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Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative.....




Dear Stella,

Kindly keep me anonymous.

Please I need you and your bloggers advice on how to handle a problematic step mother and her disrespectful daughter.

I relocated back to my father's house recently after things were really tough in the state where I was previously running my business. My father is elderly and retired, he was married to my late mother who died of depression and spiritual attack on finding out that this new wife had taken over her husband.

I am the only child from their marriage. I never had a reason to live under the same roof with this woman until recently because I was doing well for myself and resided in another state.

From my observations, I discovered she had been maltreating my father codedly. She served him sour okro soup in my presence and had no 'surprise' or remorse when my father put some in his mouth and asked why the soup served was spoilt. He does well to give her money for upkeep and cooking though she complains and speaks to him very rudely.

On an occasion, I bought turkey and soup ingredients which I handed to her because I try to stay out of her kitchen business. Would you believe, she served my father kponmo, gave me one bony piece of turkey and after watching us eat, she and her daughter snuck into the bedroom to eat fried turkey! ( I discovered when I heard the dogs cracking bones in their kennels shortly after the daughter went to drop bones for them).

For three days on a stretch, they both hid in the room to eat thesame turkey I had bought with my money for the consumption of everyone in the house. I have an adopted younger brother whose late father was close friends with my father. I watched how she maltreats this boy and gives him food without meat or no food at all. Yet he does all the chores and runs all the errands while she sits gossiping with her obese daughter.

I was about to confront my step sister who was the one serving the meals but my father begged me to please bear with him. It was with sadness he expressed his joy that I was around to witness his ordeal in the hands of this woman!

Stella, growing up we suffered like hell! Then things took a better turn after almost 20 years of penury. Strange and sadly, this woman was introduced to my father by his bosom friend (imagine this life!). This his friend, would come to our house then and my mother would still serve him a decent meal despite that was to be the only meal for the day!

The moment things changed for the better, a good contract pulled through for father, Somehow my father moved out of the house to his own house and the woman moved in with him!
This was the time my mother should be seated enjoying her labour!

Rather, she fell into depression and her system collapsed suddenly. All medical tests showed 'nothing'. She was constantly in pains (Intense prayers showed she was attacked spiritually). She died with a heavy heart! On her dying bed, she sent for my father and told him ' I forgive you'. I watched both of them weep uncontrollably.How I wish my mother stepped out for warfare prayers back then! Sadly, she wasn't exposed and she believed so much in the good of others!

10 years later, I m here and this woman who rode the jeeps and made the trips and businesses that should have been my mums'. She has began showing her true colors on seeing that money was no longer incoming as all these years!

This woman who has never worked a single day in her life, told my almost 70 year old father to go and look for another job after he just retired meritoriously from service last year! Every dime he invested in the business he set up for her is all gone as she cannot account for a cent!

I need genuine advice on how to handle her daughter who derives pleasure in singing 'abusive local songs' whenever I m seated or walking past. I was made to understand that she does the same thing to my father! They both sit laughing loudly and making mockery of myself and my father! No relative comes to visit my father anymore because of insults and maltreatment from her!

I am way more educated and exposed but deliberately restrained myself from reacting to these unprintable attitudes!

I recall whenever I sent money and provisions home to my dad for upkeep over the years, this woman and her daughters benefited immensely from it. She has no child for my father, yet he single handedly sponsored her two daughters (from her two previous marriages ) through universities. Despite the education, they lack class, regard or any iota of discipline.

Please, I can't take this nonsense anymore! What do I do because my uncles were here saying ' this is my mothers sweat that she had eaten empty'. She has turned them all to my fathers enemies (even his own blood siblings). My father's eyes are cleared and open now. I need to know how to tackle this both physically and spiritually.

I will not let my mother die in vain!
Enough is enough!



  1. This is my father's story. Well I think a family meeting needs to be called for her; she needs to leave that house asap or else she would turn your father to apere ajase.

    1. Which mumu meeting?? she must stay oooo. As we speak more men are falling into this mess. Let them kontinue!!! Radarada people

    2. Aunty daughter.

      You should be above 30 going by your story abi?
      Old enough to have enough common sense.
      Choose your battles wisely or you will be turned to a vegetable in your prime in that house.

      Who is the 'head of the house'?
      Who married this woman?
      Ehn, tell the head of the house to do what a head of house is supposed to do.

