Stella Dimoko Tales Of A Libyan Returnee -Part 2


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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Tales Of A Libyan Returnee -Part 2

This colum started yesterday Friday December 27th and is a Libyan returnee' tale of how much Suffering one goes through to get to Libya and back......Narrating her experience is healing for her....


How do we feed on the road for 5-6 days, asked a female traveller? Our connection man replied, 'I wish you Journey Mercies'. 

Luckily for some of us, our provisions were kept in small student bag and we wore 3 jean trousers and lots of shirts because of rumour of
Possible Sexual assault at Various camps and Check points.

The journey started in high morale as we kept chitchatting, singing, admiring the nature around us until we became tired. After 12 hours of our unending trip, we arrived at the first check point,and we were asked to drop and settle the officers, We agreed in unison that we don't have money, our men were made to do frog Jump, while we ladies were asked to strip, it took the intervention of the driver, who gave them a token and explained some things to them in their dialect. 

While boarding the hilux, Soldiers kept hitting ladies bumbum randomly asking if we were going to Libya for Business, we naively answered Yes, we later got to know 'Business' means prostitution.

After boarding, We gave glory to God and murmured that the worst was over.... just when we were about to continue our trip, a corpse was roughly dragged in. I became cold instantly, Seeing a young man in a pool of blood wasn't part of the plan, He fell from a speeding hilux and no one survives that......

 Our driver started our hilux and continued the Journey of an unknown fate. We lost track of time but the stars kept shining on us and no one could afford to sleep because the hilux was filled to the brim and any little mistake is deadly..

 Luckily for us, our driver arrived at a location he felt was safe for the night, we all came down, stretched our cramped legs and freshened up, we ate amongst ourselves and decided to rest before dawn.

Our Male Buga advised we keep our money very well, he rolled it and insisted we tuck it in our VJ, I rejected the idea and kept mine in my socks and kept my phone in my inner trousers, others kept their valuable the way they deem fit, and we decided to rest for the night. I spread my wrapper in the Semi Desert/Bush and lay down with a fellow traveller who became my friend, Our phones batteries were dead, so we decided to just pray and sleep, with tears and heavy heart,
We recited:
Our Father,
Who art in heaven
Hallow be thy name...
The rest of our prayers was covered with sounds from gunshots, we heard our driver scream 'Aya, Aya, Aya'
We wondered what  Aya meant...............


Our driver kept shouting, we all dashed to the vehicle and blindly boarded but our driver refused to move, he insisted it was late and he couldn't take chances of missing the way...The exchange of gunshot came to an end after some mins, we all slept reluctantly and started our journey the following day, the next 4 days were drama-free except for occasional tyre problems, minor accidents, 2 other check points and constant fights among travellers.

 The desert is a beautiful/Ugly place, a lonely and sad place, filled with sand and bones, occasionally we saw bones of our fellow brothers and sisters who didn't make it...

 Our Male burga pointed out few graveyards of those that were lucky to be covered in sands and surrounded with tiny stones.
On the 5th day, we saw a pole and everyone was filled with Joy, we were happy to arrive a village because of the urgent need to fill our gallons with water as everything was already empty. We arrived Qatron that same night, we were logded in a Connection house;

(A connection house is where women are paid for Sxx and also where travellers lodge before proceeding).

We stayed in Qatron for 2 more days and we were giving some provisions for the Journey ahead, at this point we were separated and another hilux came to convene us to Sabha.

The Journey to Sabha was drama free and we got there in one piece. In Sabha, I saw lots of Nigerians, we were treated well and ate to satisfaction, we saw lots of women beING exchangeD for Sxx. 

While in Sabha, 2 guys approached me for 'Business', I politely turned them down and made it known I was in Libya for maid job, my response generated laughter among them and I was forced to ask, What's funny?


  1. Wow ... So much suspense
    Hmmm what a journey
    Waiting anxiously for the next part ...

  2. God help all those that are still there with the hope of returning home one day...

  3. Ego Di na Ogwu. I don't know how to translate. It sounds better in Igbo.

    1. Translated -Money is inside the thorn bushes

      But truth be told, ladies go inside the latrines filled with thorns to get it.

