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Monday, April 16, 2018


Laugh out loud Monday!


Bv’s It is with great joy I celebrate successfully serving NIGERIA and passing out smooth and sound,I want to appreciate each and everyone of you that supported me with words of encouragement right from the time I was about starting this journey,and was looking for accommodation.

I got the best advices from this blog at that period that has helped shape me to the entrepreneur I have become now and am loving it and looking forward to the next stage of my life with God by my side I know more doors will be open for me and things can only get better and better amen....

I love you all for the support through well wishes and patronage and also SDK and this wonderful blog,because if e nor be una where I go dey? THANKS GUYS MUCH LOVE FROM ME TO YOU ALL ALWAYS AND FOREVER

Congratulations to you Isaacbaba



Happy belated Birthday to you Tonia....Nice eyes!



Hello Aunty Stella and fellow beevees, my name is Oyiza, I've been a silent beevee for years now. My love for this blog is on another level cos it's one of the things that has helped reduce my boredom in this period of job hunting. Well today is my birthday and I was hoping I would qualify for face of IHN. thanks



You wanted to Marry him and have his baby and because the love went South,you got Police involved and said he scammed money off you..Money given as love gift when the going was good?..Women are horrible and the details of this one will shock you all.
She is probably reading this now and switching to Plan B.

Watch this space as this story is loading and will be posted with munches and photos of both parties.. 
Story loading soon....that is if it doesnt make it to National dailies soon.

And if anything happens to the guy,we know its you Duchess.



I Am rounding up my training as a hair stylist and want to start up mine immediately,  if anyone has any saloon equipment to bless my ministry with,or wants to sell for a token i can be reached on 08103891374 or 08057408670.
I am based in ibafo, Ogun state. I can go anywhere for it. Thanks



I have a serviced apartment for rent, for short/long term
Location: Magodo
Size: 3bedroom

Decent and conducive environment, with parking space at a reasonable price too

Call: 07034911313




Thanks to you and every single person who replied to my post. I really appreciate the time you took and the advices. We  all keep learning in life. You can post this as an update if you wish or read it personally.

Let me start by clarifying the yoruba origin that some posters didn’t understand. Yorubas are not limited to Nigeria and are in most countries of west Africa like Liberia, Cote d’ivoire, Togo, Benin…etc. Same is for Hausa and Ibo. For those who said that I speak like a Nigerian, it is because I practice my English with the help of Nigerians ( the friends I have here in the US, SDK blog, Nollywood movies,…etc). 

Now back to the matter. Like I said in my story, it can take 10 years and more to tell my family story. That is to address those saying that there is more to the story. There is definitely more, and it started way before my birth.
Of course by me not being able to tell the entire 10 years story, it is easy to think from my chronicle that I only have bad things to say about my family. 

It was really educative to learn about the Narcissistic Family Dynamic from some posts. I googled it and it was surprising to know that what my family is dealing with has been studied and the descriptions fit perfectly. I think everyone should google it just for education. One of the descriptions of that dynamic is that the parents make you always keep your mouth shut and never voice whatever they make you go through. 

My introvert personality combined with that "secrecy pact” aspect of my family, never allows me to open up to anyone in my life. As I said before, we don’t have relative, just us the 5 kids and the parents (no friends either). I am a big family person, so despite the fact that I wasn’t attached to any parent, I always tried my best to feed love and union because I knew that my family is all I have. Since their fight has gone public, I have been the one solving issues for 5-6years, trying to bring parties together and to say I am tired is an understatement.

 I have been the one telling my siblings ( the ex-favored and the never-favored) to accept our parents like they are because they are humans and we have nobody else. But they will not listen to me, especially that I am the last one. So I started just keeping quiet and starring at them from far. My situation is like having 3 countries(my dad, my mom, and my siblings) going to war and 1 diplomate (me) trying to solve it. Picture them using gun, swords, and canon to finish me while I go around asking each camp to calm down. I can’t! I’m human and I get hurt too! They can just finish each other on this planet and once they get in front of Jesus, he might solve their issues for them. Again, I love my family but I just feel the more time goes by, the worst they become and the bitter the taste they leave in my mouth.

Those thinking that I badmouth my mom… We can say that she was a single parent (even if my dad was physically present) and I admire her for that. I have always covered for my mom since I was a kid; either in front of my siblings, in front of employees, or in front of other people. Trying to give excuses to why she might be acting the way she is doing or just simply asking people to let go. Before my boyfriend asked her my hand in January, he met her a year before and she knew who he was. After that, He started asking me if my mom ever asked of him when she called me, I was replying so many “no-s”to him, that I started lying that she was asking me how he was doing but I was forgetting to tell him. I will always tell him good thing about her, how she is a super mom, she worked hard, she prays, she fed us, her small achievement… etc. Everything to make it look good until he came to ask her my hand in marriage. I didn’t trash my mom. How could I have saved my family’s face in front of him after all she had told him herself? Even after meeting her, he confessed to me that he had already heard in town how she was behaving with my siblings and dad and I was pissed that it got to his ears, but what could I have done?

 As much as I did my best to cover all my family issues to him all this while, the truth was getting out there. I could have been in denial  for as long as I wish while no matter what, the color of my family was getting revealed to the public. Even the small “truth" about my family that I exposed to his, I regretted it because of the type of person I am. At the moment, I am working on being at peace with whatever is happening in the family so that, if eventually the insult comes back tomorrow, it won’t be as painful. Wether I like it on not, they are hearing about it, the only difference will be about having the “exclusive from the insider” (hearing from my mouth). 