      As far as I'm concerned this is the law of retribution at work.
      If the woman was not maltreating your father, do you think you would have even had a house to return to? It's because the tide has turned for your father that is why you were even welcomed into his house. Your father wants to turn you to allie. Did the maltreatment start when you entered the house?? No na.

      Nothing 'cleared' from your father's eyes aunty. No juju was ever used. These are the numerous excuses that we give men which continuously enables them to be responsible to no one -not even their families- except their penises and hungry lusts.

      Ehn, e don see as e take be na abi?

      The wife he maltreated die abjectly in utter poverty.
      The one he was using penis to follow upandan has turned him to complete dustpan.
      Don't allow anyone to use you to do spokesperson, when it is not as if they are deaf, blind or mute.

      You say ehn 'turkey you did not eat'...'respect you did not get'... 'singing local songs to abuse you' people that grew up as manipulative louts, is it you that want to now train them on etiquette and empathy? If they don't respect themselves, is it you they will now respect??? You are funny o aswear. LMAO.

      Better focus on getting a room of your own no matter how small and getting your life back together.
      When you get your own place, you can balance tub of KFC chicken on your head, put another one on your lap and be eating everything with your foot as you want. From your own accommodation, you can be sending upkeep for your father. Don't come and die like a chicken for nothing.

      Your only concern should be your adopted brother. That boy will grow up to be an angry, bitter man if he is not removed from there. Can you see how these cycles continue in life?

    3. Be prayerful poster. I pray things turn out good quickly so u can move out from her domain.
      We all have to live with the consequences of our choices; your father is obviously living with his. Don't engage in war with the woman o.

    4. It’s good you’re father used his mouth to say he isn’t doing again, plus he doesn’t even have kids with her so he should kindly send her away the same way he brought her in, this is his own karma for treating his wife in such manner. Whatever you both decide just make sure you become very prayerful, and why dint you confront them about the meat you bought with your own money, and who the hell can stop you from entering your own fathers kitchen.
      See enh, just get a stove and pots, cook and serve your own father and that little boy for now, make sure they don’t over work him by having him by your side most of the time, you actually have to stand up to them. Plus your father should return her brideprice, it’s not that hard

    5. This is exactly what happened to my Dad. He left my mother, the wife of his youth for a teenager once he fell into money. His end was terrible, the woman showed him pepper!!! Sometimes, karma is real :D :D :D

    6. I can't believe this poster is putting all the blame on the woman. Your father caused all these. He is lying on the bed he laid. Your father is heartless. Your father killed your mom, not the woman.

    7. Poster...if you have to borrow...leave that house fast...pretend things are bad...when you leave...once in a while,you can invite your father to an eatery or your house and serve him a good meal ..put him on little allowance you can afford . call him everyday cos you are the only source of joy he has now ..but don't interefer in this matter. .your father is reaping what he sowed but you will do all these good things I mentioned because he's still your father..otherwise,that woman will ensure you don't achieve anything in these life .mehn,what are you even doing there by the way..that was an error

    8. Anon 16:19, biko chop knuckle!! You’ve said it all. It was your father that failed your mother, poster!! Karma the bitch has landed and you want to help your father? Even those extended family the current wife has now chased off must have supported her against your mum and chopped your fathers money!! The battle is not yours jare!! Learn from your father, help that adopted brother of yours and move out of that house as soon as you can (maybe with your adopted brother if possible)

