Stella Dimoko Actor Yul Edochie Rants About 'NEPA' And It's Outrageous Bills


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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Actor Yul Edochie Rants About 'NEPA' And It's Outrageous Bills

Nollywood actor cum Politician, Yul Edochie in a tweet addresses the 'NEPA' issue that many of you will agree with....


  1. Na today? Our government is not even helping matter because they are not experiencing uninterrupted light.

  2. Good point... But who will deliver us from their hand ✋

  3. Okonkwo's Child is Right.

    We have been asking IKEDC to give us prepaid meter, they refused.

    They were giving us estimated Bill of over N10,000 until we wrote them a letter and took it to their office. We also Attached Corpses of past paid Bills. It was then that it was Discovery that they Attached another person 's Meyer number to us, meaning we have been paying someone' s out tanding bills

    1. LMAO πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜€ @ yori yori
      NEPA, na today? They've been ripping us off since 19kporogodom

    2. Corpses? 🀣🀣

    3. Corpses?😯😯😯😯

    4. Hope you also attached the address of the mortician that embalmed the corpses while writing the petition?

    5. This comment got me laughing like madt alone! @Yori and my eye just opened wide like kilode after seeing the corpse comment!

  4. Fashola, get in here with your non performing self πŸ˜’

  5. If he has prepaid meter he will not rants..

  6. NEPA should give Nigerians prepared meters.
    The fact that they steal from Nigerians with the estimated billing system they will never let them give out prepaid meters...infact 2019 election should just come so that we can vote Buhari out.


  7. Here, phcn at a point,was busy giving people outrageous bill. If you are given 3k this month, next month will be 10k. Yet, no light. So the artisans went on a protest, "Operation no light, no bill". Phcn officials ran away from their office. Ok oh, month end reach, they came asking for payment, i was at my stylist's that day. She told them, "No light, no bill" and they left. They faced same in the other shops on that line. After a while, light has been more stable. You could go three days without blackout and you hear people shouting, "Nepa oh, my freezer is blocked oh". If your transformer goes bad, phcn officials will come fast. If u have blackout for long hours and u see a known phcn official passing by, just complain and within 30mins/1hr, power would be restored.



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  9. God bless my landlord for pre-paid meter
    Each flat to his/her meter
    Nepa passes through our building everytime and hiss cos we don't have any business.

  10. I don't know the reason they refuse to give people prepaid meter even when we they are willing to pay any amount for it. They will just be billing someone outrageous amount

  11. Well, i think even the prepaid meter bill is too high. It consumes very fast. I think there should be some level of subsidy for the prepaid unit. I did an experiment by cooking with my electric cooker for one month because we usually have light constantly and i discovered that gas is far more cheaper than electricity.

  12. *Copies not Corpses
    *Discovered not Discovery

    Blame my phone with a mind of Its own not me.

    Yori Yori Kaa re o

  13. As for me and my humble abode, I pay only N3,000 every month. I dont care how much is on the bill. I have told the landlord that soon he and the so called officer in charge of our street will be cooling their feet somewhere. He has pleaded that I should be patient, I answered ‘OK’. Very soon. Just very very soon.
    My advice is, if you can estimate what your bill is, don’t pay more than the amount. When they notice your payment doesn’t go beyond a certain amount, they respect and bring the appropriate bill.
    They are just a bunch of Urchins- in Sam Loco’s voice.

  14. Thank God for prepaid meter. Now na light de rush us for my area in Port Harcourt... I have light like 20 out of 24hrs of the day...

  15. Well my area in Port Hacourt na light dey rush us oh. We dey beg nepa to take light for wia? House dey cold like say we dey Canada because of constant a/c. It makes me want to go home every time I'm out because my Netflix is waiting for me


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