Stella Dimoko Badeh’s Killers Release Abducted Friend...


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Monday, December 24, 2018

Badeh’s Killers Release Abducted Friend...

The abducted friend of immediate past Chief of Defence Staff, Air Chief Marshal Alex Badeh (retd.), has been released by his abductors.

It was learnt that Badeh’s friend was released after his family paid a ransom running into millions of naira.

The police had said in a statement last week that, “The former CDS suffered gunshot injury which resulted to his death, while his driver was injured and Badeh’s friend abducted.”

Reports said that authorities are working on the theory that Badeh’s murder may have been an abduction gone wrong as the friend was released after a ransom was paid, being that there had been two of such incidents along the Keffi-Abuja Expressway before Badeh’s murder in the last one month.

However, sources within the Nigerian Air Force said that there would be a joint briefing with the police and the air force immediately after the Christmas break.

“While investigations were on, the family of Badeh’s friend paid a ransom to ensure his release. However, we have continued with the investigation and we have made progress. We will inform members of the public after the Christmas break,” an air force officer said.

The four-star general was killed on the evening of December 18, 2018, while returning from his farm.
His Tundra Toyota truck was riddled with bullets piercing the windscreen and killing him instantly.
Out of the three occupants of the vehicle, however, Badeh was the only one that was killed thereby fueling speculations that he was assassinated.


  1. Chai. This murder will go uninvestigated. Nija is a country where lives don't matter at all.

  2. Lady T/worth more than a thousand dollars24 December 2018 at 13:31

    It was an assasination. No jokes about that. Those who did it know it.

  3. Please they should stop it right there. Which theory of abduction gone wrong? Baden is worth more dead than alive I belive he’s richer than his friend. The whole scenario reeks of an inside job done by the powerful, this is not abduction for money this is an assassination.

  4. Nigeria security operatives are jokers. Ransom was paid by abductee's family under FG watch. Someone should wake me up when September comes.

  5. Nigeria, we hail thee. If this goes underground then I don't think that there is hope for Nigeria again.

  6. was the friend male or female?

  7. Ransom was paid? for a high profile person And they can not be tracked? the family should be strong and buria the death on the burial day Nigeria will come and pay tribute to him sad nothing can be done.

  8. This is crazy.
    A 4 star General
    Former DEFENCE chief
    He was killed just like that and they are still not sure if it was an abduction, assassination murder?
    Ransom was paid but the receivers could not be tracked?

  9. I believe this was an assassination. They're trying to cover up their tracks by diverting the situation to make it look like an abduction gone wrong.. Oh what anarchy is this!!

    How's that, he was the only one shot and killed, while the 'so-called' friend was abducted, and his driver injured?
    Nope! This story right here is incoherent and it does not add up to me.

    My question is, what sort of investigation was carried out on site of the crime scene? Did they interrogate his injured driver afterwards? Retrace his steps leading to the incident or are these just mere assumptions by the NPD or the 'source'?

    The last write up I read concerning this incident, never mentioned an 'abduction' as I can remember, or is the NPD being an accomplice by shielding the real perpetrators of this ungodly act? Oh well, these are just my analysis on this.

    Food for thoughts; let's learn to be kind to one another we only live once.

    Happy holidays!

  10. So now you cannot post anything about Atiku's lies about contacting and reaching out this Christmas to one of the widows of the soldiers killed by boko haram recently . He lied about it on his official social media handle to have reached out and supported them , just to look good while the President and the government looks bad. But she burst the bubble by telling everyone on social media that she didn't speak to Atiku. Atiku and his team now said that there was a communication error. See fools fooling themselves. Post the lies of your PDP cronies.

    1. Sharap Dia, as if APC is not the bedrock of lies.. Shoooo

  11. A ransom was paid in a case involving such high profile murder? Shameful!

  12. What happens when u are not seated in owner's corner and you are the owner?


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