    9. Anon 16:19, I wish I can like your comment a million times. Stella, abeg get us a like button on this blog.
      Poster, you better do you. You are not meant to avenge your mother. That is what God is for. All you are responsible for is yourself first, and then your brother. All that pitying your father and insinuating that he was charmed is you trying to shift accountability.
      Let me tell you a story
      My maternal grandfather did the same thing to my grandmother. He married a second wife within months of their wedding. And even got a third wife paapa. My grandma almost lost her life (thankfully, she didn't). She had a boy before my mom. Do you know what happened to him? She got back from the market and was told her son had died. I think he was even buried before she got back sef. Then, she had my mom only. She kept falling sick for years until she realized her life was worth more than marriage.
      She moved out o. Fortunately for her, her father's family had land in Lagos. She lost her father when she was just a kid but she and her sister were given their own share. They both developed the area and had two buildings. They rented everything except the flat they live in. They were very comfortable while my granddad was suffering with his other two wives. My mom got married and had her kids. We live close to my grandma on some of the land.
      Anyway, my mom became like you na. She and my grandmother were pitying my grandfather. My mom then went to pick him so he can spend some time with my grandma and to take good care of him. Do you know he didn't want to go back home? I remember that day vividly. He came to play with us at my mom's shop. We had no idea my mom had been looking for him. He was so sad when my mom insisted she needed to take him back home to avoid wahala. That single act of taking care of him and spending time with my grandma cost us dearly.
      My mom started falling sick since the day she dropped him back home. She died a few months after. You see, she lost her life because she wanted to show some love to her unfaithful father. This is a true story. I wish I can say more but I can't. My grandmother lost her only child because of a cheating husband. Everyone thought my grandma will die after losing my mom. Thankfully, she thought of us and realized she had something to live for. My granddad died a few years after my mom. We are still here with my loving grandmother. May God continue to bless that woman and keep her for us.
      My dear, don't try to avenge your mom. Face your life. Don't even pray evil for them. God will just keep blessing you. Even the spirit of your mother will keep watching over you. It is not the duty of a child to fight on her parent's behalf in this situation.
      When you are OK financially, just send food stuff to your father's house. If they like, they should not give him to eat, na all of them sabi. He is paying for his crimes. You and your brother should be your priority now.
      I pray that you rise on your feet again.

    10. Thank you sensible people of my beloved country!!! I wouldn’t have to type too much now. Poster, please leave your father alone to enjoy his marriage. You weren’t consulted when he married her and abandoned your mother. Trust me, there’s no spiritual nothing! Your father is just reaping what he sewed. Just because your mother forgave him doesn’t meant you should carry this on and endanger your own life too. Sort yourself out, get back on your feet. Marry and start having your own family to worry about. The only victim is your adopted brother. Get him out of there and raise him with love and care. Let your father finish what he started on his own and leave innocent souls out of it.

    11. Poster if were you, I will abandon baba.
      Too bad you can't see that this is not your call, rather it's your father's.
      For once let him address his issues like a responsible man.

      Did he consult you before cheating on your late mom with this same woman? No!
      Then why does he want to use you to get rid of her?

      Biko, leave that house with your brother urgently before they destroy your life.
      Baba is only harvesting bountifully from his evil deeds toward you and your mom. Allow baba to bear his cross, oh!

      You go and live your life first before you begin to spend it living for another person who spent his recklessly.
      Don't drink from his cup, let him drink alone.

    12. That woman is his karma for what he did to your mom. He left the woman of his youth when he saw money, a woman who suffered with him???. That is why they say you cannot know a man's attitude till he has money.

      I think it is better for you to move out of that house oh.That environment is too toxic.

    13. @anon 16.19..My God you hit the nail on the hamead. Your comment is so accurate. Wow, wow, wow. Karma is embracing the dad right now.

    14. @anon 16.19..My God you hit the nail on the hamead. Your comment is so accurate. Wow, wow, wow. Karma is embracing the dad right now.

  2. Oga, that is your father's karma! he abandoned your mum for pleasures so let him reap and enjoy his treasure....He left your mum and moved into a new house, bought new rides for himself and his beloved, he did not believe your mother was worthy of his wealth so please spare us, let him enjoy the bed he has made.
    I hope you too can see and learn before you tow your father's path in the future

    1. Exactly!!!! I do not Pity your father one bit. Any man that takes up with a foreign woman aka fresh blood after he's made while abandoning his wife should get ready for his karma in future. He has laid his bed, unfortunately, this is the reward.
      Poster, double up your hustle so you can get back to good times and move out of that house. Should you then choose to house your father once you are back on your feet, that's your decision to make. Only option for you is to move out.

    2. Ahahaha...@poster,u don't have dreams to pursue.u are not engaged.look for something to do with your life.Your rants here sound meaningless,it has no head nor tail.

      Try to get a job,even if na 50k and then,take care of ur father,...forget about wat happened between your parents,dont even think about. move on wt ur life and keep working on ur dreams...Ds woman has nothing to lose,,,she has no child for ur father and also ,ur father has trained her children up to University level, so,d woman is balling.

      God will fight for u but leave and forget about them.Take care of ur dad if u HV d means.


