Stella Dimoko Gov. Ambode Orders Students To Sing National Anthem In Yoruba Daily


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Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Gov. Ambode Orders Students To Sing National Anthem In Yoruba Daily

Gov. Akinwunmi Ambode of Lagos State on Tuesday directed that students in public and private schools in the state should sing the National Anthem in Yoruba Language daily, to preserve and promote the Yoruba culture.

The Deputy Governor, Dr Idiat Adebule, relayed the directive at a meeting with Principals and Head Teachers of public schools in Lagos, saying; "Gov. Ambode wants me to pass this message to you, that henceforth, Yoruba language be made compulsory in both private and public schools.

The National Anthem must be sung in Yoruba on a daily basis too. The Egbe Akomolede has done the translation and we will send the copies of the Yoruba version to your schools by Monday so you can begin to teach the students. I have also met with the owners of private schools and we have relayed this directive to them.

We are also considering translating the textbooks of other subjects into Yoruba Language because I believe that when students are taught in their mother language, learning will be easy and their level of performance will improve. The state government is passionate about this Law, so we do not lose our language, culture and heritage."

*How do you sing the National Anthem in Yoruba????

Let me try...

''Nigeria awa salute eyan kan....


  1. This thing is a lie, I trust Ambode to never do such a thing when he is not an illiterate. When I see Ambode saying this in his own words then I will believe it.
    He may have said they should teach Yoruba language as a subject in all schools in Lagos State, but to insist National Anthem is sung in Yoruba daily doesn't make sense. Can Ambode sing it himself?
    How will they turn text books into Yoruba? is that even possible?
    People and their propanga, I'm sure it is PDP that is saying this nonsense.

    1. Well I don't think its a bad idea to sing it once in a week in Yoruba.
      I went to one of the best secondary schools in the country (Mayflower Ikenne) and its sung in Yoruba like once in a week

  2. What of the food they promised to give to children, i have not heard anything from them.

    Anyway Ambode na you sabi wetin dey do you.

  3. So with all the crisis going on now,this is his main problem.

  4. Good i know it. Its ... Dide eyin ara,waje peh Nigeria. Ka fife si leh wa,pelu ogun ati gbagbo. Ki isehey awon akorin wa,koma shey ja sasan,kasi tokan tara,.........since primary school days.When school was school. Ifako International school,Agege Late 80's

  5. We used to sing the national anthem in Yoruba only on Wednesdays back then in secondary school. I think the one day arrangement is okay compared to singing it every day

  6. This man's own is becoming too much.
    Instead of focusing on how to make things better,you are thinking of forcing schools to impose yoruba language on their students.
    Why not create programmes to help the homeless,those without jobs etc.
    We have people that sell goods in traffic,they get caught and have to part away with money they cannot even afford,that's if they don't go to jail o.
    These are real life issues,that makes a person depressed and suicidal.
    Not some ,'you must sing & speak yoruba by force' thing

  7. It really good to hear this. We need to promote our culture, I know alot will not agree with me on this. When u travel out to see all these oy8nbo speaking their language. If u don't know how to speak their language job u wil not get. We need to be proud of our language. I am going to make sure i teach my children my language. For the record english is also a language just like yoruba and other language

  8. Very soon, he'll also order them to chant incantations.

  9. Dis is a joke right?Who told him every child can speak the language

  10. Jokers. People are hungry, homeless and depressed, and this is priority. I don't blame them. Them don chop belleful.

  11. It's not a bad idea @ all,it was so during my primary sch days in Abeokuta. We recite both English and Yoruba version.

  12. Best idea ever. Lagos is Yoruba land. Good to promote the culture and the language. When u live in Rome, u must behave like the Romans.

  13. Very very wrong. Very soon Certificates in Yoruba land will only be in Yoruba language.


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