Stella Dimoko Iya Ibeji Series - MMM Marriage.


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Saturday, December 08, 2018

Iya Ibeji Series - MMM Marriage.

Something interesting happened in my area recently, let me share.

Two friends who shared a self contained apartment, let's call them Stella and Dora. Dora was dating a rich Bobo, this was during the MMM season and the guy was an MMM guardian

If you remembered how MMM operated then you would know that being an MMM guardian was like doing blood money, and we know how such monies are spent.

One day MMM guy came to look for Dora but met Stella, so make e for no waste, Stella seduced and slept with him. Few weeks later Stella said she was pregnant for him. The guy denied, she went to his people and to cut a long story short they told him to accept the child as he wasn't getting any younger.

They got married few months later and not long after MMM crashed. Please note that the guy was/is a womanizer and a junior staff in his office, but all that wasn't important because MMM money was rolling in.

So when MMM crashed and lots of adjustment had to be made, Stella wasn't finding it funny. They were fighting everyday, one day the fight was so serious that she broke so many things in the house including his car windscreen. Come and see gbege. That was when she knew he bought the car on loan.

More revelations came to light, like he doesn't have savings, he had mortgage his salary so very little came at the end of the month. The only good thing he did with the MMM money was to build a house for his father in the village.

In spite if his present situation he didn't stop his womanizing ways. The fighting became so intense that the landlord asked them to leave.

He got a self contained apartment for her and their child, and he moved in with another woman.

She was always going to his office to fight, he was told to take his personal business outside the work environment.

To round up this story, the guy filed for divorce, now she is back to square one with a child to cater for, she and Dora are still not on good terms and she is broke and jobless.


  1. Na wa o
    Na real MMM marriage

    1. Karma!!

      Ya di ba

    2. Hahahhaa and few days back i just remembered MMM the anniversary of it's crash was Dec 12th...when ultimate cycler crashed first.... memories.

  2. She deserved what she got. Karma didn't waste time to give her hot hot.

  3. Serves Stella right. Greed go kill some people for this world. How do some girls do it? Dora dodged a bullet and karma was real quick in this case.

  4. Serves her right

  5. Buahahahahaaaahahaha
    What a sweet nemesis!

  6. I regret say that girl's name be Stella.
    Na so Naija girls dey do o
    ATM must dole out money, even if na ritual, them no dey care.
    They must snatch and backbite. They must seduce and reduce. Na so one naked for my husband o. She no no say I been dey house, come dey hear every talk. Wetin them dey carry that them tohtoh dey do dey cause earthquake.
    But her trap come catch nkakwu na.

    1. Complete the gist na,so wetin u come do haha o boy see gobe

    2. How I wished that woman snatched your 🐴 band, you wont be disturbing us with Pharisees talk.

      Oya come and finish your story ooo if not I go give you spiritual slap

    3. Xp wen did you turn to a clown.

    4. @Yori
      You no fit slap ghost na.
      E good to follow Baba Jesus come make im lead you to persin wey you go marry. Ehe
      Both of una come work am out. I been date my sweetie, we been dey together for three
      solid years, visit each other etc. im no touch my smooth nyansh, no naked o. But I sabi say
      im kokoma dey alive sake of say I trust Baba God na and say sometimes when im hug me, I go feel
      the thing give standing ovation for my laps na. . . dat kin thing.
      We dey go out every weekend go fast/pray and learn bible for say make baba God come bless our matrimoni na. So we been trust each other well well. I come reject all the abroad horsebands wey them throway my doormot sake na only my smooth nyansh and profession
      them dey interested in and them no sabi Jesus. All the wana gonna, cap faceback no sway me at all at all.
      One of them don kpeme for accident(Baba God rest im soul) three years after me and sweetie m come marry. Mmmmmh I for be young widow o.

      So back to gist as I don lay foundation na. Aha my classmate and good sisi be dat o. My husband sef sabi say
      I been don travel. I been tell this sisi say I dey travel. Na so I come miss bus o; na group event.
      She come meet my husband for gate as im dey return say she been wan collect my laptop (which she dey do before). Na so them enter house. She begin yarn meo like pussycat on heat. That kin sweet sonorous voice, I come begin doubt who enter with my
      husband o. Na when I hear; "Angela (no be real name o) put on your clothes, what sort of rubbish is this . . .", I come peep
      through door hole come see smooth boob and akpikpa nyansh -at least my own smooth na. I no go lie, the boob dey fresh like my own. E bi like say he girl been prepare well well, na drop gown and g-string she wear. She come threaten my hubby say if im no do, she go raise alarm say he wan rape and we come live for estate that time na. Omo, I come open door begin laugh. The girl come scream rush her cloth for floor but me I don pick am. Hubby just waka enter im room, leave two of us for sitting room o as gentle man wey im be na.

      I no fit complete this gist today abeg I dey do house chore as today na Sataday na.

    5. Lmaooo, that kind thing. Cheeeee

  7. This is what happens when a woman is short sighted...
    She didn't think about the consequences of her action.
    You reap what you sow.

  8. Chai good for the Stella. Na so my own just be only I didn't snatch anybody's man. I just met him on my own. Omo,I thought my guy knew people so he would help me with getting a job after service. Na so I marry am when he proposed. How many years on,not only did he not help me get the job,but he still dey beat me join if we have misunderstanding. I will leave him once i can get enough savings. If you see me now,I am ashamed for any1 who knows me before to see me now. I don dry. I am working now in marketing,so I don dry pass my normal dryness. Abeg,I don tire. I don't want to be an ingrate as God has actually been merciful to me in other aspects of my life. But if I could turn back the hands of time I for jump and pass this man.

    1. You know wetin carry you enter one chance. No be love, Na material thing.

    2. Kpele, abeg no look back run from that scum biko.

  9. This is a typical mogbe, moku, modarun kinda marriage.
    Always look before you leap.

    1. Shuga from UNN? (Chisom)

  10. MMM marriage chai. Longer throat is not good ooo

  11. Stella got her just deserts in the end. I'm glad.


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