Stella Dimoko Comedian I Go Dye Says Gov. Fayose's Misfortune Should Be A Lesson To All Politicians


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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Comedian I Go Dye Says Gov. Fayose's Misfortune Should Be A Lesson To All Politicians

Popular comedian, I Go Dye has reacted to the report that Ekiti State Gov. Fayose was teargassed by the policemen who laid siege at the Government House yesterday....


When pensioners protested this is what they got, when we protest for fuel pump hike this is what we get, when we protest against bad leadership this is what we get, when we protest on power failure or increase of minimum wage this is what we get. This experience to you and it will serve as a lesson to others,that they should join Nigerians when they face hardship and speak against it, because of corruption and the ills of the political class.

Please get up, this is just a small thing compared to the injustice and pains that corruption have caused in this country. Oga governor, you are still among those governor‘s that short changed some of our youth's destiny, even the president is not exempted from any of such consequences. until all of us use our respective positions to promote what is right, every citizen of this country can face this kind of situation. However,| condemn this action because it violates the fundamental human right to liberty and I also use this medium to admonish the people of Ekiti State to remain peaceful as they chose who leads them on Saturday.

What happens to the boys on the street, can happen to anyone. Speak up, because our present status doesn't stop us from questioning our environment. Amb Francis #Ukaid Madact ambassador making a difference Against Corruption Today


  1. This "comedian" don swallow poli-trical" dummy hook, line and sinker.

  2. Standing ovation for you i go dye

  3. Please, I really need to know. Am I the only one that gets really embarrassed when I read negative news about Nigeria? How to Nigerians abroad even cope? Oga o. People pray for the country every time, there's still no change.

    1. Well, the oyibos know what Nigeria is like now so no more embarrassment and beside that you there are still Nigerians that exported abi imported Nigerianness anywhere they go. The world know about us dear.

  4. Since this incidence,I don laugh tire!,..
    Fayose should join Nollywood aswear!...
    As for you I go die,Fayose does not deserve this!...
    How I wish it happend to Vuharia!...

  5. This is true meaning of when you're dealt with in your own coin

  6. This guy has more than jokes in his brain.
    Oya stand up Fayose.

  7. But Fayose was treated this way because he has been against this evil administration

  8. True talk, You spoke well

  9. @ Fan Emmanuel, if u believe that Fayose drama then you will believe that pigs can fly!! In this day and age, no video evidence of Police beating him up! No pictures, no video! With the multitude of his followers tat is always at his beck and call? Common... This a well scripted drama all to wipe up sentiments.. Besides if it does happen, it serves him right. I go dye is right

  10. @ Fan Emmanuel, go to Ekiti and ask the civil servants the last time they received their salaries. The speed which he changed his G-wag that got burnt at Oshodi is a clear indication that he is as guilty as any other politician(they are not in govt to serve the people,they are there to enrich themselves and their cronies)
    When he was campaigning during Jonathan's era, he melted the same treatment to the opposition. He is been served the same cup of tea he served then.

  11. So nice of you to speak up! Nigeria my Nigeria! Which way ooo

  12. Fayose, deserves everything he gets, this is what common Nigerians get everyday.
    Nice write up by I go dye.


    Fayose's Rally: Failure To Pay Drivers Sparks Violence In Ado

    Failure of Governor Ayodele Fayose to settle the drivers he called to park their vehicles in the Government House to cause traffic difficulty for APC members during their mega rally yesterday has sparked violence between the drivers and the governor's aides.

    One of the drivers union leaders, Kamoru Ojuolape, who stormed the Government House this morning to demand for the money promised them, said they were angry because the governor failed to pay  them N10,000 he promised them for parking their vehicles overnight in order to disrupt transportation system to hurt APC rally.

    He said the drivers became unruly when they discovered that some parts of their vehicles had been stolen. Requests to see the governor were turned down while some of the aides of the governor blasted the drivers who responded by throwing punches.

    Some of the governor's aides joined the fray, which further drew the anger of other drivers.

    In the orgy of violence that ensued, policemen were called in to quell the riot with tear gas.

    Minutes later, the picture of the governor who was nowhere near the scene appeared on social media that he was tear gased by the police.

    The police have invited the leaders of the drivers to the police headquarters to settle the matter.

    Shortly afterwards, Fayose appeared with neck collar on television claiming that the police wanted to kill him over Saturday election.


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