Stella Dimoko Fans Blast Ubi Franklin For Displaying Photos Of His Estranged Wife And Baby Mama Together + He Replies


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Monday, March 12, 2018

Fans Blast Ubi Franklin For Displaying Photos Of His Estranged Wife And Baby Mama Together + He Replies

Music Record Label Boss, Ubi Franklin took to his IG page yesterday to wish the "mothers of his kids" a happy Mother's Day But his fans called him out for disrespecting his estranged wife, Lilian Esoro, and putting up her photo with that of his baby mama....



  1. I see nothing wrong in wishing both women happy mothers day because both gave him babies. Anyway nothing concern me

    1. This one is always commenting like the fool she is. She can never see the bigger picture.

    2. Yori, its disrespectful to Lilian. Not nice at all.

    3. You that saw the bigger picture, how is your life, EWU NAMA

    4. This Ubi lacks sense sha. Na only business sense he get.
      It's disrespectful ASF. Could be not have wished them separately? If it was a woman that munched his pic with another baby daddy. Will he like it. Ubi still has alot of growing up to do if he feels this is right. So he can't give them a post each may be with their individual kids...
      This side by side. It's like comparing them. Which we all know Lillian wins hands down. To think this lady is probably an issue in their marriage.
      I like Ubi but this is childish ASF and looks like a spite.
      Now this is my opinion,i didn't criticize anyone's own so don't masturbate on my comment.

    5. Cynhamas is it disrespectful to Lilian? You should say it is disrespectful to both women cause none of them is currently his wife.

    6. Thank you cynhams cakes. I'm looking at it from the point that this lady was probably the issue in their marriage. Cos their kids are close in age. She must have had her child just as they got married. And i doubt lilian knew of her exustence. So I heard anyway.
      I may be wrong but as a woman I won't like this. .
      If Lillian re-marries will ubi like to be munched with her new hubby.

    7. See as the comment pain am well well. Try to see the bigger picture in things, you will appear smarter for it instead of appearing like a dumb moron all the time.

  2. I don't blame them. I blame the him for putting his business out there.
    How many people know TY Bello's husband here? Anyone? ๐Ÿ‘‹ Cos I don't, even though she's popular.
    You want to tell me DBanj married a saint? But no one is digging cos there's a shielding for privacy.
    When you make joke out of your life people will help you. That's what's happening in Ubi's case.

    1. i dont see anything wrong, the kids will love it.... it'd unite them & create a sense of unity! Theyre all connected for life wether u like it or not, no photoshop, or picmix, or ring, or leaked condom can take that fact away.... like he said, its his doing, we cant all travel same route, whrz the fun without variety?

    2. Do you know if he seeked their consent before posting the pics? Nigerians like complaining too much for matters not relating to them. I didn't see any of those women complaining.

    3. You are so right.... I concur!!!1

    4. Thank you is I blame him and not 'I blame the him' as you wrote above.

    5. Lol @ Chikito and Sky. Is it me or both women wore same strap sandals??

    6. @ Sky, Chikito’s is a typo. Yours is clearly gbagaun.

    7. @Anonymous I hope you've registered as a certified gbagaun spotter?
      Heard FG have started payment.

  3. And the short gbebu ubi went to picmix the pics of both of them almost wearing the same design of koko shoes๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜….ubi issa madsomebody

  4. He should have wished them separately.that's disrespecting

  5. Absentee husband

  6. When I visit their page i just waka pass or use emoji if I see a post I don't agree with.

    He's so childish next thing he'll start blocking everyone

  7. Women always looking for issues where there is none. Somebody just killed two birds with the same stone and they want to crucify him. While your husbands and boy friends will dedicate two pages to you alone and still be cheating on you like theres no tomorrow. Ubi thank you for remembering to honor your kids mothers. Me i didnt even remember. ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿƒ

  8. Ubi has good taste in women!!
    I dont know much about their character though, cus thats wat i look at 1st

  9. Who cares? Ubi can do whatever he pleases. If he likes, he can put his future baby mama picture with other, that is his business.