Someone asked how I knew about my mom's favorite and the reply is that she voiced it herself. She always told the rest of her kids openly that she preferred this or that kid. Apart from her saying it, she clearly shows it by spending money over and over on her favorites but on the rest, she does it few times and you will hear it for the rest of your life.

I am growing to become wiser and more humble, and it is not as if I didn’t put myself in my mom’s shoes to try to understand her. Of course, any good mother will want to make sure that her kid become successful after all the sacrifice she put in.  Sadly, my mom has become bitter and bitter, more selfish, more possessive, over the year (I still believe that it all of that is also due to not having a good partner [never underestimate the power of marrying the right person]). Unfortunately with my mom, success or not, she will not allow you to get married in peace. Proof is that my 2 sisters ( including her ex-favorite) received hell when they were getting married. They were in their 30s, working abroad and had their own thing but my mom asked them if they thought that they were going to get married while their elder brother is not yet? Second sister, my mom is still praying for her to pack from her husband’s house. Sadly also, there is nobody to send to talk to her. My mom only sees life one way and if you don’t agree exactly with what she is saying, better know that you have become her enemy. She has managed to surround herself with only people who will say” you are right ma”.

By me saying that my bf asked me to calm down, I guessed it was misunderstood as if I was a brat who was trying to pull a tantrum. Not only is he saying that because, of course, as any normal human you can only push someone for peace ( exceptionally when it is the family you want to marry to) but also, because he is not the one in my shoes. Please, don’t think that by saying that, I am close-minded and only try to see things a certain way. But until you walk in my shoes you can’t get the pain, the cries, the fatigue, the stress, and everything else that goes with it. I can imagine that coming from the type of family he has, hearing the small things he has about my family probably made him think that we are aliens or unreal and I don’t blame him. I don’t wanna go to war against my mother but I am trying to be ready if that is the only option she offers me.  

With my dad, it is true that I had a little hope with him being nice with my boyfriend when they met. However, the sad part with the type of parents we have is that you never know what to expect so, I’d rather be prepared for the worst. My guy called him just to check on him after we got back to the US, my dad asked him if there was any emergency, if not, that he is busy at the moment. Duration of the call was 45seconds. My dad never called him back. BF called back but dad didn’t pick. I am still pulling excuses on why my dad still hasn't got back for weeks.

It is easy to think that I am not diplomatic but in the family I am from, we don’t talk, we yell! When you just talk, one person will come yell on you and say hurtful things just to feel superior. That is how we work.

Someone advised me to ignore my mother and siblings if they decide not to be present at my union. I thought the same but I know deep down that it is not the ideal situation, and me sharing my chronicle was to see if there was other options. Yes, my dad can agree to give my hand but it will be dull for me to be there alone by myself with him ( who has always be a stranger to me) while the other side will have family, relatives, and friends. 

Some said that by me saying that my children might not visit my family, it means that I am elaborating the showing (exposing my mom).  That was never my wish growing up, specially knowing that I didn’t have relatives to play with or extended family. But I have been seeing my parents behaviors toward  the few grandchildren they have, and you can see that they want to repeat their mistakes again. From talking more to the lighter skins one and almost ignoring the dark skins, or being able to have the kid of my brother over for two weeks but when my sisters kids come, after 10min, it is complains of back pain or knee pain or fatigue… the unequal treatment is there. I have been through it and Lord knows how much strength it took me to gain confidence in myself and be who I am today. It is not easy and proof is that most of my siblings are still carrying the effects. Mind you that all the grandchildren I was referring to, are from around the same age.

I know that all my write up might seem like an illusion in my brain but it is a big reality and the small story I told is just the tip of the iceberg.

Aside from all of this I have fear. I had a bad view of marriage based on what my parents showed me so I am really scarred of ending bad.[Prayer is still everything I have. The comments really put peace in my hurt despite many not necessarily understanding my situation because they never went through the same. Medical school is my focus but I can get so mentally and emotionally drained sometimes… I really on God so I know he has my best interest in mind.

Thank you.

WOW....Last last everyone will be fine!



I am not sure what to make of this but i recently returned from an extended visit to 9ja; my last visit being 2 years ago.

My observations- 2 years ago, when i visited i loaded my phone via MTN with a little over 2k for their "30 day data" ish, it lasted 2018, my data was up after 4 days and had to reload and reload throughout my stay.
I wasnt streaming videos oh.

My verdict, kudos to ur BV's for logging on several times a day to ur blog, dont know how they do it but God bless them.


Bread- for those of us in the "abroad", you know ur normal size bread you get from the supermarkets, ALDI, Tesco, Walmart etc?? Well a little over half that size is #400naira. So for a family with kids they ll need to spend over 1K daily for just bread and tea.

Bread that used to be #200 has increased by over 100%. And a family may need more than 1 per meal time.
Sweets and snacks that we give our kids over here between meals, hmmmmm....basic biscuit or crisps na #700 , #2K depending on the size and brand. Infact Maltesers, M nM are 2K plus.
Sweets that i paid #350  for just 2yrs ago were #800  this past month. Thats a 130% increase.


Thats the largest consumer of money (IMO). I spent an average of 2K on tp everytime i went out.

Infact you have to be careful in 9ja because once you open your front door, 2K don disappear fiam!!!, open gate nko, 5K go just waka laidat, enter ur main road or junction, 10k don waka leave you.
I went with 500k and i had to send for more money whilst there as i ran out. And NO, i didnt dash peeps money nor do i drink or club or "host" friends.

I dont know how we as Nigerians sat down and watched things go this bad and then the fact we are been docile about situation is even sad.
We are "waiting" for election time when we can see from recent happenings that INEC has probably been compromised. 
We need to move from social media distractions to physical actions and protest against this hardships. Vote out ANYONE who has EVER been in power in ANY capacity in the last 30years either by election or appointment.
The one wey dem do don reach. Even if they did "well" during their time.

