmmn,the big sis has 2 boys and she said she's happy she doesn't have a female child and don't intend to nor even get pregnant again cos she may be unlucky and the pregnancy could produce a girl child.i asked why she dread having a female child so badly,her answer was that she knows her husband will love the girl child too much and she won't be able to cope with sharing her husband with another woman,that was a really weird talk right!!! She said she sees the way the little girls,babies oo of 1yr 2yrs old play with her husband in their church and she hates it,that sometimes she will jokingly tell the kids to leave her husband alone.she got pregnant twice and had an abortion cos she didn't want to bear girl child,now she's on implant contraceptive,so somebody can be jealous to this extend,seems more like a mental illness oo.

  2. Do not repay anyone evil for evil. Be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everyone. 18 If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone. 19 Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,”[d] says the Lord. 20 On the contrary:

    “If your enemy is hungry, feed him;
    if he is thirsty, give him something to drink.
    In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head.”[e]

    21 Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. Romans twelve

    1. Story for the gods, vengeance kor

  3. When you came along your dad gave all the love to you and left your mum empty. So she resented you. And now you are giving all your love to your son. If your husband doesn't resent you, good for you but I guarantee you that someday your son's wife will call you witch.

  4. Not forgiving her; who suffers?
    When someone carries another and slams on the floor and pins her down, who is exerting energy?
    Of course girl you are the one; when you hold somebody, you hold yourself.
    You may not know the peace that attitude is robbing you until you empty that rock in your heart. You are bearing an eternal burden.
    and please girl do not pray "our father who art in heaven . . ." because you will get to that line that summarily condemns and execute you all in one swoop . . .
    "And forgive us our sins AS WE FORGIVE THOSE THAT SINNED AGAINST US . . ."

  5. OMG...
    Have u ever try to find out why she treated u the way she did?
    It may help u heal

  6. You shall have your wish!
    Who am I to change ur mind?
    Like u said, u have donated forgiveness to charity,
    Why d chronicle?

    1. Gbam the poster sounds mentally unbalanced she should see a psychiatrist and pray for healing 😂

  7. Awwww my dearest, listen to Stella's advice, you will be fine rather than carrying a heavy load of burden of grudge especially after she mum inlaw did almost same to my hubby, but his wasn't this bad, guess what? When I got married to my hubby and he explained all his mom did, I still adviced him to show love to his mum. We care for her, give her money, in fact we take care of almost all her needs in our own way. Let her carry her own cross, most times she gets confused and even cry, cos she never expected it from my hubby and myself. But my dear just do urs and leave her to God, And let her conscience judge her. Lots of love too dear.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. If you don't have something reasonable to say then you shut up , i don't understand what you mean by she saw your father molesting you .

    2. Imagine the stupidity!!!! A woman saw her husband molesting her baby girl, instead of directing her anger to the husband she turns around to maltreat the abused child!!!??? Sorry, but you're sick in the head.

    3. You want to sound important or what?

    4. Kudos anon 18.57, I though as much for the molestation thinz , na waoh

  9. Stella, it's easier said than done.
    Poster I feel your pain believe me, but as Stella typed the greatest revenge you can give her is forgiveness even though she might not deserve it. Not for her sake but for your sake.
    I promise you it's not going to be easy but eventually forgiving her will be worth it.
    Believe me in your walk to forgiving her, you'll be rehashing past painful and hurtful memories, do not let it dwell just let it go. As the saying goes "forgiveness doesn't make you weak, it sets you free."
    I've been there, still there, but I'm handling it better now. The Lord is your strength.

  10. My own mother is worst. She even plot to kill me. I left the house for her. And I thank God I am doing great. When Me right comes I will tell him I don't have families. I wished my Daddy was alive. He was the only friend I had

  11. Hmm just this morning I was reading scriptures about "anger". You need to help yourself and get away from that trap that has blinded you, yes its easier said than done but the least you can do is try. Forgive forgive and forgive, make conscious efforts to do so and please study your bible well and pray to God. When you pray and ask God for help you will see the reasons why you should forgive your mom.

  12. I understand u very well. .Please try to forgive her I beg of u

  13. If God can forgive you then please forgive your mother

  14. Well, you are in pains but forgiving your mum will lessen it . God bless you, dear....

  15. It's easier to tell another person to forgive you know but that is what you must do. Not for her, but for yourself. I recently went through something that I thought I would never overcome and forgive but forgiveness gives you power beyond what you can imagine. In this case, it is your mum so it shouldn't be that hard. You overcame and didn't die meaning you are stronger for it. I read something that forgiveness is not forgetting but remembering without anger. You clearly have a lot of that. God has blessed you with a child of your own so why so angry still? According to you, you are trying your best not to be anything like your mother and that is what hurt does to us. It shows us exactly what we don't want to do to others. Visit your mum and ask her the whys. It will take time but trust me you will forgive if you want to. If not, good luck with your decision.

