Stella Dimoko Mama Tee Series -The Cheating Partner


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Friday, September 14, 2018

Mama Tee Series -The Cheating Partner

If a man catches his woman cheating, he will most likely leave her. 

The situation is not always the same when a man cheats on a woman. The woman is 'mandated' to forgive. Hmmm

There was this friend to my friend when I was in school.

She had a fiancee who was in another state. They planned to get married after graduation.

So this girl was always singing of her man's faithfulness. How he could never cheat on her, how she would dump him if she ever finds out he was cheating. Lol. We would just be 'yimu'ing' at her.

One weekend, Aunty travelled to see her man and the next morning, we received a call from her mum that she was in the hospital. What happened?

Uncle Faithful had impregnated a girl in his neighbourhood. When the pregnant girl saw that Aunty was around and uncle had gone out, she came and asked for uncle and told aunty that she needed money to buy baby things. Ovoko!

As expected, Aunty fought her and chased her out. When Uncle Faithful came back, he confirmed it and blamed the Devil. That was how our friend fainted and landed in the hospital.

To cut the long story short, our friend married Uncle Faithful after graduation. The other lady had her child and was receiving stipends for child support.
Is this the fate of women?To always forgive a cheating partner while the men cant?

Mama Tee


  1. Chai! Aunty fuck up. This is more like what happened between hot hot and ubi.

  2. Na wa. They don't know that Two can play the game.

    I cannot come and faint or kill myself cos of a husband with a wandering prick.

    Cheat and say goodbye to any sexual coupling. Abeg I no do.

  3. Is this the fate of women?
    "To always forgive a cheating partner while the men cant"

    To forgive and "forget" is a virtue. Some forgive easily, for other, it takes time. Adultery is a serious sin that God frowns at. Marital laws/standards frown at adultery (except Traditional marriage that allows a man to marry more women). even in the bible, adultery is a serious ground for divorce. This is bcos Trust, faithfulness has been breached.

    a man or woman may chose to forgive and continue in that marriage or relationship but its no "FATE". its CHOICE.
    While not wanting to judge, the woman still went ahead to marry the man shows that they were both able to reconcile, true forgiveness has taken place a time will heal everything the woman knowing fully well that her partner has a child even before going ahead to tie the knot. HOW MANY OF US CAN DO THAT ? I sure can't.

    to err is Human, to forgive is Divine.


  4. Make you forget that yarn o
    We women get pregnant and pass it to men
    A cheating "horseband" is a woe
    But men do not get pregnant through cheating.
    In any case, I've seen a man that forgave the cheating wife
    And they are still living together.

  5. Imagine fainting for nonsense. Women should try and get brain sometimes

    1. God will honour real fainting for nonsense

  6. Many men forgive cheating girlfriend/wife's they don't just say it outside because of ego.
    A colleague has confided in me that before he became born-again he impregnated a married older woman. The husband was based elsewhere. Husband found out,they aborted it and till date they are still married.

  7. Faint? Lolzzz and she still marry uncle faithful...why fainting hisss......

  8. Forgiving a cheating spouse is by choice and not mandatory or by fate!!!

  9. My own is not even about the cheating it's about singing anpartners praises have people not learnt anything? Please the only person who can guarantee ones actions is themselves people can dissapoint please don't be out there bragging just thank God and move on.
    That's how one of my Uni friends then after I explained to her my dad once beat my mother she kept singing God forbid a man that will beat us he an animal that her father cannot try that shit oooo that the parents will not stay together that no man will try it.
    What happened not only did her dad cheat he beat her mum for finding out and the woman stayed he did all sorts of things and she stayed and he himself just had to leave the marriage cause he did all things to frustrate her she did not leave
    Eventually my uni friends sis got married and also was beaten the girl stayed I was like ah ahn madam you no want beat your chest again? Please say it again that a beating man is an animal and nobody can try that shit with anyone you know na?
    Please everyone if things are good for you concerning the treatment you receive enjoy it and thank God that's all don't start vouching for a person you cannot control you will faint with embarrassment.
    As for cheating it's neither here nor there ! People will cheat others will forgive others won't it depends on the circumstance to be honest you act based on the facts

    1. Learn out to use punctuation marks. It's never too late for you.

    2. Learn how to spell "HOW" its never too late for you too. You can make it

  10. Well most men will not forgive, for women it's their right for you to forgive them by fire by force. Even your village people will gather for u if you refuse to forgive a cheating man


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