Stella Dimoko Boredom Eliminating Post


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Friday, March 09, 2018

Boredom Eliminating Post


  1. I jump and pass this question.

  2. My face resemble that fine animal ,but I don forget the name . ..

  3. Nope I jump and pass this question,whosai so that your Bv's will start describing people by animals face abi, na wa πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


  4. Stella I disagree with you. For I'm fearfully and wonderfully made. Thus saith The Lord

  5. Depends on ur mouth, some pple look like horse, monkey, frog, kangaroo, etcc

  6. Abeg I no follow for this one at all.

  7. My face resembles Jesus for I was created in God's image!

  8. Make I poke boredom eliminating troubles:

    You know the shrew . . . nkakwu or nkapi in Igbo, shrew in English . . .
    that mouse wey dey get long mouth?
    If you have ever been caught in adultery . . .
    that thing wey adults dey commit . . . ehem
    If them don catch you for SHREWd fornication . . . that one
    wey some girls and boys dey hide dey steal . . .
    Na like that ya face go look if you check am for mirror IMMEDIATELY
    Note I said "immediately" . . . If you think say na lie
    E bi like say you never check ya face for mirror immediately

    1. That thing called shrew dey smell eh. If you want to catch it, just rub palm oil on the trap. The thing na big mumu. It will just carry im head chook.

  9. God created everybody beautiful especially the girls on sdk blog
    Ahaaa see as them don dey smile . . .
    If you guy wan better wife, come to sdk blog
    Ahaaa them don dey hail me . . .

    But if you don they open holes ayakata for "strange screw driver" to drill am;
    If you like, carry emulsion paint cover ya face, na like mkpi/egefu (he goat) the thing go be
    or like that "side eye dog" (ekuke, akata, 404) wey Stella dey present for "side eyed news"

  10. Hmmmmm don't think so oh,I no resemble any animal sha

  11. God forbid bad face resemble my mom's face @SDK

  12. Hmmm, I have seen rabbit face, horse face, rat face,panda woodpecker,turtle,lion and goat.

    It is shape of head that always makes me laugh. The one like onion, avaocado pear, pineapple and unripe plantain. Then are still the ones with head like flute and cover of bic(pen) or cover of keg. Dem plenty o.


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