    2. Lmao! My Odogwu says “Ego di na chukuchuku” or “money is inside chukuchuku”. Really ikpata ego adighi easy.

  4. Na wa o
    I'm keenly following this story
    One of my relative tour this same route 3 times.
    you know we Edos like travelling abroad. There's no way you'll claim to be a proper Edo person without having someone in the abroad.
    The first time this uncle tried, he got weary and came back to naija
    after while he went back n was kidnapped we had to pay for him to come back
    Third time he tried and was able ti cross . The day he called that he had crossed there was jubilation

    1. 3 times??? Wow.... People have mind sha

    2. @Duchess:
      So why particularly Edo people especially girls?
      I have watched countless documentaries on youtube of
      Edo girls doing prostitution abroad. What really is the problem; can you educate us?

    3. Wow ,many lose their lives on just the first attempt

    4. My married neighbour, just opposite my house, has almost all her siblings in Italy. They all went through Libya. None has never not made it. Their own no dey tey at all.

      Pata 3 weeks, dem go call tell am say dem don reach.

      And yes, they are Edo people

    5. Hmmmn my dears I wished I had all the answers sadly I dont. I also saw that documentary from Benin to Italy shot by Channels. Asides, the prostitution I think its more of a culture thing to go abroad. I'll try to pen down some of the things I perceive its going on. That would be later I'm on transit

      That my uncle said he'd rather die trying to cross than continue to stay in naija. In his words something must kill a man. The 2nd trip was the worst, he came back looking very dark and emaciated with wounds all over. He said he drank urine tire, asides the ransom we also sent money for air ticket back to naija. Out of all his frnds he was the only that came back the others were murdered they cldnt pay the ransom. It wasnt up to month he started thinking of going back. na dat time we no say water don pass garri.
      The 3rd attempt was harrowing we kept wondering wat had happened to him and dat time boats kept capsizing we were always wondering if he survived. The day we recived his call ehn come see celebration. He says they were lodged in a place that can easily pass for a 4 star hotel in Nigeria. He collects stipends which he sends home regularly.
      His next plan is to get to Netherlands to meet his elder brother(this one went legitimately got married to a citizen).

      I dont want to derail this post but i will be following

    6. Duchess are you a pastor's wife, your comments always give me that vibe, you're always frank and straight to the point, you always say it as it is. I'm a huge fan but pls try and answer that anons question.
      Your sisters no dey try At alll

    7. @13:45,let me try a little... U see in edo state,especially the benins,like traveling out to be successful build houses,come back with big cars and almost all of them are into prostitution...why,1,is greed,they are greedy, they dont want to go to school or learn any trade and their parent encourage them,yes,they even insult them and compares them with others that has traveled..
      2,lack of good parenting, many of edo parent dont train their children well,u will see a child talking back to the parent like they are mate..cause of the environment they grow in.3,cost of education... Damn education is very expensive in edo state,I mean,wace and neco,cost like 70k,where do u expect a farmer to get that from..
      4,individuals,as an individual they grow up rapidly, u c a 9_13years old already having sex..when to wear new cloth shoes that ur parent can't afford.. I hope this helped,I dont tire to write.sorry for all the erros

    8. @eka there are differnt levels for travelling especially if you want to go through that libyan path
      For Edo indigenes who are in Benin and already aware they are going to italy for prostitution there's no big deal in that. In no time they've landed with little or no drama that's because they ve to be in good condition to the dirty job. The madam takes care of everything some even go legitimately sef. That one is willingly sef they have groups everywhere and people are always seeking to join once u go through the ritual no big deal. Mothers ever ready to come out to do thanksgiving that their daughters have relocated.

      The other one is going through an agent who works for the madam who lures you unknowingly and u end up on the streets of Italy
      the 3rd is through a confirm free lancer agent whose job is to get you across for u to do ur own thing. Italy isnt primarily your destination. Now this catergory is the deadliest depending on the type of agent u use, anything can happen,you can end up as a human slave in libya sef who will never smell the ocean not to talk of crossing, it all depends on the agent remember throughout the journey the immigrants will always be handed over to the next guide

  5. Hmmm... You tried. This is scary.

  6. Wait. The Buga suggested they tuck their money inside the Vagina?😳 wow!

    Please I might have missed the first part of this... Or is it the one that was forced into prostitution and made to sleep with men everyday? Eventually found hope when some people came to ask if anyone would love to return to their countries? Abi I am missing it up?

