Stella Dimoko Lagos Internal Revenue Service Staff Cry Out As Colleague Is Given Query For Rejecting Birthday Cake.


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Monday, March 12, 2018

Lagos Internal Revenue Service Staff Cry Out As Colleague Is Given Query For Rejecting Birthday Cake.

Over the years, so many injustice and inhumane treatment have been going on in the agency (LIRS) but this recent one is simply a No-No.

The staff union chairman (comrade Taqwa Ishmeil) earlier this month had his birthday, the management gave him a birthday cake which he rejected by careful guiding it back to the office of the agency chairman (Mr SUBAIR- a godson of Tinubu and strategically planted there for Jagaban's selfish motive). 

He rejected the cake on the premise that only selected staff are given cakes on their birthday as against during the precious regimes where cakes are given to all staff on their birthdays. Apparently, the management were displeased and issued him a query to this effect on 6th March, 2018. He replied the query but the management being the tyrants they are have now invited him to face a disciplinary committee on Monday 12th March, 2018. Most times, the end result of the DC is termination of employment or sometimes, a sack!

The agency headed by Mr Subair is a far cry of what the main revenue generating agency of Lagos state should be. The staff are not properly remunerated and catered for.
Stella, permit me to highlight some abnormalities in the agency:

1. For an agency that generates averagely 30 billion (not million!) every month, and roughly 70% of Lagos state IGR, it will take you at least 15 years to earn a salary of 200,000 if you have no godfather.

2. In December 2017, the agency made 33billion for the state. Yet, no Dec bonus, rice , vegetable oil or some sort. Unlike years before now, when the staff enjoyed these privileges. The agency claimed there's no money but they could all travel abroad at the expense of the agency and share bonus between the 7 directors with each having a minimum of 20 million naira.
Even the December bonus the governor mandated every government institution to pay its staff, the agency failed to pay its own staff.

3. The agency lost 6 staff between Nov 2017 to Jan 2018, till date no single condolence from the management.

4. The director of HR, Arinola Kola Daisi sent in a memo stating that pregnant female staff can't have the day off for their ante-natal. Can you imagine that?

5. No salary increment in over 13 years but the management staff keeps changing their cars every year.

6. The director of HR had the audacity to remove #2,500 from staff salary just become they came late to a training for a single day; a training that had no effect on the staff, one that was only used to embezzle money by management. Some unconfirmed rumours even had it that management quoted that the staff training was done abroad and staff were given iPads. What a life?!

7. Despite a memo from the office of the governor, LIRS management refused to abolish the JAMB-like promotional exams they conduct; where they only promote about 10% of staff that sit for the promotional exam and favour their own candidates - those that lick their asses. Only the last chairman (Mr Ogunsanwo) promoted more staff. No wonder some staff are still on the same cadre for about 12 years. What a shame!

8. No conducive job/work environment, especially for staff in the main field audit department. Imagine staff bringing personal chairs to the office and hanging around the streets just cos the gen isn't on or the ACs are bad. Ambode had driven out staff from the staff car park, claiming he wants to use it as metro taxi park. Over a year now, staff still park on the roads and a mess is made of Alausa roads. Yet, no metro taxis!

9. The agency gets 5% administrative and running cost every month. Even when the target was 16billion, the 5% was still constant. Now that the agency makes minimum of 30 billion, you may wanna ask where the excess of the 5% goes since salaries haven't increased and no single welfare package?! You guess is as good as mine - Mr Subair and his goons share them at the detriment of staff who labour tirelessly and will always borrow money before the next salary is paid

Stella, these and many more are the areas where LIRS management victimise its staff. If you dare raise a contrary opinion, you may just be sacked. Now, we call on all staff of LIRS and the entire public to rise and plead comrade Tawqa's case so he will not be victimised simply for fighting a just cause.

Kindly find attached the management memo to him and his reply.

#Notoinjusticeinlirs #sosforlirs
#justicefortaqwa #taqwamustnotgodown


  1. You all voted for change so please manage the change. It is well.

    The man would not have rejected the gift. That is very wrong of him.

    Anyway Na Tinubu be una papa, make you all go appeal to him to help una case. If i remember the high tax i am paying, i an not happy with you all

    1. There are times you should try to pretend that you are wise by shutting up even though we know that we have lots of fufu in your brain and not what it should be.

      These are people complaining about an injustice and all you could say is this trash,Yori permit me to say that you have low mentality.
      But then as an advice,keep quiet sometimes,that way you hide your low mentality.
      I selected my words while talking to you because I do not wish to sound insulting while stating the obvious.

    2. Anon shut up. They all voted for change, so they should manage the change. If they want a revolution, then come 2019 they should vote APC out if not they should enjoy what is being dished to them.

