Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 244


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Friday, December 21, 2018

Labour Room Drama 244


I got pregnant a month after my wedding so hubby and I were both over the moon that we'll soon be parents.

My pregnancy was smooth and stress-free, no morning sickness and the likes. I was just my normal self.

I went for a scan in my 33 
weeks and was told my amniotic fluid was low and will have to be prayerful and hopeful for the fluid to still be enough for my baby till at least 37 weeks since he would have gotten to term. I would have to be induced. God-willing, he did. 

I was given a date to come for my delivery and a small tablet was placed underneath my tongue to kick-start labour at around 11am that day.

Ladies and gentlemen, when the contractions started hitting me from all corners ehhh, didn't know when i started begging my baby to please pity me. Lol

I was checked every 2 hours, by 7pm i was 6cm dilated but i was all over the floor in great pains. "madam stand up, you are sitting on your baby's head", I wasn't even hearing them cause.... The pain!

By 9pm i was checked again, 7cm. By now, i couldn't bear the pains anymore . I held my Doctor's leg begging him to help me put an end to all the pains. Thankfully he did.

They plugged in their vacuum extractor and was told to push with all my strength when the next contraction comes so they can help pull my baby out with it.

By 10:55pm, i did as instructed and my baby was placed in my arms, tears of joy running down my eyes. I beheld the most beautiful sight ever. He's 6 months now and the journey has been nothing short of splendid!

God bless all mothers and those that are TTCing. Amen.

*Congratulations to you and yours.


  1. Congratulations and God bless the baby

  2. The miracle of birthing a baby leaves me in awe!!

    Congratulations to you poster and baby dust on all TTC.

  3. Congrats dear may God protect you both in good health

  4. Congratulations and Amen to your prayers

  5. Congrats dear. May the Lord answer the prayers of all those in need of this blessing.

  6. Congratulations dear! God bless you both.

  7. Congratulations... No drama at all.

  8. Went through this beautiful journey 3 times and no child to show.

    God i have already surrendered all to you, nah sit down look i dey now.

    1. He will show up for you at the right time. Its well.

  9. Congrats and a big amen to the prayers.

  10. Anon 16:12 better be ready because God will show up Awesomely for you.

    Don't forget to pray

  11. Congratulations, Labour pain no be come chop, to think l went through that road four times, Hummm! Just having your baby in your hands makes the pain worth it.

  12. Congratulations. I can imagine the plans

  13. Enough of all these pains, my 3rd baby, God will, I'll definitely use epidural.


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