Stella i saw hardship. Families eat x1 a day. Those that are fortunate to have jobs are not been paid. Parents wake kids up at 5am to prep for sch.
School fees in all these chewing gum "private" schools with just 2 blocks of building is over 100k a term.

Even house rents.
Stella i wasnt living in a posh area oh. I was living in a lower class not slum sha but lower class area....and Not middle class area and these are the costs of living in these areas.

I entered pharmacy to get x3 different drugs; x1 antibiotic, x1 cough syrup and another med and i was 9K poorer. Then i asked myself, coming from a place where these drugs would have cost less to a country where the min wage is 18k with an average of 2kids per family, how do families with young kids cope when their children are ill? We know how young children pick up infections easy as they grow and build their immune system.

So i ask, when are we as a nation going to say enough is enough? Stop the praying and complaining and actually take physical actions?

The youth nko? Everyone wants out of the country. I spoke with a few.....graduates with no jobs and no capital to start an SME.....then there are those who are actually leeches - waiting for handouts from people but thats talk for another day.
Stella for the first time i was ashamed of my country.
All you see on billboards or ministers of the "gospel" and 2019 election candidates advertising themselves.

The youths are unapologetically focusing their energies on how to defraud the next individual or govt.

Which way my people?

WOW...this is so bad



Please I need a spacious room self contain in Ajah/Badore axis. The house should be in a gated compound and water available. My budget is 200k, no agent and agreement fee. Please I would appreciate direct link with the landlord. I can be reached on 08178825108.



Good day Stella,

Thank you for posting the below vacancy on your blog. After series of interviews, we employed 2 persons from your blog yesterday.
I just want to say thank you for using your platform to empower and encourage youths. 

Kind regards 

Thanks for the feedback,it really means a lot and shows all the Vacancy postings are not in vain.



Good day Stella and bvs,I finished service December last year but I am yet to secure a job so I ventured into Second hand clothing business in Asaba.I sell children and ladies clothes at Okpanam road but I don't have customers yet.please beevees in Asaba and it's environ,patronize me. 



Packaged thick cow head pomo for soup, stew, nkwobi etc. It's been washed, cleaned and almost ready to eat. Also it's very affordable. Available only in Abuja on Saturdays, free delivery to any location.

I also supply fresh zobo drink, made with fresh juice and ginger to homes, offices and parties. I can also prepare the juice with your preferred flavor.

BV Castle Windsor.



Before traveling to school, I made a promise to my family to be a good child and never to indulge in any form of cult related activities and I got their blessings and left to a distance state, a place far from home.

During my first year in school I had gone to squat with a friend of mine because i didnt want to stay with my uncle cos i wanted to have freedom of movement. 

The friend I had gone to stay with wasn't even the occupant of the house but a squatter too. The arrangement was that since the main tenant will be going for IT we will retain the house so as not to pay the usual agent fees or stress finding a house.

Unknown to me, almost all the young boys in that compound were cultists including the guy whose house we were staying. 

One fateful day I visited my uncle and spent the night in his place, on getting home the next day I saw my friend in serious pains and when I asked what it was, I was shocked to hear him say to me that himself and one other guy in the lodge were taken to a bush the night I was away and beaten thoroughly with wounds all over their body as a mark of initiation, he said that they were even asking after me.

On hearing that, I quickly came out and stopped a keke napep,went in and carried my bag and left for my uncle's place that I never wanted to stay.
 I am happy that i didnt become a cultist....

I heard and watched a guy in the vicinity I stayed always displaying strength with the usual slogan "Dead men don't count". But on that day, his family became a victim of his act, I think the whole ideology of his belief changed. He lost the mother and younger sister to a cult rivalry war.

 Today he still lives with the guilt of his actions, and I ask what then is the sole aim and benefit to chose such a way of life? It is total wickedness to your family who gave out their hard earned resources to see you become successful in the society by enrolling you in school, only for you to end up breaking their hearts with the news of being shot or expelled as a result of cult related activities.

Shun cultism today, it destroys and nothing good has ever come out of it  but pains and untimely death.




Male Tailors ( Creative and can make both Male and Female Cloth) wanted for a fashion house 
Location Abuja
Accommodation Provide
Whatsapp/Call 09082665772



An existing company in Lekki 1 looking to hire 

A Male marketer between the ages of 26 and 32years
Basic Salary between 45 to 60k  
10% commission on every sale 


Must be a Graduate

Must know how to drive a car with a valid drivers license 
Must be an aggressive marketer/Sales man 
Must have good communication skills 
Must have good computer skills 
Must be intelligent with innovative ideas
Must be neat and presentable 

A Female office assist between the ages of 22 to 26years 
Basic Salary between 25 to 35k
10% commission on every sale. 

Must be Graduate or part time undergraduate
Must be a good SocialMedia handler 
Must have basic computer knowledge 
Must be neat and presentable 
Must have good communication skills 
Must live on the island or its environs eg Yaba 
Contact 09020811818 



Young couple URGENTLY  needs a PRIVATELY built 2 bedrooms flat In FESTAC. Budget 500k. Please, don't want to deal with any agent. Can be reached on 08110275348



This is a repost from last week as there was an error with the first email.

I work with XDS Credit Bureau Limited Ikoyi, Lagos State, we are into credit referencing services.

We are looking for Experienced Software developers in our company. The pay is good with free HMO and other benefits. Please interested persons should forward their CV to 

Qualifications required are:
Minimum of B.Sc
2-5 years of working experience in this field or any related field
Male and female can apply
No age limit

Also, There's an opening for a front desk officer

Qualification required are;
Minimum of OND or HND
Must be computer literate
Must be a female.



