Stella Dimoko FG Increases Resident Permit Cost To $2,000


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Monday, December 24, 2018

FG Increases Resident Permit Cost To $2,000

The Federal Government has hiked the cost of the Combined Expatriate Residence Permit and Aliens Card (Green cards) to $2,000, shocking foreign residents who wished to obtain the document.

The new price was effected last week without warning by the Ministry of Interior, a development that reportedly caught many foreigners unawares.
Reports said that many foreigners had visited the banks to pay the old rate of $1,000 for the card, but were informed that the document is now sold for $2,000.

The CERPAC card is mandatory for expatriates who are either residing or working in Nigeria or visiting for long periods (that is beyond 56 days) and seamen who stay ashore beyond 28 days.
The card which is produced by a firm, Continental Transfer Technique Limited for the Nigeria Immigration Service, is valid for a year.
Reports said that the Federal Government generated N1.2 billion between 2016 and 2017 from the sale of the cards to foreigners.

Multiple sources explained that the foreigners were jolted by the price hike which they claimed ignorant of.

The Director of Press, Ministry of Interior, Mohammed Manga, said he had no information on the development, promising to find out during the week.



  1. Replies
    1. Seriously?? Very good? Na so u dey pay for there?

    2. No Eka, i did not pay that much for my documents but, I paid a lot of taxes before I could apply for it.

      But, there are thousands of people who pay way more than five thousand euros to get their papers processed here (please, I am only speaking from experience and in the countries that I have lived in)

      I do not do backyard things, so, i AM talking about legal process here.

      Those who got papers through their spouses are also different.

    3. Eka, what do you know? Do you know how much people pay in the uk? Even health charge after paying heavy tax?? Meanwhile, the EU don't pay that amount.
      It is good news.

    4. Hmmmmmmmm

      My concern is that the Oga patata don't know about it

  2. Only? Current rate should be multiplied by 10.

    1. God bless you. Your head dey work. They think say na only us de benefit from them. Dem too dey come our country.

  3. Even the $1000 is so expensive. No be so dem dey charge ur people wey dey stay outside oh. Now u have made it $2000.

    When their own people retaliate against Nigerians in the diaspora now, we will start screaming racism!

    1. Eka, obviously you don’t know how immigration stuffs work. How much do you pay for just a UK visitor visa? Then how much is a student visa for two to three years? Not to talk of the cost of permanent residency. Don’t forget that they are not refundable. Good that the Nigerian Government is learning on issues like this. They come to our countries paying peanuts but we pay so much to get to theirs and also obtain immigration documents. Ask people who travel instead of commenting about what you have no knowledge about.

    2. My dear Eka, they charge way more. Just that they do it differently and the money paid through a special means.

      If some people tell you how much they spent just to get their residence permit in some European countries,you will be surprised.

    3. Ahn ahn. Maybe ur countries are more expensive tho. My apologies.

      Bae doesn't pay anything close to this to renew his residency (2yrs), like nothing close to that (their's is about 200-250 euros), legally oh. He never touches anything illegal

    4. I do understand you Eka! He doesn't pay that much because he paid up his taxes each time he wants to renew.

      Now, there are people who also got their papers legally but with jobs that do not pay taxes, these set of people pay way higher and even in triple to get their papers renewed.

    5. Eka is right. The amount is very high compared to others. What has tax payment got to do with comparing the prices? Will the people paying $2000 not also pay tax?

  4. This one no kwoncern me.

  5. since I am not an expatriate,e no concern me

  6. It's good like that because they charge us double.


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