    3. Ahahaha...@poster,u don't have dreams to pursue.u are not engaged.look for something to do with your life.Your rants here sound meaningless,it has no head nor tail.

      Try to get a job,even if na 50k and then,take care of ur father,...forget about wat happened between your parents,dont even think about. move on wt ur life and keep working on ur dreams...Ds woman has nothing to lose,,,she has no child for ur father and also ,ur father has trained her children up to University level, so,d woman is balling.

      God will fight for u but leave and forget about them.Take care of ur dad if u HV d means.


    4. And do you realize that the poster who is a lady like you is the one who would also suffer it more?
      If the man happens to die today do you realize this girl/lady may not even benefit anything?
      Instead of you to profer solution for her or keep quiet you are here judging because its a man in question.

    5. Slyvia, Gbam!!!

    6. 1. Take your father out somewhere.
      2. Get him to give you all the documents of the properties his got home and abroad and secure it at the bank. Involve a coded lawyer with integrity. Get him to write a will.
      3. Relocate your father, self n that boy out of the sight of the woman.
      4. Involve your pastor and pray n fast without ceasing.

      Change all forms of communication with the said woman.

    7. poster I agree totally with anon 16:45,please take this advice

    8. Anon 15:41 must be one of those men who think they can have their cake and eat it at the same time. Men, know now that if you make the wife of your youth suffer, you will pay for it first in this life. And it’s vice versa for women you.

    9. Poster if your father has any property left please follow anon 16:54 .

      Don't waste your time having any form of physical confrontation with that woman. Else you don't want to lose all.

      Gather whatever is left for you and your brother quietly.

  3. Poster are you not afraid of your life? Can't you go back to the town and stay with a friend and hustle till things change for you?
    Why not leave your father to carry his cross. You think because your mum forgive him he won't suffer karma?

    Do you want what happened to your mama to happen to you too? My friend be smart and get out of that place.

  4. Sorry poster. Ur father is reaping what he sowed...I ll only advise u to cook his meal urself while karma deal with him

  5. This is a very simple case nah
    They should be sent parking with immediate effect.
    Baggagees everywhere upon that she and her daughters still no wan calm down respect themselves.

    On a lighter note,Karma is an inevitable punishment,Your father is only reaping what he has sown.

  6. Nawa is well in whatever u do poster,be prayerful cos this fight ure getting into might not be physical alone..

  7. You see the problems some Men create? I would have said your Dad made his bed years ago by bringing the strange woman in but to forgive is divine and you have done just that. Your family should hold a meeting and return this woman’s bride price if he paid any at all and then the woman and her daughter can leave.
    Option two. If you can raise some money, take your Dad out of there. Let him leave out the rest of his years in peace.
    Finally, you guys need to go for serious deliverance and prayers. Nadeem go run comot.

  8. Guess ur dad is paying for the pains he brought it mom, sorry to say. Bad enough u had to be drawn into it now, I wish things be food for u so u move out.

  9. Darling, I feel you. I was sad reading this chronicle. God will fight you babe geh. Now listen, I would have lashed out at your father but let us allow bygones be bygones. I do not like people who walk into trouble and start regretting when it is late. I hate it. Now, since you are educated, get a good lawyer, let your father draft his will. Let him also do a video recording so that the woman will not deny it. Do not let the woman or her daughter have even the faintest idea of what you are doing, just tell her you want to take your dad to a mall or something. Then, start praying. I believe in the power of prayers and I know there is nothing God cannot do. If the woman moves out, fine. If your dad passes on, your will be protected(as per the will). I will be praying for you love.

    1. This is the most sensible comment anybody has made here today.
      I also want to add that, the family should explore ways of sending the woman's daughters away.

    2. SDK Pa.... 10000000 likes for your comment.

  10. Men and their roving eyes, he either under a spell or reaping the reward of his wrong doing. Once most men come into money, they forget their long suffering wives. I don’t know why you are in that place but you need to be careful and move out if possible because you’re probably
    In danger. You have seen how this woman and her daughter have becomes lords, take yourself and your dad out of that place. You mentioned you’re doing well and reside in another place then please move o.