  10. He's such an idiot. I dislike him

    1. Shebi i was talking about d way he wished Tboss bday and wished his wife on instastory some useless fools came under my comment to talk nonsense. I have made my point and it still stands, Ubi is an annoying fellow and acts like a kid always...

    2. Sharrap!! That's a different scenario.

  11. It is the big brother naija seventh eviction show down
    Ycee performs one of his hit songs 'Juice'.....
    Later in the show..
    Ebuka asked some of the lovers in the house about their 'situationships' what is really going on.
    Ebuka: hey guys am back I wanna talk about something different. Lifu congratulations....u are just wining everything
    Ifu: Na God o
    Ebuka: I wanna talk about relationships now. You were one of the few who seems not to be in a relationship or a situationship ...
    Ifu:...some didn't plan it. Things just happened ..
    Ebula: Who do you think is sincere in the relationship
    Ifu: Alex and Leo are actually sincere with what they have. I honestly don't understand the toxic relationship between Tobi and Cece...
    Ebula:and Teddy?
    Ifu: Teddy...very straight forward...has a woman outside and a son as well Bambam accepts thar and honestly don't care ?Bambam gives her a side eye) I honestly don't know if her feelings are deeper and once she gets out there she will want to pursue it...
    Ebuka: U forgot Miracle and Nina
    Ifu: Ah ha dt is true, ....I think their relationship is quite sincere...(see Nina beaming with smiles)
    Ebuka turns to Nina asking her what are priority is, the money or Miracle
    Nina: (smiles) I came here for the price but Miracle is one of my priority in the house.

    Ebuka: So you dont mind winning Miracle and losing the money?
    Nina: Ebuka I need the money that is why am here (laughs) I have already won him.
    Ebuka: Miracle is that true?...
    Miracle (laughs) yeah (not too loudly)
    Ebula: Talk to me.
    Miracle: I said yeah,sure ( me think Miracle was not being totally sincere here his looks says it all)
    Ebuka: Teddy...what is the situation with Bambam?
    Teddy:... My baby mama is afriend of mine we have a working relationship...Irespect her cos she is the mother of my child. Bambam is someone I really care about in the house...things evolve... we don't fake what we have.
    Ebula: Is there a future?
    Teddy: I really can't say, Bambam might have other plans( Bambam looks at him and shakes her head)...lets go with what we have for now first.
    Ebuka: Lolu...I wanna talk about Anto...
    Lolu: Anto and I have talked about where this will lead to after the house... I got to know her she is a mental person and am a mental person as well...
    Enough of the talks...
    Later later the eviction finally took place. When Leo and Ifu were announced as the evicted housemates Alex broke down in a twinkling of an eye I saw her on the floor crying like someone whose husband just passed away . Tobi to the rescue but she was inconsolable. She found her way to Leo's arms where she received a sweet tight hug and he consoled her too. ( she loves him tho)
    At a point Tobi said 'he is not dead na'
    Eviction later ended
    Outside the house Ifu said she would have kissed Rico at the party but he was too drunk....
    Later, on her bed with Nina
    Alex:few people that care about me and they are just leaving
    Nina: don't say that I don't want to leave
    Alex:... I didn't want to cry ...
    Nina: You have to be strong... u know it is a game
    Alex: Nina am lost everyone keep saying it is a game am lost...
    She continues to mourn...

    1. I liked Teddy’s response. Fair enough.
      This is just a month. No one is certain of what would happen outside and I feel he answered well. No one even knows what BamBam has on her mind, she is quiet but not letting all the noise get to her.
      He said his baby mama will continue being in his life.. That ship sailed a long time ago. Him and BamBam talk alot.

      Ifu said with a smile that Mina reminds her of high school love. The way they act when they have issues will make you know they care for each other.

      Ifu was very wrong about the Dasilva situation though. How could that have been the most genuine? Means that they don’t even know it all.

