Stella Dimoko PDP Presidential Candidate Atiku Lists 10 Questions Buhari Must Answer


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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

PDP Presidential Candidate Atiku Lists 10 Questions Buhari Must Answer

The presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Atiku Abubakar, has posed ten questions President Muhammadu Buhari must answer.

Atiku in a statement by his media team, while criticizing Buhari’s anti-corruption war, cited some cases Nigerians needed answers to.

The former vice president, citing cases of abandoned corrupt cases, condemned the appearance of Babachir Lawal, Buhari’s former Secretary to the Government of the Federation at the Presidential Villa on Thursday, December 13, 2018.

 Lawal, who is been investigated by EFCC for alleged irregularities in Presidential Initiative on North-East (PINE) activities, attended the launch of Together Nigeria, organized by the Buhari Support Organization (BSO) in Aso Rock, Abuja.

Reacting, Atiku condemned Babachir’s visit, describing it as a stain to the anti-corruption war promoted by Buhari’s administration.

According to him, “ It is a very sad day for Nigeria when the President honours a man proven beyond all reasonable doubt to have soiled his hands with money meant for starving refugees.”

The statement read in part: “These are the actions which feed the perceptions that have made Nigeria turn in its worst ever Corruption Perception Index rating by Transparency International where we went back 12 steps in 2018’s rankings, moving from 136 under President Jonathan to 148 today.

“According to Transparency International, Nigeria is more corrupt today and we ask the government to answer a few questions including:

1 -“Who reinstated and double promoted Maina?

2 -“Who owns the Ikoyi Apartment $42 million?

3 -“What has happened to Aisha Buhari’s ADC who looted ₦2.5 billion?

4 -“Why was the $25 billion NNPC contracts awarded without due process investigated?

5 -“Why haven’t those behind Buhari’s padded budget scandals been sacked or charged to court?

6 - “When will Babachir be charged?

7 -“How come fuel subsidy has doubled even when petrol price has doubled?

8 -“Why did President Buhari lift the suspension of the corrupt NHIS boss, Usman Yusuf, before public pressure forced him to suspend him? Why has he not been charged?

9 - “In May, Transparency International warned that Buhari had increased Security Vote by 600%, yet our soldiers have no weapons and are killed by terrorists. Where is the money going?

10 - “In February Buhari withdrew $1 billion from the Excess Crude Account to ostensibly fund the war on terror, yet the Chief of Army Staff said after Metele that they have no weapons. Where did that money go?

“Answers to these and other questions are urgently required from President Buhari by Nigerians and failure to answer them only proves that under Buhari, the All Progressive Congress Government is not just Corrupt, but corruption is its policy.”
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  1. I actually have a friend in the army. A barrister oh. I dunno the devil that entered him that made him say he wanted to join the army.

    So when this latest soldiers' massacre happened, I tried to call him to be sure he was okay and wasn't affected. His number wasn't going through for about a week.

    It eventually went through and I was so relieved. He made me realise that wasn't even their first attack. He said he actually narrowly escaped this last one but wasn't so lucky last year. Sent me pictures of BH attacks and you needed to see the terrible head injury this guy sustained, even though he eventually healed nicely. I had to start begging him to quit or resign or whatever they call it over there. Guyman no gree, he actually said he loved the job.

    When I told him why they keep losing people despite fighting gallantly, he said 'the generals are just playing with our lives'

    Buhari, why???? Why are u people sending people to war without adequate weapons. Why are u pretending BH has been subdued why they are busy killing people working for you and for us.

    This man is a failure. He needs to go. There are no two ways about that

    1. With the giant stride Buhari has acheived in the area of security? What is the correlation between what the solder told you and the questions you are asking? Did he tell you they don't have weapons?

      Pls stick to prick and toto matters cause whenever you comment on any other subject, you never make sense.

    2. Precious Lord! This shot loud gan hohohohoho. So true Mr nobody aka eesah. This is so freaking hilarious danmmmmmmmm

  2. Season of questions and answers to the aso rock occupant. I doubt they will respond to this.

  3. How strange that neither @AishaMBuhari nor any of her children publicly wished their husband and father a happy birthday. They also DID NOT attend his birthday party (see attached pictures). I am wondering if they traveled to Sudan or if they know something we don’t #RenosDarts 

  4. Let the campaign for Athiefku begin Lol.

    Yinmu 😂

  5. What a happy day. Good morning my neighbors.!!!

  6. No matter how much campaign y'all do for Athiefku or how many questions he asks to favour him, it's never gonna make him win the election. For the record, Atiku can never defeat Buhari in this Nigeria. I can bet my mama and papa on that. So una just dey waste una time. Athiefku that Buhari will defeat even in Adamawa?


    1. I will remind you. Why is it only your Papa and Mama? How about including your wife and kids? Be playing with your family...Saying Eka Joy never makes sense. See the so much sense you have made betting your parents.

  7. The man should go. I don't want him again biko. Never wanted him from the onset.
    How can you be ruling and there is hunger in the land? Worst government so far.

  8. Let the soilders keep dying biko y can't dey resign or stage a military coup against their generals tins like didn't happen in 1966 and a coup was staged

  9. Don't worry sir he will answer the questions in Daura,his cows will be his spokesman, because no one will want to be associated to a failure

  10. Atiku needs to shut his mouth. He lacks integrity. He is one of those that brought us to where we are now.

    1. I like your comment but please can you elaborate on how and when he brought us to where we are now?
      I want to learn from you.


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