I need a  taxify driver, someone that's smart and experienced.
My location is lekki. Interested candidates should contact via  



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      I always read your second name as Happy Wedding Anniversary. Lol

    3. I actually picked the name from a south korean movie Jumong. Yoo Hwa was the mother of Jumong and i like her character. So no, Beloved not Happy wedding anniversary but you're smart.

    4. Congrats boo @Isaacson.

    5. I can smell drama loading... Stells of life please notify me when you post... Lol

    6. I love Korean drama series. I don't know where to download it free from, all the sites I have seen will either ask me to go Pro or to register with PayPal.

      I have seen Jumong. Bought the seasons in DVD. But who buys DVD in jet age. Lol

    7. Blog PA check i download from there and it's free after registration.

    8. Thanks TY. Just checked and all my downloads keep saying download unsuccessful.

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    1. True, there is an error with the mail coz I tried forwarding my CV!

  3. I'm coming back to comment. Afternoon fellas

  4. When it comes to RESPECT, the whole "sir" thing might be funny whenever MIRACLE is responding to BigBrother and "Bros Ebuka" but shows how much respect he has inside.

    FRIENDSHIP: I remember when Nina finished her PayPorte games in 6mins, Miracle (that was buzzed out) celebrated her like she was a winner.... he tells her always, "dont forget to thank the viewers that voted you", Nina said that but for Miracle, she may have asked for voluntary exit. A friend brings the best in you.

    INTELLIGENCE: there was this HOH qualifier where housemates were to put eggs in cups tied on the leg and hands and empty them. Who would have thought it was much more faster to fill and empty only the hands than both hands and legs. Miracle figured it out in seconds.

    MATURITY: we all know how Miracle settles his issues. Rather than gossip, he communicates... Miracle wanted Cee C to be HOH today cos she's never been even tho they dont get along...

    SELFLESSNESS: see how Miracle ddnt remove a pin from the basket he won on Friday but gave it all out.

    HUMOR: we all know Miracle's humor is second to none. He is super funny without even trying. His Sarcasm is 100%. When he is dull, the house is dull.

    Saw a video of Miracle's mom and siblings. Not hard to tell that he is well brought up in an amazing family. No wonder Babcock students have only good things to say about his mom.

    There's so much I can't say cos of space but Miracle is an asset to his environment.

    Pls, vote him.

    Text "VOTE Miracle" to 32050. I promise, you will be proud you did on sunday

    1. Awwwwww See me blushing on Miracle"s behalf. U kud not have said it any better....

      Miracle for the win. BTW if I were Nina I wud hold onto Miracle n forget d imaginary Collins

    2. This your support is amazing...I wish I could give you the delicious ogbono soup I prepared yesterday cause of this.

    3. I'm not a fan though but you said it all.

    4. How much will he pay if he wins? JUST ASKING

    5. Same Girl shuoooo, you will pay for advert platform oh. πŸ™†πŸ™†πŸ™†

    6. I really like Miracle. I like determined, focused people.
      But he will not win.
      Once you know, you know.

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    Its been a while!!!!!

    What n what have I missed?

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  6. IHN Sannu de zuwa...

    Quick question beeves...

    If your fiance says you should chose between having a very lavish wedding, everyone goes home afterwards. Or a very small wedding with few family /friends + honeymoon in Dubai or Paris, which one will you choose?

    1. Do you even need to ask that question? Babe go for the latter joor abi who lavish wedding help?

    2. I will choose the latter over and over again

      Who lavish wedding epp?

    3. I will choose small wedding and go and enjoy my honeymoon in dubai or Paris. Who lavish wedding epp?

    4. Chose "sic"
      Tell us the one you will CHOOSE

  7. Loaded ihn,enjoy ur day lovelies

  8. Congrats Isaacson baba. Ihn is here

  9. Congratulations Isaac baba

    Twale to u

    Wishing u d best in life

    1. Congratulations Isaac baba,tee Jay some student join because they want to be known in the society.

  10. Good day all,how are you all doing?

    God Bless Everyone.

  11. I want to say a very big THANK U to all your birthday wishes to me at the  spontaneous post this morning, I will mention no names less someone inadvertently be missed. I fear I cannot thank all of you personally enough but be assured your kind wishes will never be forgotten.

    Pls I want to set the record straight here for the benefit of those who don't know before some persons here who are too quick to insinuate wrongly just to create an endless drama they are been known for drag me into an ugly mess that I am sexy daddy.  I am not what ever dude called himself or you know him as, haven't met him before or even know him, neither do I wish to know him.  I only read about him and saw his picture during SDK party with the aid of Google.  Pls no one should associate me with him, already I have sent my Facebook ID to Stella where all about me is stated including my pics.  Thanks.

    1. Are they feeding you? Do you owe anybody anything explanation? Just enjoy your day and be happy.

    2. So we cannot know you abi? Ok oooo kwontinue

    3. Go back to that Google and learn the difference between 'BEEN' and 'BEING'. You need to get them right if you must be a good writer

    4. You have replied before and u are replying again without further questioning. I wonder why!

    5. Teejay you shouldn't blame BVs o, even with the facebook name. SD no put his whole details out on the blog, family photos, business, home address, I mean everything. Still ncha wee mee. Lol

      Pastor Sexy Daddy barb our beard beard and didn't remain anyone o.

      Okpuru anyi afo onu.