    Your Mum is late,may her soul Rest In Peace but no need fighting physically with someone who has nothing to lose. This woman your father is cohabiting with has achieved her purpose and only waiting for your father to die, getting into any altercation with her or her daughter would only make her hasten the process - move away and if possible don’t let her know where you’re Moving to. Your father may not agree to move Cos it’s his home but tell him you want to spend time alone with him away from the issues with his family (wife and daughter) then start to pray and intercede on his behalf that God should open his eyes to see. All the best! So many men end up bringing the wrong woman into their homes because of the thing they want to eat that ends up ruining. Me, I don’t have time I would have thrown their things out with or without my fathers permission but not everyone is like me.

  11. Poster, your father is paying the price for betraying his legally married wife. In this life you can't eat your cake and have it.

    My advise for you is to tell your step sisters to return to their father, let them leave your fathers house with immediate effect. And as you are taking this decision go into prayer for protection because a woman like this can harm you.

    Had it mean your father was contented with a woman he had, this would not have happened and your mother wouldn't have died like that..."Fear men"

  12. Quietly rent an apartment and move your father there , just u and ur dad , and ur step brother. Make sure ur step mum doesn’t know ur plans

    1. Things are rough for the bawo??

    2. You just read my mind. I agree with you completely. I don't like fighting over property with such people. Very draining and dangerous.

    3. Move which father? Let him stay with his wife, the wife he happily married.

  13. The only way your mother's death will not be in vain is if your life does not end on a sad note like hers did. You need to leave that house and start praying for the Lord to restore all that has been lost in your business and other aspects which you may not be seeing right now. You should also pray for continued protection. Karma will come to the evil stepmother without you seeking for it just like your father is enjoying is own karma.

  14. And poster, if you love your life and know what's good for you, better face front and don't meddle in a spiritual battle that is not meant for you. Why are your dad's siblings and family members not taking it up with her? A word is enough for the wise. Be wise!!

  15. Your father is now paying for his sins... it is wel oo

  16. When you tell men to sit down one place they no go hear. In this world you reap what you sow. My advice is for you to be careful before you become a casualty.He must be enjoying the ill treatment otherwise the leg he used to walk away from his wife he should use it rescue himself from this efiw before oyoo ozu. If he likes ooo.

  17. Make you leave this issue of punishing them. Invest this energy in making your life better than what it used to be & what it is presently. The only thing is for you to make sure she doesn't tamper with your fathers landed properties cos she deserves nothing from your father, & moreover she didn't bear him a child. All the same you need serious prayer & wisdom cos what killed your mother isn't far from his evil woman. Thread with caution, may God help you.
    Maybe your father can divorce her & send her packing & then you hire a housekeeper /maid for your father to take care of his meals & housekeeping.
    It is well with you.

  18. Get a good job, and take your father in with you. Simple

  19. Poster, your Dad is reaping the fruit of what he sowed, I don't pity him, serves him right.
    Same thing happened to my Dad and the woman sits comfortably on his property now. My advise to you is to make efforts to reconcile your Dad with his Siblings and other relations. You can also advise your Dad to write his last will and testament. Your Dad should also call a family meeting at his place to let family members know what he is going through in the hands of his wife. A lawyer should be present at the meeting.

  20. Your father is reaping what he sowed. What about the friend who introduced the woman to him?
    Can't your father send the Glorified Concubine and her daughters out of his house?

  21. Poster leave your father to enjoy his karma "peacefully"

  22. Poster, this story is almost like I wrote it, the only difference is that my Mum is alive but now live alone after my Dad insisted she must leave his house after 30years in a marriage of ‘suffering and smiling’.

    May God bless your step mum, she is his karma so let her deal with him so in his next life, he will not treat a good woman badly.

    Are u not even scared for your life? You better leave that house and don’t even put mouth in their affairs Never again.
    I have a lot to say but I will stop here, a word is enough for....

  23. My dear I can imagine how you feel. I can't tell you how to handle your step mum and sis but I would advise you that anything you wanna do, look out for yourself. Going to play with the pigs would only get you dirty and it's obvious that woman knows how to play dirty. So stay safe

  24. polygamy wahala I think you didn't start early to put them in their place you and your mom obviously wanted to be the good ones which is how it should be but the other wife must be the other wife. now they are seeing it as though you guys can't do nothing. I don't know why second wives are always like that. they always think the first wife is a rival and must be troubled in order to sustain their place. well you have to call a family meeting and discuss especially the disrespect of the daughter towards you.

