Stella Dimoko Place Of Primary Assignment Palava


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Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Place Of Primary Assignment Palava

Na wah,this story strong!

Hello Mrs Korkus, I've been a BV since 2015 who doesn't comment but I love you and this family so much. I got to know about SDK when I lost someone dear to me years back and since then, this blog has been a compulsory course for me which I must not carry over.

Straight to my ranting, I was posted to a small town in Osun state as my PPA and I will be passing out next month by God's grace. Since I got posted to this school with my bunkmate from camp, its being from one issue to the other. The principal might say why did I make a particular hairstyle, or why am I putting on a knee length skirt? 

Sending me home because I don't have my personal timetable, lashing us with words on issues like why are you receiving a phone call when you should be marking your students' note.

I work from 8am to 2pm while their staff members gist all day, lashing at us in the presence of their students for using textbooks to teach, for sitting down after taking four classes and the list goes on and on.

I am writing this because of what happened to me today in school, I want to know if there is anyone experiencing this or has experienced this before.

 I was not in school yesterday because I was down with a fever, my friend was in school but she didn't stay long because she had to be somewhere. Around 4:30 pm, 8 students from my class came visiting, how they got to know my house, I do not know. I usually give them a token when they answer my questions correctly. So when they came, I asked if they came visiting because I was absent from school, of course I was very happy. I hurriedly boiled rice for them, sent two of them to buy 8 eggs to eat with the rice and a bag of pure water. I didn't know a staff of the school saw them buying eggs, they eventually left my house around 6pm.

While I was preparing to go to school this morning, I noticed 500 naira was missing from my trolley, I knew it would be one of those students. When I and my friend got to school, a staff whom we greeted but didn't answer informed us the principal wanted us in the office, on getting there, both principals had already told the staff that I sent for the students from school to come and run errands for me, that what sort of rubbish was that saying we were runs girls (we dress well and not like a village teacher) that we are omo jatijati, we lacked home training.

This people didn't allow us say a single word to explain ourselves, they even threatened to call the police on us. Our LGI came later but they told him they had rejected us that he should take us away. I was dumbfounded! 

I can't imagine how women that have their own kids would want to destroy another people's children all because I don't call them mummy, mummy like other corps members.

Getting to the LGI's office, he said he doesn't like giving that school corps members because they give lots of problem and that we will be reporting to his office everyday till we finish next month after which he asked the two of us for money.

To say I'm angry is an understatement, I have never seen this level of hatred all my life both from the principals and staff members because most of them don't have a university degree. Also, they refused to listen to my explanations to ask the students if I invited them over or not, they were bent on destroying their lives and not mine.

Stella please, help me post to know if any corp members are experiencing this and if I was wrong for entertaining the students. Thank you! .................

*Na wah....I dont think its wrong that they visited you but if it was during school hours then it is wrong and then again you allowed them stay too long...6pm?that was too long.
They were rather harsh with their Judgement though.....
Enjoy the remaining one month at home!lol


  1. Currently serving in a ekiti state.
    I understand just jealousy*(inferiority complex).

    1. Nobody seem to mind that the "LGI asked them for money?"
      Isn't that corruption giving birth to corruption?

    2. ekiti dealt with me o!

  2. Stella they came around 4:30pm meaning they must have come from school in good faith. I personally wouldn't have entertained them as much as you did in this Era of "I ate in so and so's house and now I'm purging" before someone's parent would accuse me of poisoning their child.
    Anyway, I hope this doesn't affect your Clearance because you'd need the school to sign off when it's time. Make sure you get this issue documented properly with your LGI so that when it's time for clearance and you're denied it wouldn't affect your Passing outing parade because they'd definitely want to hold this over your head. I didn't serve or do my PPA in a rural area but I'd like to assume that their perception of you and your friend is based off their insecurity and probably how people like that treat people they regard to be better than them.

  3. Dear corner I served in Osun state and I had this same experience. I don't know what to tell you sha... Cos it was terrible for me. Very terrible people

  4. Nasu Biko call off this strike lemme go next month ooo

    I am tired!

  5. I'm currently serving in Ibadan. . They are not nice people, d house I am staying is hell coz they are making dis place unbearable for me! Na that Corper wey we be they cause the Wahala. "Corper symdrome"

  6. Please what are the things that could make someone not to be issued his/her nysc certificate on the POP day? Maybe giving the person extension? Please I need clarification on this .Thanks guys

  7. I can totally relate. I served in akure and was posted to a school after looking for a PPA for so long. The principal had just 2/3 teacher in the school (it was a secondary school) and the rest of us were corp members. This man agreed to pay us 5k at the end of the month but would deduct an amount for every day you didn't come to school. Each corp member had to take 3 subjects whether you like it or not and stay till 4:30pm. He abused us because he thought he had control over us. No one was happy. He wouldn't pay us for months, the guy was a terrorist

    1. I served in akure like u are referring to my PPA but i was d only corper there others that came ran away...i showed that man shegge

  8. I showed them hell during my nysc. I was posted to ebonyi state,that was about 14yrs ago.Landed camp with 120k,squandered it all drinking beer within 3 weeks of camp. Never went to parade or anything, I was on mufti for 2 weeks, cos I was 2nd to the last to get to camp and they ran out of khakis. When they got more khakis about 10 days into camp, all the tailors adjusting had left. On the last week I just jumped the fence and went to town to look for weed to buy and also adjusted my khakis.
    Was posted to a nasty village where there was no GSM network. One dead school like that. See their so called accommodation, rooms like village shops, one door, no window, no ceiling board. Principal was happily welcoming us, saying that I will teach bla bla. Me I no even hear wetin him dey talk again. No toilet oh! He said ask the older corpers how they ease themselves, they will show you! Shuo!!
    Instantly I told the man i have a medical condition and I can't stay. I rejected myself. Entered the next bus to the capital Abakeleke. I got reposted to a government school in town, all the kids were forming Junior cultists on my first day. I never went back again, I forged the principals signature for 11 months, stole a rubber stamp from the principals office, he briefly stepped out to see his friend off while I was waiting for him on my first day. I filled my final assessment forms from nysc and graded myself 87% total and commented, he is passionate about his work, hahaha. I signed and stamped my forms. He thought as he never saw me after the first day I rejected myself, and he never notified nysc, and nysc thought I was still there cos I accepted myself with his stamp. Hahaha

    1. 😁😁😁😁 baddooo
      I like you

  9. Babe, pls settle the issue with the principal so that it won't affect your passing out cos you will need the school to sign for you. You can decide to see him/her after school when other member of staff would have gone to settle the ish.

  10. Besides, I don't trust that LGI. Beg him to help you settle it amicably instead of putting you under his shadow. When you are done with service, na you go answer your name o, not LGI. All the best.

  11. i seriously dont understand why they treat copers like that,i served in ekiti and the experience wasn't nice at all. a case no qualified teachers just copers and you are treating them like slaves all because they are serving nigeria.

  12. Ekiti rural people are so local.....very backward inferiority complex dey worry dem


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