      So no blame our BVs πŸ˜‚

    6. Yori yori, don't worry you will know me its a promise. I read your princess post you wrote in SP this morning and was like awwww, God's blessing continue to rest on her. @Eka Joy I have to and this is the last I will say about it. I hate when people assumed instead of asking. It would have been better if you had asked than saying we have same patterns, and that pattern you didn't said for me to see or know.

    7. Teejay, sexy daddy used to post his family pics here(him, wife and son). He used to advertise his business with address and phone no here on ihn, PH bvs know his house . Yet he scammed bvs

    8. Interesting 16:03, they knew his house and he scammed them yet they let him go just like that? Wouldn't he had been reported to the police for such a crime as fraud?

    9. Abi o holy nwe nwe, @16:56 are they not very silly? Maybe they are accusing an innocent man sef. *Continues washing ugwu.

  12. Congrats Issac dear. Go and prosper.

  13. Alloy Chikezie, go and apply for that Taxify driver job. It's your area of experience

    1. Bvs ehn

      And the announcement looks like something with an attractive pay o.

  14. Congrats once again isaacson

    Anthonia you are beautiful

    Oyiza happy birthday are you from Ebira or Igarra?

    I think chronicle reply should a stand alone post especially when its too long. Great day ahead i love Monday

  15. Congratulations @ Isaccson
    Good work fall on you.

    Happy belated birthday Anthonia
    Age Gracefully

    Oyiza you are fine

  16. Isaac Baba congrats. I like your face

    1. Ikwakwakwakwakwakwakwakwakwakwakwakwakwakwakwakwakwakwakwa

      I don die

  17. Love gone south Una go dey alright las las

  18. Congrats Isaacson. May God catapult you to your zenith.

    Story loading....

  19. @Diaspora Rant, Nigeria is sooo difficult now. That is why I am always here begging. It is not easy at all. I am strongly hopping to get help. Mmadu adaaaaa

    1. hahahahahaha naughty woman or girl. So that is the reason you will give. You be yeye

    2. I give up πŸ™†πŸ™†πŸ€£

    3. maybe you should start saying looking for favor,and not begging. may God's favor fall on you.

  20. Signing out meme so on point
    Thanks Stella

  21. Congratulations Isaacbaba. The sky is your limit. Monday IHN is here..It's been a beautiful one for me.

  22. Na wa. Today is loaded. Make una no vex, una expect me to read all those write ups finish? The one that is not Yoruba to the one that left Nija or come back to Nija or to TJ. No vex ooo i hate long essays.

    Weldone to our Isaacbaba. You don turn man finish ooo. May God bless your hustle and welcome to our corporate world. If you get good job, goodluck, if you no get, you get good business goodluck again. Just know God is with you.

    Happy birthdays to our IHN people. Una fine ooo.

    I don eat Amala and gbegiri. Let me go and look for where to sleep.

    1. Yori make I do come lagos so we can eat hot puff puff, amala ati ewedu together. Kikikikikiki

    2. hahahahaha Bee10 welcome back fully and to your job. I know you enjoy wella. Next time o

  23. The woman from the abroad, you think our complaints about this government is false? No cos people are really suffering from the continuous increment in goods and services.
    Congratulations to isaacbaba and other Beevees

  24. @Eka Joy,Hope "Your Friend" whom you paid a visit during the weekend gave you "D" to eat,and did "Your Friend" eat "P".No pun intended.

    1. U are an olosho doesn't mean we all are. For ur info, I was visiting a female friend. A very very good friend. An ex colleague.

      Probably the kind of friend u can never have

    2. Eka, A female friend can be a lesbian partner. So?

  25. People that got the crayfish giveaway should give us feed backoooo. Let us know how the business is moving. after all it our business

    1. πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    2. Are you the owner of the blog or is it your money that was used to buy the crayfish that we will come and give account to you? Biko swerve lols

  26. Teejay continue with your write ups. The Sky is your starting point.

  27. Congrats baba isaac.
    Duchess, all relationships dont end in marriage, that is why it is adviced u love with half of ur heart, one eye, one leg, until he marries u, only then can u love only jesus fit love unconditionally, bros pay her back n move away if u can, y did u even collect from her? Women gift na greek gift o....especially bf n gf, stop Funding men n expecting marriage, kole werk.

    1. I don't understand myself. Which one is love gift again. So the shameless man shinned her congo and collected her money and stella said it is just 'love gift'.
      Any man that collects a woman money while dating her is a shameless man.
      Let him return the money na, since the love has gone south. Anybody supporting the shameless man can open Go fund page for him.
      Uncle pay Duchesses money, and you too Duchess you cant use money to hold a man. If you like give him 100m, the day he wants to go. He will go.
      I await the gist.

    2. B and D thank you, which yeye love gift? If the lady says she wants her money back y won't he return it? Stella stop taking sides. Let us know all the facts before taking sides.

      I even hate men that collect money from women esp. if she is not your wife.

      Same thing my brother in law did, after the babe spent her last kobo fixing his house, fixing the kitchen then he remembered they were not compatible.

    3. This story could be deep than we can imagine. I wouldn't want to take side but want to ask what if it was the other way round? As in the woman was the one collecting the money and decided to pull out? Would we be saying exactly what we are saying now to her? I think NO rather we will praise her cleverness and call the man all sort of derogatory words. I don't know what transpired between them both and the circumstance in which she gave the guy the money. Was it a loan? Then it is subject to pay back or if it was a contractual agreement but if it is not I am afraid even the law court can't hold him guilty. Gifts and money share in a relationship aren't meant to be refund. So what about the good times she received from the man while it last? Was she compelled into doing that? Or she did it with love from her heart? We shouldn't be sentimental on issues mostly when it comes to gender. I think the best we should do is to wait for the complete story of this but any one who ask back a love gift is immature to be in a relationship in the first place.