      You can insult afterall that is what you guys are known for. Nonsense

    3. you shut up... there was no vote for change in Lagos, it was and remained an APC state so when you are arguing try and apply small sense.

    4. Yori yori always making stupid need a brain transplant

  2. O ti shele. Hope you won't loose your job by sending this. It can be decoded. Revolution is needed

  3. I detest LIRS and whatever it is that they represent. The draconian manner in which they Tax and mischevious ways they concoct their taxes especially LIRS self assessments is very annoying to say the least.
    Wetin concern us and the rejection of cake?
    The double assessments you slam on SMEs forcing some to close shop or even relocate their biz to their sitting rooms no be pure wickedness? The fat egunje that you all demand anytime you guys come for audit no follow for victimization?
    Every mallam with him kettle period!

  4. Na be force to collect cakes for birthday. person no want he no want. Shithole country

  5. Madam Poster if you dont like what is going on there, you can resign and let others who are looking for jobs take una place.

    There is nothing you all can do because this has come to stay. Shebi you all will advice women to leave their husbands if they are not happy. This your job is now your husband, either you manage with it or you leave it. Bringing this out, will only worsen the matter because as far it is APC people, they will do nothing about it. It is well again with you all

  6. Sometimes I wonder what goes on in the minds of people. What has the "change" mantra got to do with the petty and dirty politics going on at the LIRS?
    That said, I believe the man who rejected the cake has the right to do so. However, I don't think he was wise in the way he tried to make his grievance know about the selective nature of the cakes baked for celebrants. He could have accepted the cake and still make an appeal to the relevant authorities to be fair in their selection.

  7. Ayodele subariu is just a dumb figure head chairman of lirs. He knows nothing about tax, imagine a whole chairman of lirs, saying on national TV, that the penalty for last filing of returns is best if judgement, who says that. Even a junior staff knows penalty of late filing is 500,000 for corporate bodies, 100,000 for individuals or 3 years imprisonment or both. All the management staff do is to sit down and look for ways to share money amongst them self, you can imagine director of Administration and hr arinola koladaise, fighting dirty in d office during office hours, because of money. Let effc go and check lirs book ooooo. The management just the swallow money like snake, anyhow. You can imagine dat subariu, his first year in lirs, he already bought a guest house. Please help us ask him were he got the money from ooooo. Lirs management, set of snakes n monkeys, swallowing money anyhow.

  8. abeg leave these people jo. They always collect bribe when they come and audit with the TAMA. Abeg they dont leave on their salary alone.

    1. And what percentage of lirs staff are in audit? barely 1percent of staff, so what are you talking about all staff come for audit? If your not sure of somethings just keep quite , and just so you , tama a non lirs staff, they are contractors with lirs. lirs staff will not demand money from you. Get your fact right

    2. Anon 11:48 did you say LIRS staff will not demand money from you?😬 If I hear!!! Don't even get me started.

    3. That explains it then, if they demand money from taxpayers, that means they are not properly remunerated, with the amount of money lirs generates? Lirs should do the needful abeg!!!

  9. Yes ooo alot of people got promoted during ogunsanwos time , God bless him abundantly for that , he shall know no sorrw In Jesus name . U can imagine this present management, head by subariu , the last exam we wrote was across board, both senior n junior staff wrote the exam, only for the cut off mark to be given and senior staff cut off was reduced as compared to junior staff , imagine junior staff cut off was 65,and senior staff cut off was 60. Who doest that? Only in lirs, will you expect a primary school student, given the same exam question with a secondary school student, to pass more than the secondary school student. Only in lagos state internal revenue service.

  10. Arinola koladaise the witch we have in lirs, witccccch, arinola koladaise as you have treated lirs staff, so shall your children be treated in Jesus name. Na prayer oooooo. I bet you arinola koladaise can say amen to that. blood stucking witch. Money swallowing snake. Greedy woman. You are a shame to womanhood.

  11. Anon 11:20 thank you. They dont live on their salaries alone. Stop complaining jare. What you people are doing is just what wickedness is doing to you all.

    Enjoy the job afterall it pays you salaries.

  12. This one no reach to fight, in life you need to be wise. He could've simply collected the cake and dash it to those beggars or someone who is hungry.

  13. When did it become an offense for someone to reject food, in this case a cake. In fact, the way some places are in Nigeria now me too for return that cake.
    Secondly, why is an agency buying Birthday cake for staff?? Is there a budget for that in the agency?? They should give staff pay raise instead of birthday cakes. All the years l worked in shell which is a bigger and richer organization, no one got Birthday cakes.

    1. They give out cakes because the management gives the contract to their family n friends at exorbitant price, image a bake of 5k, being contracted out at 15 to 25k .indirectly trying to enrich their family n friends , and this people bake an average of 5cakes daily, so u can imagine free money for their family n friend. Lirs management set of rogues


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