  16. Forgive her and let God heal you. I am an only girl among 4 boys. I have my own stories to tell but I asked God to help me heal. I have healed, forgiven Mum who saw me as a threat, never said go things of me, just because I'm my dad's most loved and visibly so. Holy Spirit of God helped me. I am fine today and happy. Poster, forgive your Mum, I plead with you.

  17. Its so sad,not forgiving your mum you have locked yourself up in a prison. You are your own jailer. You cant have so much hate like this and be a happy person.
    Its hard to forgive ,but it sets you free when u do. Babe release yourself from this bondage. So you can have peace with God. Unforgiveness is truly a sin. Ask the holy spirit to help you heal of all the hurt and pain.

  18. Unforgiveness stems out of the inability to let go of the hurt, inflicted on you by someone, the intent to hurt a person is borne out of hatred. What am I saying, you are trying so hard not to be like your mother but you are towing her path by bit forgiving and letting go. The fact that she was a bad mother to you doesn't mean you should be a bad daughter to her and make your children bear the burden of that hatred. No matter how you child them, the greatest danger is in your bossom, and they will grow up one day to know that you shut their grandmother out cause of unforgiveness and it may make them question some values you have taught them. Your mother was a bitter woman and unforgiveness is making you that same bitter woman.
    Whatever the pain and hurt is, report it to God and let him fix u up like no one else can, the burden you are carrying can only be removed by God and if you don't forgive, God won't forgive you or help you either.
    Unforgiveness takes many people to hell on a daily basis and I'm sure you don't want to be one of such people.
    Forgive, do it for yourself, for your husband for your children, for your father that was there for you, for her as well and for the wellbeing of your soul

  19. My dear,let go of anger. It's hard i know,but it's the only way you can be truly happy,_forgiveness. Please dear,pray to God to give you the heart to forgive her and free yourself of the resentment you have against her. Remember that if you do not forgive her, God will not forgive u too. I know she hurt you so much but you're in a better place right now and all thanks to God, you dont look like what you've been through. So inorder to be at peace with God and yourself,forgive her and let posterity judge her. And dont deny her existence,it's an evil thing to do. When she passes on eventually, attend her burial and play the role u should do as her daughter and see God's blessings fall on you.

  20. I can't believe a mother can hate her child the way you describe here. Please you need to let go all the hate and let love dwell in and around will be fine dear.....

  21. Poster pls don't answer all these people take your time to heal and forgive her even if d forgiveness comes after she has died then so be it. The bottom line is DAT you are doing you. Please take your time to heal. If you have a wound its the gravity of the wound that tells when it will or the level of damage is wat determines wen d wound will heal. You were injured greatly and it will take a great deal of time for it to heal. So don't feel guilty be u

  22. Poster, I feel you!!! I have been there and still trying to forgive my own. Its not easy. All these bvs saying forgive. Is it that easy? Untill you pass that road before you can understand how it is with a wicked mother

    Mine is old now and suddenly realises she has a child she abandoned over 30 years ago.

    It is very difficult to be identified with an absentee mother. Lets face it. But nothing is impossible with God.

    In my own case am her only hope now. Am doing well for myself. I feel its her behaviour that pushed me to be successful in life. Am a suceess story dear.

    Is she regretting? Absolutely "yes" Let your heart lead u. Dont do what your mind does not tell you to do. Mine has just started bombarding me with calls. But anytime i see her call, i remember the pain she put me through. The neglect of over 30 years. The hatred she showed me in my growing years.
    Let God take control of this matter. Am still praying to God to heal me completely and allow me to be the daughter she wants me to be. Its not easy.

    It is well with you. He who feels it knows it.

  23. Aww this really touched me, remember when i sent you a pix of my friend that has a yoruba mum and an igbo dad of which the mum left them to remarry without looking back till today. She is just like this lady, also told me the mum was dead only for me to find out later that she was lying, i had to talk her into forgiving the mom and that's the reason she gave me permission to post her pix here although i am not sure she has seen the mum till today. Poster please forgive your mother, it may sound stupid but you will feel lifted and free, my friend's case is even worse than yours, at least you a have a strong dad but theirs is not something i should be pouring out here cos it brings tears to my eyes each time i remember. Nne please try and forgive, meet with her okay.

