Stella Dimoko Iya Ibeji Series -When The Devil Whispers...


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Saturday, September 29, 2018

Iya Ibeji Series -When The Devil Whispers...

I attend the same church as Elo, the little girl that was stolen. When she was found my joy knew no bounds, I was sharing her testimony with anyone that cared to listen.

I shared Elo's testimony with one woman and she told me to sit so she can share hers.

Years ago she went to a 1 month bible school run by a very popular ministry. She was attending classes with her baby. Her baby was less than a year old and was very chubby.

Everyone loves a chubby baby, so the baby became the darling of the class and was being carried by everyone. One day the mother said her daughter was carried out of her sight but she wasn't too bothered, but after a while she had this prompting to go look for a daughter.

She came out of her class and from the balcony she saw a woman carrying her baby and leaving the church premises. 

Immediately she ran downstairs towards the gate, by the time she got to the gate the woman had boarded a bike. My friend said she almost went mad, she thought of running to the car park to drive her car and chase after her, but she didn't want to lose sight of the woman. 

Without thinking she jumped into the road and stopped on coming cars. She was screaming help help. They arranged a bike for her and the bike chased after the woman.

Finally they caught up with the woman, she quickly got down and grabbed her baby then she asked the woman. "Madam do you know me? ". The woman tried to explain "No ma, I was going to collect my phone from the repairer.... " she didn't finish her statement before she was slapped by one of the bike men. You know how these okada men are, before you know it they started beating her.

My friend just jejely carried her baby entered another bike and went home. She told me when she got home her husband and others called her a careless mother, even the church authorities also said she was careless.

I asked her what happened to the woman, she said as she took her baby from the woman and got on the bike that she didn't look back. 

 I was just imagining what those okada men would have done to her. You know she was at their mercy, them go don press bobby tire. Even naked her join chei. What will the woman tell her husband, neighbors, husband family people nko?

She said she didn't see the woman again till the end of bible school.
I can't help but wonder if she is still alive. 

I don't think that woman set out to steal a child that day, maybe she needed a child that's why she came to the bible school to get more knowledge of God's word but then she allowed the devil to whisper to her "see how beautiful this baby is, see her cheeks, she can be yours ,the mother isn't even looking. Then she yielded to the voice.

I have been there, the devil whispered to me a long time ago when I was in a bad state to jump over the bridge into the lagoon. I looked into that water and saw how many people will cry for me. I saw my mothers face and I said get the behind me devil and I walked down that bridge. I will share the full story some other time.

Has the devil ever whispered something strange to you? Did you yield or did you rebuke him.


  1. Hmmmm....i have heard a voice so many times tell me you would sleep and but wake up tomorrow, as you are going out you wont return, but I thank God for the strength to rebuke such evil whispers.

  2. Nawa o mama ibeji this your story is making me feel some type of way.
    Pls what do you mean maybe she didn't set out to steal a child. Maybe she needed a child. So she doesn't know the way to motherless babies it's a child another woman carried for 9mths and went through Labour pains she shld carry.
    You are even caring what the okada men did to her? Do you know the mental and emotional torture she put that baby's mother in. Seeing someone carrying the baby away. She even saw the mother shouting and chasing she cldnt pity her and drop the child and run.
    So as human beings if God doesn't give you your heart desires. The next thing is to snatch someone's else's cos you want it so bad.

    1. Beds and roses, u mean children in the orphanage weren't carried for nine months? Wow

    2. @13;38 don't take what she said out of context.
      Kidnapping at is never a spontaneous act,its always premeditated.

    3. My understanding of what Iya Ibeji said is that she may have just taken advantage of an opportunity that presented itself. One may go into someone's room to steal something one had earlier seen; another may go to visit a friend and then steal something one happened to see at that moment. It may be the lady just came to church but veered off into something si horrendous. Anyways, so glad she was caught, and yes, that lady is careless. One should never let one's guard down no matter the familiarity. She is sooo lucky.

  3. Yes ooo the devil once wispered to me to drink sniper, then a voice firmly rebuked me asking me "why do i want to take my life if i could create one".

    I repented of my thoughts and God led me to Isaiah 41:10 and true to his word, help came in a very big way.

    Whenever i see someone depressed i always encourage them with that Bible Verse.

  4. The devil whispers a lot of negative things to me especially when my husband is working late "what if he is kidnapped on his way home or what of he is robbed and killed" but i reject his voice immediately and pray and God has been faithful.

  5. Submit yourselves to God and resist the devil and he will flee!
    Some girls here the only whispers they hear is; Snatch, terminate, flush, suffocate, yank off, alabokun off, shoot off, 7up off,

  6. I had some challenges four years ago that I almost commit suicide. If not for church that I ran into, if not for prayers, if not for the counselling from the ministers of God, if not for the prophetic words that I always claimed anytime prophetic utterances is said at the pulpit, I don't know where I would have been today.

    Thank God for my life today, am happy and fulfilled.

  7. Her intention was to steal that baby. She deserved whatever was done to her!

    Gosh that baby's mother would have gone crazy had it been she didn't see her baby. Wicked world.

    We need to be careful. Very very careful

    1. Hmmmm what a wicked world.

    2. Yes o. If not for God she would have taken the baby away and not look back. The woman would have gone back home empty handed and people would ask her where her baby is. It could even cause fight between her and hubby. Thank God she got her baby back. Some people are wicked. We need to be careful no matter where we are be it Church or any organisation

  8. Don’t really understand what’s with nigerians and carrying other people’s babies. I don’t do that. By the time I freeze and give you a look you will vanish.

    It’s church so people get relaxed passing babies around. If I don’t know you personally forget it.

  9. I once wish my husband should die, after all I saw in his hands. He beats me at any slight argument between us, even during pregnancy and slapped me four days after delivery in the hospital ward, that I had to resign from my job in PH, and come back to my parents house in Lagos before he will kill me. But I rebuked the thought and always pray for him for change of heart.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Yes he has.. it may seem flimsy. I was in secondary school, my parebts said i should spend midterm beeak in school. No money no provisions. Only school food. I was
    Onr day i passed and saw someone's well stocked locket.
    The temptation to steal was great and a struggle but i overcame.
    I was also tempted when i was lonely and looking for love. That i fell for and i still struggle with the guilt


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