      I liked how Ebuka said. Teddy see as your voice don low, but when you dey mimic me your voice dey loud well well๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

      Hehhehe@ Alex continues mourning.. *Draws the curtain*

  12. I see nothing wrong here. Why are they sounding like the baby mama is inferior to Lilian? She had her baby before Ubi and Lilian got married. She didn't snatch Ubi from his wife, or got pregnant while they were married. People should mind their business and stop complicating trivialities.

    1. A baby mama will always be a baby mama. You can never compare wife and a whore who mistakenly took in to hook a man.

    2. Anon 10:15 that's how you've called her a whore now. Imagine!!

  13. There is nothing wrong with this. As far as I'm concerned they are both his baby mamas right now. He isn't married to any, is he? People and their stupid warped thinking and wanting everyone be like them

    1. He was married to Lilian. A babymama is even someone he feels is not good enough to make a wife,so why compare her with a lady respectable enough to give birth in marriage?
      Baby mamas are vomits while a wife is a jewel of inestimable value.
      Got it?

    2. See what you wrote, you are a dumb ass for saying baby mamas are vomits. If lilian is a wife of inestimable value, why did she leave the marriage.

      Saying all these will not make ubi stop putting them together come next year

    3. Wife is a Jewel of inestimable value yet their marriage packed up..yet una horseband still cheat on u and make u lot bitter..
      If u married women are that special, why are ur husbands still cheating with us single girls(and baby mamas)?? Why are they all over us telling us how dirty and stinky u wives are.. ur pussies smell..they come after us and spoil us silly while u sit there and be claiming wives when u don't even get wife's benefit.
      Some of u wives re side chics but u don't know it.. U only have d ring and d home while we have ur man..
      So chill.
      Jewel of inestimable value my ass..and all we read here in chronicles are sad wives tales..Idiots!

    4. Side chick aye . Hell awaits you

    5. Anon 12:40,with all the neatness and sweet nonsense he still prefer you as a stolen water. See my dear,a man can do anything to get in between your legs,but when it comes to taking you to mama,you will realise how much he values you. Look at ubi for instance,this lady was pregnant when he married Lilian.why didn't he marry her with all the sweetness of her pussy? Because all animals are not equal.
      Some ladies are taken home while some are only good for releasing stress.
      Don't let this pain you my dear,as that is not my intention. My intention is for you to understand that no woman should be a second best. If you can't be taken home then you must not be seen as a stolen water. Come on girl!!! Upgrade your thinking and understand my point.
      If you believe his cock and bull story of you been sweet and neat pussy while his wife is dirty,then he should take you home,and give you a better position.
      A side chick is a whore!!!!
      If you let him make you a baby and not a wife,you are the same as food reserved for pigs.
      Got it?????!!

    6. @Anonymous 14:44.... This is the best writeup EVER...If any woman knows her worth,she cant play second fiddle. That he refuses to marry you but buys you things,simply shows youre an OBJECT to be used,and of no further value to him.

    7. And to add to what anon 14:44 said, even with this ever ready baby mama, Ubi still dey beg Lilian and act like a love struck man every time because of her, he should've gone ahead to marry his sweet, baby mama, but he's out there begging Lilian. Some women are given the home, while some are given hotel keys!!

    8. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘❤️ to you Anon 15:57 and anon:18:59. I wish these ladies will understand that no one deserves to be treated lesser and as such control their greed and let these men respect them.

  14. TOTAL DISRESPECT.... Why merge them?

  15. That's their cup of shai abeg.
    If the two both of them mothers didn't complain then who am me? Abeg live and let live.

    Kelle Kay.

  16. Awon keyboard warriors leave this guy him brain dey alright๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  17. People just like to counter anything this Ubi Franklin post.

    I think it's disrespectful to put both women's pix side by side. Who knows if the reason for his crashed marriage was the baby mamma.

  18. Babymama and wife competition

  19. This Ubi is a twat sha.


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