  7. Nawaaah....things people suffer just to get greener pasture. I will be waiting patiently to see the end of this educative and entertaining series

  8. For the graduates in this blog, be watchful, the game is changing. There are many "oil company jobs in Dubai, UAE, Saudi and even this Libya"
    and some of you might have been approached. You probably know a girl who is doing it already and making dollars.
    The story is worse.

    1. Nawa ooo. God help your children.

      Poster I can't wait.. ....

    2. Heard of the Dubai oil company thing too, he claimed its n HSE job.

  9. Chai... Poster thanks for sharing. I remember someone telling me he has the connection there for modelling jobs. I just laughed. Na me wan suffer all these things?

    1. Is that why you answer "Modella?" You've done the "modelling job" there and probably why you are always so bitter?

    2. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      My belle o

    3. Haha haha modella my person. Don't worry God will smile on you soon.

      My princess too love modelling. Let me wait until she finished secondary school.

      She did when she was 1 year old

    4. LMAO πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ anonymous see the way I burst into laughter

    5. @Yori

      Modella is not talking about "runway modelling", she is talking about RUNS. Does your princess like akwuna runs.

    6. This G n M, the only thing that make you burst into laughter has to do with fkfkfkfkfkfkfkfkfkfkfkfkfkfkfkfkf.
      You too like fk

    7. Very bitter girl. Otu modelling.

  10. This is scary. People who travel to Libya are trying o. I salute their strength

  11. You know what? A lot of girls reading this will still give in to travel abroad and work as "a maid" which is an euphemism for prostitution.

  12. I could remember in the late 90"s when I went to katsina for work,I was about 19 years and already hustling. There is a place in katsina,filim samji"can't recollect much,that place is the end of the world if you ask me,it was all Sandy and so bare and so cold nothing was working,their well was like a tunnel into the next world and we could barely open our mouth to talk because of sand and flies making our lungs a mansion. We never took our bath for the one month we spent there as we were always waking ourselves up in the middle of the night to check who is alive despite the fact that we were all huddled together like new born rats,there was a particular place anytime we were going to our makeshift tent that we called the "Death Zone"whenever we pass that place😰we felt absolutely nothing,I meant nothing as in we blanked out,nothing works as everything freezes in just some few seconds and we re back to normal again. Then in the midst of all these,you see able bodied guys and pretty girls with back pack and kegs begging us for water as they are enroute to morroco or Libya thru the desert on legs oh,no motor or Achaba to take them thru the desert oh. I told myself if I could survive in that place I could survive anywhere in this world and then I see those ones risking it all for a better life and I vow never to give up but I will never go along that route despite it all

  13. Poster, thanks for sharing

    Very scary

  14. This is so scary, God help us all.

  15. Hmmm,what people go through cus of money

  16. Well done dear. Pls don't get tired of telling it all.

  17. Life is nt easy,ki Olorun ma so wa

  18. The sad thing is that the people you think are your friends in Nigeria are agents. You are friends until you pay and cross border. You will never see him/her again in life after you are stuck as a prostitute. The agents move to another naive victim. Even the ones that crossed to Italy, their lives are worse bc their papers are seized and they become slaves for madam and her gang. She lives in one room with many other ladies servicing men day and night just for food while all payments go to madam. Not bad for prostitutes from Nigeria but for the gullible young graduates promised better future in Europe, it is too late.

  19. Oh well,this is the myopic mentality of Edo and Bini people,e Don tey since this parole dey run oo,the thing just be like award o, like achievement to them you go hear Mama dey boast
    Ha my pikin Osas dey ETALI ooo
    The boys are Into yahoo, girls in Italy for prostitution
    Edo state which way
    I'm an Edo girl but it disgust me to mention it sometimes, amongst other tribes cause you'd see the side eyes with expectations Ha this one na Edo babe she go easy.
    Chai Edo State with the beautiful Culture But...
    Only us Witchcraft (Benin airways)
    Only us prostitution (Italy sisters)
    Only us fraudsters ( Our Yahoo brothers)

    1. I am proud to be from edo state.i will not denie my tribe for anything.

  20. Scary!You left out part of the corpse that was dumped on you guys,what happened to the body,finally?

    I wish you well writer, I don't know how you can ever forget these kind of sad experiences... May you be completely healed,emotionally and otherwise. Stay strong lady, thank God you made it out and even able to tell the tales. May God continue to ba with you.

  21. Grueling experience.
    I wish you a healthy recovery as you pen down your experience poster.
    Stay motivated.


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