Stella Dimoko Actress Keira Hewatch Recounts Her Experience With SARS


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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Actress Keira Hewatch Recounts Her Experience With SARS

Nollywood actress Keira Hewatch says she's no longer intimidated by anyone as she narrates how she got into a fist fight with a SARS officer.

She wrote;

...”If you escaped what I escaped, you’d be in Paris gettin’ fucked up too.”

What I’ve been through in the last 30 hours has proven a suspicion I’ve had for a long time: I Fear Nothing. Absolutely Nothing Scares Me. - That’s cerebrally scary in a way I need to sit with myself and investigate.

In the middle of ‘Crazy’ I cannot fully get into right now, I was being screamed at by a 6ft 5 inch, roughly 130 kg man, spittle was flying from his mouth, veins were popping in his neck, he was in a Fury... if I were any less, he would have smashed his fist in my face - I sensed it- Yet; I stepped right into him, got so close any closer our noses would touch, looked him dead in the eye and said with the calmest, iciest voice I’ve ever heard slip from my own throat “Ey, stop fucking spitting in my face, and... Yell at me one more fucking time Maniga. Please.” ... and I felt my face twist up into a smile.... Something flickered in his eyes and he took a step back.

I understand fear, I’ve felt it, seen it and last night I saw it crystallize in the eyes of a stranger who easily outweighed me.
I don’t remember half of that showdown but I do remember almost salivating at the fear and uncertainty in that man’s eyes. I had to rein it in, I didn’t like that I enjoyed it... but I understand WHY. -
For a little girl who was scared of her own shadow, who was a victim of fear manipulation most of her young life.. has forced me to come a long way. At this point, nobody intimidates me. Not even with a gun, unless he chooses to pull the trigger then that’s on him. Still doesn’t scare me.

Just because I’ve never posted about my encounters with SARS doesn’t mean I haven’t encountered em (got into a fist fight with one a few years ago and grabbed his gun... he started laughing and it threw me off - said he wasn’t gonna get accidentally shot to death by an actress.) -yes when I’m in another head space, I tell myself that’s reckless stupidity... but I am who I am. Always will be.
I keep learning everyday that strength is not just physical. 🏽


  1. Replies
    1. Lol @ Elizabeth.

    2. No wonder she is always stock up, uptight, hardened , she was an abused child,mentally and emotionally, aggression is her thing,even in romantic movies,too stiff for a girl,too rigid to emotions
      Loosen up,get f..cked carelessly by someone who loves u,break d fence u have built in,u r too cute to b irritating poles sight in movies .

  2. Mumbo jumbo epistle.

  3. Just tell us u in Paris and SDFU!!

  4. I understand it's good to stand up for yourself, be safe still

  5. Okay oh. You escaped this today doesn't mean you will tomorrow. Abeg calm down oh.

  6. What pills did she pop? So i understand the need to always stand up for ur sef when people step on you but confronting a man with a loaded gun is sheer stupidity not bravery. What if in the course of the struggle you end a passer by life? No be everything gragra dey solve oooh

  7. "He was 6ft 5 inches, your noses were touching?"
    Are you 6ft 5inches?
    You see how these girls tell lies that make devil the father of all lies shudder?

    1. 14;55 women wear heels OK.

  8. I go honestly don't understand what she is saying.
    Someone please tell me without the cursing.

  9. That was risky, you meet a crazy one you will not live to tell it at all .

  10. She didn't meet the crazy ones, that's why. They'd have beaten her to a pulp

  11. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  12. Don't try this if you don't have a good backup(ie commissioner of police number)😅😅😅

  13. The Feelness, Ya Mouth is Runing like Tape water..

  14. what is she saying, me no understand

  15. The guy doesn't even know you are an actress,they don't watch lagos made movies,they hardly watch movies,mchewwwww


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