Stella Dimoko Ghana Police Declare Nigerian Man Wanted For Multiple Robberies


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Friday, March 09, 2018

Ghana Police Declare Nigerian Man Wanted For Multiple Robberies

Ghana Police have declared 29 year old Delta State Indigene Kess Billions wanted for suspectedly being the leader of a vicious robbery gang terrorizing Accra.

According to the police, Kess led his gang to rob a bureau de change on the 31 st of January, 2018, and carted away a huge sum of money. . 

They also attacked a company on the 16th of February, 2018, and left with a huge sum of money. He is believed to be currently hiding in Aflao, Ghana or Nigeria


  1. The quest to get rich quick has driven many of our young Men into Robbery, Drug dealing, Yahoo, etc These young Men have tarnished and continue to tarnish the little reputation we have as a country to zero. Even fellow African countries now look down on the so called “Giant of Africa”
    We met someone couple years ago where we went get a goat. My Mom was visiting and she was excited to meet someone from home. She asked the Man if he is a Nigerian and he stated he was not. When he was about to leave after he got his goat, he went to my Mom and apologized. He admitted being a Nigerian but said he hardly introduces himself as one because, “ Seven out of every ten thieves they catch in Ghana are Nigerians” kai!! Shame catch me.
    See the embarrassment this one has caused his family as his picture is online now. I bet you his Girlfriend and Mom brag about him being a business man there not knowing that he is an amu robber.

    1. @ 17;38 no b lie u lie o. Infact 9 out of every 10 Robbery r committed by Nigerians in Ghana. Its so sad

    2. Giant of Africa is as a result of our population like, not that we are the best in Africa

    3. You'll should stop nonsense talk about statistics that you know nothing about. Rubbish, you just open your mouth online and spew rubbish.

  2. Guys, there's gist oh. So Maryam Sanda who was granted bail yesterday threw a lavish first birthday party for her daughter. What happened to 'shes sick and needs urgent medical attention '?

  3. later he go say na yahoo he dey do for real wa!

  4. What a shame to the supposed giant of Africa it's citizens are being denigrated all over, simply because it's leaders have refused to do the right thing. Until,we as a people embrace the right values and refuse the eulogize wealth no matter how it is made we will keep experiencing this.

  5. I still believe that there are good Nigerians. The problem I have is with our immigration. Why they allow only the bad Nigerians to enter my country Ghana. If you check now; he either has a Ghanaian passport or has no papers at all. When will the security service in Africa seat up and make it difficult for these type of people to live peacefully? It's a shame.

  6. Please despite everything some Nigerians have done there are still a lot of good Nigerians. There are still a lot of honest Nigerians. There are still a lot of hard working Nigerians. There are still very honorable, Law abiding Nigerians. I am one. My family is. All my Friends are and lots of neighbors.

  7. Nigerians representing everywhere them go

  8. I witnessed there Escape life and direct! D gun shots no b here o.


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