    4. Women should stop giving men money with the hope that he'll marry you, help him if you want to help with money that you won't even miss or loan(documented) so that if the love goes south you can move on without all this unnecessary drama!

    5. Which love gifts, return the money Abeg or you expect her to lose on both ends. Later now they will say women are the gold diggers..... You want to eat and clean mouth.. Kolewerk

  28. Congrats isaacbaba.

    Happy birthday to Anthonia and Oyiza.

    Bv ranting, that is the kind of country we find ourselves in. May God touch the hearts of all our leaders.

    I can smell real drama coming to our blog.

    My people una doh.


  29. I am still here waiting for Chiki and Olori to come and tell me why they decided to throw me to the sharks yesterday. Thanks once again for all the people that saved me. I am so over joyed to know that you guys got my back. Please una doooo, BUT IT IS STILL REMAINING GIVEAWAY. Thank you all.

    1. haha πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ haha, you be werey

    2. Corporate beggar of life....pele o

    3. Hahahahaha, u this whateverinsdkblog, u are the real comedian.

    4. Hahahahha
      Nothing mega, I just felt the shark will be able to feed on fresh blood.
      You get.
      Lol..... You are a clown oo

  30. Poster you just described the whole naija scenario, we are indeed suffering and smiling. This network providers have finished us, that's why I laugh at people complaining about Isaac's data, it's a general thing. We are surviving by the grace of GOD

  31. Memo to Cutiebee

    I saw your comment on SP where you said Benin Grandpa is still on your case buying different sim cards to disturb you. I also saw some people cussing him calling him 'Mad'.

    Papa is not mad, the truth is this Papa loves you and he is going crazy because of you. Look at the extent he went just to be in connection with you.
    Pls consider his proposal and date him, let him take care of you and your son. I heard Nigerian old men take good care of their young lovers.
    Also, you know he is a widower according to one anonymous back then, he told her his wife was dead. So you are free.
    I also think he is very 'rich' to be able to buy a new sim card, data and airtime all the time.
    More importantly, since he has been treating a sickness for years, his libido will be very low or even dead, so he won't disturb you for s*x too much. He just needs someone to be sending him nude pix for him to salivate on.
    This is a sisterly advice.


    1. you is a bad child. hahahhahahah

      Cutie Bee dont mind diroyalty. No gree for benin grandpa. hahahahaha

    2. Hahahahahahahahahaa

      Wicked somebody @Droyalty.


    3. True talk @Droyalty. Cutie bee please give me his number let me see if he can do giveaway for me.

    4. hahahahahaha kolomental lady. You are after giveaway, chai... cutie bee don suffer for your hand

    5. Whatever, Cutiebee's email is on her profile or you can go and take her phone no from santa post like she said grandpa did. I dash you that grandpa on her behalf. She doesn't need a quarter to die man in her life biko.

    6. Kwakqakwakwakwakwakwa
      Droyalty pls don't tell her to date him, Cutiebee will enter fire from fry pan. The baba don't have any money maybe his children are buying data and airtime for him. When we got talking in 2015, the only thing I got from him is #350 worth of airtime lols

    7. How can you give such a sisterly advice? That man is sick, he looks like he is about to kick the bucket. I won't even wish my enemy to date him. Did I hear u say rich. The uncle is as poor as a church rat. Person wey never see food chop NA him wan give person money. Kwakwkwakwakwakwakaka if I hear.

    8. Epa is not a widower o! His wife is very much alive. He only says that in the hope that he will get free 'fruit juice'.

      So his amu has been searching since 2015 on SnM?? Hian! He downloaded to me that he had an affair with a married woman here.
      I don't know if it was his imagination or malaria fever, me the way I tear race ehn, dust enter my eye ehn.
      Someone cannot use you as boyfriend or mentor.
      What are you?

    9. Lmao @ 350 recharge card. The Epa is obviously very broke and hungry

    10. hahahhahahahahaa Epa the grandpa weldone oooo. You all are going anonymous. Shame on una.

    11. Anon 15:16, are you for real? N350 airtime? Hahahhahahaha

      OMG (in Stella 's voice) Steffy, you know him too? I'm thinking he has been in contact with half of the women on this blog. I don't know how he does it, he looks like someone who will die tomorrow yet he refused to die.
      Droyalty I don't want biko. Let me give him to bv Whatever as giveaway husband, he will also be transferring some data and airtime to her as additional giveaway. Lols

  32. #That awkward moment when you realize the song you were innocently singing, is full of sexual innuendoes.

  33. Ihn kaabo.bvs I dey hail o.
    Pls my pple I need ans to dis question.. Do all this big big hotels have cameras in their hotel room.I watched a video where one top politician was kissing & touching a lady and since then I'm restless cos I no they were in a who videoed them.pls Bv blackberry come and ans me cos I no u are vasatile.thanks

    1. That was definitely a set up. Big hotels do have CCTV cameras but of course not in the rooms but important places like offices and the likes. Don't be scared

    2. Yes they have. They can hidden cameras everywhere

    3. Is it ur research topic in skl?


    4. Have you been taking your friends wife to a hotel?

    5. Why are you asking? you don commit gbenshing? because him that has nothing to fear, fears nothing. for your information they have cctv every where

    6. hahahahha lafresh, abeg i dont want to laugh again? the person get hidden agenda to ask that kind question

    7. No they don't have cameras in their rooms. They only have cameras in the corridor, reception and in every corner of the building but not in the room. A camera can only be planted by efcc and other security agencies if and only if the person is a suspect even at that the person can sue the hotel if he or she wishes. So if you wanna gbensh your friends wife feel free. Lol

    8. Lols @ they have cctv everywhere. Whatever oh

  34. That Vacancy Post got me....see his mouth 'must be a graduate'
    yet you are willing to pay 25-35k In this economy? You are WICKED!