  24. I don't understand so why this chronicle?

  25. You are an adult and it is your choice what to do. Do not listen to those telling you to forgive, if they wanted to be maltreated and be smiling, that is their cup of tea. Why do we always make excuses for the oppressors and not help the oppressed. Your mother knew exactly what she was doing, be grateful that you are doing well. Enjoy your marriage, your child, your career and your life. Always remember that there are people younger than you who their mothers have passed on to greater glory and they are doing well. You will be fine and I wish you all the best in the future. I understand where you are coming from. I have not seen or spoken to my so called mother for at least 20 years and we will never speak or see each other again in this life and I have no regrets, I only wished I have cut her off much earlier. Good luck with everything.

  26. We forgive not because the offenders deserve it or are even sorry, but for the love of God and our peace of mind.
    Forgiveness is actually for you and not the offender.
    God's mercies has kept us (I don't know if you now believe in God) & it is because of His unending forgiveness and mercies that we are not consumed or destroyed.
    Despite all you went through, God's grace kept you.
    He made you have the last laugh & changed your story.
    You are undeserving of His love, but He still loves you.
    And He demands we forgive people their trespasses even as He forgives us. Matthew 6v12
    He went further to say if you are offended by a person over 100 times a day, you keep forgiving them. Matthew 18:21-35
    He proved it when He was betrayed, abandoned, nailed to the cross & the people he taught, healed, perform miracles for, and came to save, crucified Him.
    And just at the point of death, he prayed saying "Father forgive them for they know not what they are doing"
    My dear, let it go and let God in.
    He is real, He is true & He lives.
    Allow His peace to flood your heart and heal you of every pain.
    It is eating you up already, don't let it destroy you.

  27. Poster I repeat 4give only wen u r ready to it doesnt matter when. it could be now or years after she has passed on. Take your time to heal

  28. First time I heard of something of this nature,was from my very pretty friend (though hers wasn't this extreme), and over the years, I've found this to be true.
    Am married and have a beautiful daughter that I dote on (I try not to) and have also noticed streaks of jealousy from my wife..tho she dotes on her too. My married friends have also observed same with their spouses.
    No matter what tho, the child(ren) shouldn't notice it cos it messes up their psychology and can dent their future.
    Little actions we take to be insignificant can actually be that one thing he/she remembers and judges you by.
    Children are far more observant and sensitive than we think and they also analyse and judge actions as we do and make impressions from them.
    @Poster... you're doing yourself more harm. Let what you can go. The burden you're carrying will eventually be to your detriment and that which you fear may come upon you.
    It's not even about you, your son needs his granny. Your husband the advice and relationship of his MIL...and you need your peace.
    God also commands it so

  29. My dear as hard it may sound, you need to forgive her for you to be free... Have you thought of the fact that you might die today and go to hell fire just because you refused to forgive her. Please ask the Holy Spirit to help you. I'm sure there are many bkessing s that are pending due to the in forgiveness. Its well my dear...its not worth spending eternity in hell. Give your life to Jesus and surrender everything to Him and you would be glad you did. Please drop your email address for me to follow you up

  30. To all those asking her to forgive that evil and unfortunate soul labelled "mother",obviously do not know what it is like to have a horrible,abusive,toxic mother.

    No,you cannot force or convince her to forgive the hopeless bitch all because some holy being demands it of you.

    No parent has a right to ruin their child's life,mental state,morale,esteem,etc.

    My story is horrendous,the tale of a cold,calculating and strategically evil mother who ruined everything in and around my life.

    It took me years to realise she was the sole evil in my life.

    To reach a stage where you do not speak to your own mother and you do not wish to speak to your own mother forever.

    My mother is evil personified,manipulative,evil,selfish,cruel,mean,destructive.
    If the devil had a mother,it would be her.

    I do not hate her,but I do not feel a drop of emotion towards her.
    Were she to die today,i'd pop a bottle of champagne and treat myself to something lovely.

    Not all of us are blessed with good parents.
    Those of you blessed with such,count yourselves lucky and do not judge how people like us choose to deal with our damage and evil parent(s).

    Imagine your own mother been so jealous of your relationship with your father that she accuses him of wanting to sleep with age 2.

    What sort of sick bitch is that?

    A mother who reminds you of how ugly you are?
    Verbally abusive.
    Just all shades of insane.

    Abeg,she can go to hell for all I care.

    And NO,the ONLY way "karma" would ever visit me is if I were to do all the evil my mum did to me to my own child.

    She scarred me so bad that I have refused to have kids...another story.

    Men.."mummy" fuck you and I hope you die a painful death.
    Fucking bitch.

    1. Lets do it this way. Men.. "mummy"i love you and i hope you ask God to forgive you for all the terrible things you have done to me.


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