  25. Poster, i feel you. My friends dad did same to his wife. She was an only child. He did worse! The only difference is that the wife is alive, unlike your mom who passed(God rest her soul).

    Your dad no try! Forgive him. He has learnt bitterly. Let me give you my 2 cents...

    1. Pray even when nothing is wrong. Pray harder when times are rosy. The woman may not even be the evil one but powers may be fighting your family.
    2. Relocate somewhere else till you get back on your feet and ensure that you codedly live your life.
    3. Pretend to have your dad spend some "vacation" time with you and leave him with you for extended periods, find a close relative or a help and place the person on salary or carry that one doing all the house work on this same "vacation" and take care of your father.
    4. Do not...scratch that...Never inform anyone who knows that any one knows her of your new residential address.
    5. Never give her money, your sweat.
    6. Do not confront, attack or fight her or her nitwits.
    7. Allow Karma do the bitching for you....It will happen

    Choose your battles very very wisely if you must succeed again.

    God speed

  26. Hard as it may sound, please dont interupt your father's karma.

    1. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ

  27. Exactly same reason my dad refused to remarry after 11 years of mum's demise.He hate polygamy and wat comes out from it with passion.To think he is 55.poster,na your papa karma.I pity him

  28. What some fathers causes ehn.. Whatever you do, safeguard your life first because step mothers don't give a hoot about people who aren't their blood. She won't waste time time to go diabolical on you.

    Take this from someone who has lived with glorified concubines all her single life.

  29. Poster, you don't need the negative energy now. All you need is FOCUS to better your life once again.
    Fighting or exchanging banters with your step mother and sister will not do you any good.
    Your father had made the mistake which he is paying dearly for. Concentrate on making good progress then you can have upper hand.
    Remember, you don't know how and what she operates with.
    Ignore them and make your life prosperous then you can take care of your father.

  30. Karma karma karma karma karma karma

  31. Poster,you better leave that house ooo or stay away from your father and his wife issue.if you are not spiritual you can't fight the battle. Let your father dance to the music by himself.

  32. Your father is reaping the fruits of his labor noni and I must say that you have a good heart to even look at his direction after his actions lead to your mother's death because I'll rather live in a hut than cohabit with a woman that caused my mother to die not to talk of buying meat for her to eat!
    If he can't use his hands and send them packing out of the house then he deserves every evil thing they melt out to him and also shows that he's nothing but a weak man who has failed even himself. The least he should do is to do an iron clad will with video evidence leaving the rest of his property to you and you too double your hustle and leave that house asap before you add spiritual attacks to your financial issues.
    Most importantly, don't fight this battle, it's not yours to fight. If your father won't stand up and do right in his last days that is his loss. God will so bless you exceedingly that whatever it is that is yours as inheritance will pale before what you will acquire yourself.

  33. Find something valuable and sell and raise money, use that money and move far away from them. Go sort your life before what killed your mother kills you.
    Your father deserves it, it’s not your karma, don’t go and carry it. If you like be there and be wasting time

  34. Poster, Hide urself and pray for your father. Fighting spiritual battles no be beans. You might end up loosing so much than you bargain for. Wisdom is profitable to direct.

  35. Comment no even hungry me. Which kain chronicle be this? You better face your own struggle. Your father has lived his time to the fullest either good or bad. If he dies today, na "oku akara o". Though i pray for healtgy long life for him. Stylishly ask if he still has any money or properties that he can use to support you to make you financially independent. How to achieve that is then up to to you. Whether to do business, get an apartment, get married etc Dont spend the money on schoolong more o, where are the jobs? If and when that happens, relocate(as in vanish into thin air where she wont find you)with your dad and brother and leave her to face her own karma just like your father is facing his. If that doesn't happen, leave that house and go and hustle for your own life. You will still be forced to do that if anything terrible happens to your dad today. My two cents.

    The mistake we make most in this part of the world is making excuses. My dear, you have no excuse not to live your own happy and fulfilled life regardless of who or what has not been fair to to you. Be fair to yourself first. Get up! Do something.

  36. Madam please dont die like a chicken because of ur father oo bcos at the end of the day nobody forced him to marry her. They killed ur mum indirectly and as ur ur dad,he does not love u. Wot do u think will happen if u decide to confront this woman. Don't pity ur daddy and die oo. Let him fight his battle na him sabi

  37. Poster, please find a way and leave that house. If you can take the boy with you, fine. If you can't, do what you can to help him, when you can. Let no one know your new residence. If you can secretly get your dad to write a will, fine. If not, forget property. Don't fight a battle that is not your own. Your dad laid his bed. Pray for him/ help him from afar only.
    Why would you even move back to that toxic environment in the first place?