  35. That bv Duchess that used her money to do 'saara' for a man and their love went south, which of the Duchesses o? We have plenty of them here.
    OK, let me wait for the proper amebo story. That is the only story I read on In house news today. I will read epistles later in the day. Make I dey go.

    Before I go, make una tell Cutiebee to go and read my memo to her up there. Where are her crayfish colleagues?

    1. Haha, we dey here o. Droyalty cutiebee do not need that kind grandpa in her life biko. Na correct young blood she need.

    2. hahahahahaha you and whatever una two no well at all

  36. Wow....
    Today is my birthday..

    I have been so busy today. Really stressed up, just got back from my waka waka...

    I'm so happy to God for everything he has done for me..
    Really really appreciate my existence in good health of mind and body..
    I pray He grants me all my heart desires..πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’œπŸ’šπŸ’œπŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’œπŸ’šπŸ’œπŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’œ

    1. Hbd Ola. Liv long and prosper.
      Happy birthday to you too Beloved, Teejay and other bvs. May you increase in all aspects of you lives

    2. Happy birthday to you. How is your ANKRACRAYFISH business moving?

    3. Happy birthday Ola. Enjoy God's goodness.

      Abeg that your friend who is your twin is selling yummy crayfish, how we go do am

    4. Happy birthday to you. Wishing you God's favor and more years to come.

    5. Happy Birthday Ola. Many more years to you.

  37. Hello everyone

    John Edet

  38. Oyiza the ebeira babe, I sight u. SDK PLEASE bring that dutchess gist Sharp Sharp. I don't want to miss it like your sexy daddy gist. Till today nobody wants to fill me in on that gist.

    1. Just go and Google sexy daddy ,SDK blog , check specifically for SP&IHN of 21,22 & 23 November 2017. Charge your phone well. Grab popcorn and coke. You are welcome.

    2. @akudo I sight u too, how u dey

  39. hahahahahah anon 14:35. It is that painful. The kind of work such person will do eh only God will save.


  40. @OYIZA that bed na for hotel abi na for your house?

  41. Hot afternoon we are having today

    So poster from Friday chronicles I read all you wrote up there and all I am going to say is that "FORGET YOUR MOTHER AND SIBLINGS" you need to just let them go and do your marriage quietly with your father giving your hand out in marriage.

    Look stop the pity party of you don't want to be lonely on your wedding day.The truth is, it is either you invite them and they come with all their troubles to ruin your big day or you let them go and have a small safe and normal wedding with no one trying to ruin your day.. the choice is yours and note that it is not a crime to let go of a toxic family dynamics for your own happiness,you deserve a happy life

    2) "The Abroad poster" who is surprised at the level of hardship down here, well the thing is right now the youths who are supposed to march into the streets to demand for a better Nigeria are busy watching Big Brother Naija...They have all gone deaf & blind and will only get back to the affairs of the country after the show or world cup 2018 is over and by that time INEC and Buhari would have finished registrations for PVC

    Every other post I read but don't care about commenting

    Peace out Niggas ✌✌✌✌


  42. Accommodation needed, my friend better go and stay in ikorodu with that N200,000 where you will have water.

    Na you build house for them? See your entitlement

  43. Dis my neighbors girlfriend is really dumb sha,how can u not be friendly to ur boyfriend's neighbors,her boyfriend carries different types of girls including a pregnant one,he doesn't repeat girls except that stupid one forming girlfriend and the pregnant lady,yesterday's own was the worst,he brought in one girl like that and they had very loud sex throughout the night making me very horny till dis morning,I couldn't even sleep sef and she left very early dis morning,now dis mumu girl has come forming girlfriend, she's currently cooking and washing his cloths,I even saw her spreading boxers,I feel sorry for her,I would have told her that her boyfriend is a man whore but she's a snub and I need to mind my business,we girls dey suffer Sha,to think the stupid guy tried asking me out,I don suffer πŸ‘πŸ‘

    1. Choi. You hear everything. My dear sleep no catch you at all and you are now horny.

      Next time, use cotton wool on your ears or you put in a good christian music so that you will sleep fine. Epele ooo it is well.

      At the same time MIND YOUR BUSINESS

    2. LMAO... Lol sHe might know but desperate for marriage, later she will be sending, 'hide my identity ' chronicles.

  44. Just found out my boyfriend is a cultist and that him and his two best friends are lovers,I wouldn't have been dis hurt if the best friends were girls,I just don't know how to tell him I know he is gay and to tell him I know he is a cultist,dis is too much for me,to think I tried my best to be a good girl so that I can attract a good man,its indeed good to snoop,am so sad, nobody to talk to.currently thinking of reporting him to the police.

    1. No need reporting him to the police because they will come after you. Find a way to break off the relationship.

      Tell him you are married to Jesus and behave like a church girl

    2. Just walk away as if nothing is wrong, go far from them. Congratulations Isaac.

    3. Don't report him, it won't do you any good as they will release him. Being a gay, he would have connections with rich gay men. What you should do is that you should attend an evening service in church and when you come back, tell him you are now a born again Christian and there would be no more sex till after marriage, no more alcoholic drink for you and no more sleeping over at this place. Whole saying this, mak sure you are wearing skirt and deceit top, no long earrings or heavy make up and flashy hair. Pack all your worldly clothes in a bag and start wearing only skirts. Light make up and no more long and flashy weave ons. Be doing Ghana weaving and braids too. Tell him you love him and you want him to come to Christ too. Always read Bible in his presence, play gospel music on your phone. Delete all the worldly music and videos from your phone. Go to church regularly and start preaching to him and his friends. Learn all the Bible verses that they use to preach to people. He will run by himself. He will dump you. This is the best method. If he finds out you know he is a gay and cultist, he can kill you. As in kill you and nothing will happen. Don't try to leave him, do all of the above for the sake of your life. After he leaves you. Keep doing those things until you leave his vicinity or he leaves that area. Then go for HIV test. Most gay people are HIV positive.