  38. This woman is diabolic, exactly like my witch step mother, my father is now a Shadow of himself, I really pity the poor man whom she used as towel in her witcraft world. She's fighting everything that concerns me. But I know my God will vindicate..Her cup is full*** I'll send my testimony soon

  39. Your father must find a job just like his wife says. He left your mom cos he add money, and thought she needed a woman to spend it. This woman is used to that kind of lifestyle, so your dad must find a job asap ooo. All these wicked men..

  40. The deed has being done.Since she does not have a child for your dad.Do not fight with her just try as much as possible to be sure your dad has a will and also let your dad do a video call to will his properties to you.While doing all these, do not let the woman know.Try as much as possible to hustle and get back on your feet in order to cater for yourself and dad.Why cant you prepare your dad' s meal.You can buy your own pots and gas.Do not cook in their kitchen.Maybe you create yours within the house.

  41. This is almost exactly my story. Unfortunately my father died 2 years ago. I want to discuss with this poster. It's like one of my siblings sent this story. Chai...
    Poster, this battle is not for you! Listen to me, leave that place! Remove your mind from your father's property o. If anything happens, just attend burial and continue your life. If you want to face this woman, it must be prayerfully o. As in, fasting and waking up at midnight to fire prayers. Who owns the house they leave in with your dad? If your dad is tired as he claims, he will divorce her and send her out. If he doesn't, let him continue to live out the repercussions of his past deeds. Can you send me a mail? I want to talk to you!

  42. It's like ds poster is tired of eating both fried and grilled turkey join together. I ju ta ishi nkita, i were agba ya mere gini kwanu? You want what killed ur mother to kill u okwa ya? Better leave ur arabanko papa to hug his karma and even kiss it. Get an accommodation far away from dt environment. It's now ur father is looking for Keanu Reeves to play devil's advocate mgbo? Abeg face front biko! Too much sour okro soup is worrying u and ur papa ezi okwu.

  43. vengeance is mine says the Lord I will repay. Also we're advised in scripture to bless those who despitefully use or abuse us. There is something about letting God fight your battles which makes the outcome far sweeter. God is fighting for your mum, that is why your dad is reaping the consequences of his action and your stepmum is also facing hardship. Things are unlikely to improve for her unless she repents.
    The wisest thing you can do to make sure your mother's death is not in vain will be to live for God and focus on succeeding in this life.
    In my opinion it is wise to look for another place to stay and if possible take your adopted brother with you. When you are stable then you can do what you can for your dad. It is wonderful that you have forgiven him.

  44. Poster I agree with you on this. All you need now is spiritual backing since what she is doing is wrong. Bring strong allegation against her in prayers. Dont be afraid. The greater one lives inside of you. Dont mind those telling you to run. I have seen cases like this. But you can only win through prayers. You need God and your Father's backing. She will run out of the house. God has brought you to your Father's house For such a time as this.

  45. My dear poster, pls allow your father pay for his sins. Law of retribution at work, so pls don't come in between him and his judgement.

    Pls leave that house and don't forget to take your adopted Brother along with You.
    don't fight battle that ll consume you I beg you.
    The best you can do for that father of yours is take him out of the toxic environment.
    You must be a good woman to still want to help him after all he put your mother through

  46. I don't understand why are people mentioning the father's properties???
    If the father wants to donate them to Okokomaiko Remand Home, whose business?
    What's with the entitlement mentality for material things you never worked for?? I've never figured it out. If it comes to you fine, if it doesn't fine.

    I have zero pity for anyone mentioned in this story, living and dead, except that young boy being terribly maltreated.

    I will never starve anyone child or human of food. I can beat common sense into your head, but food? You must eat.

    Well done to Karma who finally rises off it's lazy bony ass and gets some work done. Well done.

  47. God is paying your father for his sins against your mother through that woman & has paid that woman by making her barren in your father's house, pls play a smart one on them by cajoling your father to write his will to favour you to make up for the death of your mother, let him video it keep all his documents, arrange boys with your kinsmen to throw that woman & her daughters out


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