    4. Don't you dare report him to the police, you will only be endangering yourself.

      Break off the relationship and then walk away quietly, guys like that are very dangerous so be careful and don't share this with anyone as no one can be trusted with this information other than yourself


    5. You want to tell a cultist he is gay and a cultist? Ate you that dumb or you're simply inexperienced?
      You should be planning on having a Thanksgiving on Sunday after you guys must have broken up.

    6. Nice one anonymous 16:25.. Poster don't report or let him know that you are aware else it's 6feet below grave..

  45. Stella, the rants from the abroad based BV is so true.
    Only when you are in Nigeria that you would understand.
    Things are so expensive, that I pity families with children, it is hard to feed.
    Eggs, milk, bread, noodles, biscuit, even coke is not cheap anymore.
    I hope they vote right, but definitely not Buhari.
    Everyone wants to go out, I remember when I left, people abused me for leaving my awesome job.
    Now, everyone is asking how to relocate to Canada, please if you can leave legally do.
    I love Nigeria, I miss Nigeria, I pray for Nigeria, but it is not a place to live and keep your sanity.

  46. Finally a drama filled day is here. Can't wait for the Duchess gist. Tori go sweet ehn.

  47. Please can someone recommend a good powerbank to use and where to buy? I went online and I'm confused with all the Chinese products, I'm told some are even 'coupled' in Aba. Don't want to fry my phone. Please assist.

  48. IHN is loaded! After reading all the comments here na laugh get me! Yori Yori you are too much, congrats to BV Isaac on your POP! Teejay I love you write ups don't allow anyone to bully you here. Olawealth how many times we go wish you happy birthday! We go wish you happy birthday for morning and evening again? Hair stylist don't be too desperate to go anywhere for assistance before then go take you do rituals! My people have a nice day! Beloved I greet you special 😍

    1. Thanks NK and God bless.

    2. Hahahaha I collect the special greetings o Jare 😍

  49. My problem with abroadians is this:
    1. You leave and whenever you come you only magnify the negatives. You won't say how you binged on meals you havent had in a while oh. Na so so comolain una go dey drag dey go.
    2. Whenever there's any good in this same Nigeria, all of you flock back. I remember 2001/2002 the era of telecom and e-banking. They all came running back, feeling entitled and being condescending to those who didn't have foreign experience in the workplace. They were making excuses like: 'Oh! Its for the kids' and 'Oh! Its just good to be back home' The moment things become tough, fiam! Out again to their second country.
    3. Give them political position where they can steal small money for their children, that's when you'd hear 'Nigeria is good'. You won't see them being concerned again. We see them plenty! Looking for contracts to carry the money they can't make as quickly in other countries and go back ASAP.
    4. Come and contest for elections if you're so worried - NO. They just be complaining in our ear.

    Abeg you people should remain where you are if Nigeria is so bad. If you can't change it or do something to help, leave all this gist!!
    I will definitely live abroad for a period of time (da back! I don't even have any Nigerian toaster that doesn't either live abroad or have dual citizenship right now!!) but God knows I'm not gonna keep flogging a dead horse. My eventual aim would be to come back and make an impact, lead and change things. Infact, the only reason I would like to relocate would be because I want to share Africa with the world in ways that would make a very major impact and change mentalitiles. In all this your rant ONE solution or encouragement I didn't see. Sickening!!
    Yet y'all save money to buy land here and build several buildings.
    'Which way my people?' The way is DEFINITELY not the way you're going about it. Simple! Who you want make e answer question?

    1. Person wey get this blog wey people dey hustle giveaway everyday, no be abroad e dey? How much is the crayfish people were hustling for the other day - in foreign currency? But at least it will help someone feed for a while.
      I hope this vivid picture of Nigeria will remain crystal clear in your head. So the next time you want to get some Gucci or feragamo, you remember soemone hasn't eaten or fed their kids. And the gov't cant help them do that. Don't wear and come and complain biko. You hear??


  50. I know young men and women who live abroad and are employing people in Nigeria through small businesses. Giving loans to people with good ideas. They go to charity shops and send as many clothes as possible for people to put on. Sending families even $50 a month so they can feed. And even training some relatives so they can come out of family poverty. And before you ask it is LEGITIMATE money, they work asses off and pay those bills. Some of them say their colleagues even laugh at time for taking extra shifts to send people money back at home. But they ignore because they are looking at how what means little to them might be someone's lifeline. Because they know that if they can't change the country they impact lives and help others ease off. The 2 years you've been away, who you don assist wey no be your family?

    Okay. Keep ranting and elaborating issues. You go dey alright.

  51. I remember when sexy daddy emerged here. People thought he was white berry. He too sent photos of his wife, bicycle etc, office, house, sosha media handles, 'baffroom' slippers etc. Ikwakwakwa

    Wo whiteberry, the trouble you have caused new generations of your lineage here ehn ikwakwakwakwakwa If you know you know ikwakwakwakwakwa

  52. Is that really that Isaac baba guy? See small piKin written all over his face and he'll come here talking anyhow. Too much kids on this blog. Damn!

  53. Congratulations Isaac. the labour market shall favor you..
    Happy birthday Antho. You're blessed


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