Stella Dimoko Crooner Adekunle Gold Talks About The Pain He Felt Losing His Sister Despite Having Money...


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Saturday, January 19, 2019

Crooner Adekunle Gold Talks About The Pain He Felt Losing His Sister Despite Having Money...

The year 2011 is one that would forever remain in the memory of popular singer , Adekunle Gold , as it was the year he lost his sister , whom he refers to as his best friend , to a heart- related disease .

To eulogise his younger sister , the urban highlife singer released a song , ‘ Ire , ’ last year .

In a chat with Saturday Beats , the singer recalled that although they spent a lot of money in a bid to get his sister well again, she lost the battle to the ailment .
Gold said , “ My sister was one of the few best friends I had but death took her away. She had a heart- related disease and I thought she could beat the disease but she did not make it . We sang together a lot and we shared the same dream . I was her best friend in the house , so it really shook me when I lost her .

 I remember her every year and reminisce about the great time we had together. I wish she was alive to celebrate my success with me because this was our dream.

“ The funny thing is that we had the money ; it was not that we could not afford to treat her , but it was just unfortunate that she died. If I was as popular back then as I am now , what would I have done differently ? I do not think that I would have done anything differently because we spent money on her . I was at home when she died, and by the time I got to the hospital to see her , she had died . ”

He further stated how ecstatic he was when he met with King Sunny Ade, who is one of his major influences in the Nigerian music scene . “ A lot of times , I hear people comparing me with King Sunny Ade; they mention his name when they mention mine and that is an amazing feat . It is really great but like I always tell people , I would prefer it if people see me as Adekunle Gold .

“ When I met King Sunny Ade and he was singing my song word for word , I was very honoured and humbled . It made a very great impression on my life . Who would have thought that King Sunny Ade would know my song and even sing it word for word ? I am hopeful that we will collaborate to do something together. I have been working on it and I am hoping that it works out .

“ Ten years ago , I wanted to be as successful as I am today . I thought about it , prayed for it and worked towards it . I do not think I would be cocky if I say that I knew I would become successful , but I did not know when I would become famous . I am grateful that everything I dreamt about is coming to fruition . I am grateful that everything I have laid my hands on has prospered . ”


  1. Sorry about your sister

    I love your songs

  2. Pitiable loss of a dear one. Sometimes, we need to learn a lesson or two from life.
    This is one mistake people make, having money does not guaranty life. There are things money cannot do for you.
    If you have money and you do not know God, you are poor. That was the case with that rich man in Luke 16. He ended up begging for a "drop of water to cool his tongue". A man who could afford to drink tanks of exotic drinks while on earth?

    1. You have a point,I've been thinking about this. God has the final say on life and health, and blessed mankind through science and medicine. Many deaths are avoidable, if there is access to good healthcare. Money buys access to health in Nigeria, because there is little health insurance. Money makes you feel good that you did the best you can for your dear ones. I've had relatives lie sick in hospitals without adequate money to pay for their treatment. That feeling of helplessness, hopelessness, not having enough to give them the best healthcare, having to source for funds for every treatment, is not a good feeling at all. The rich man in Luke was prideful. We shouldn't be proud, but we should aspire (through hardwork, hope, using our God-given talents) to have enough to provide our basic needs, and also pay it forward by giving out.

  3. And may God continue to prosper the works of your hands. I LOVE your music;you are a talent itself.

  4. Hey ya....may her soul continue to RIP

  5. May her sweet and Lovely Soul Rest On..

  6. Sorry about your Sis bro.

    I love his genre of music. Looking at him sometimes I wonder how Olamide was able to have such a great talent with him. Only this guy has done so well amongst those Olamide signed. Well done bro.

  7. Awww! RIP sister.

  8. just watched IRE and I got emotional, knowing why he sang it. it is well. i love Adekunle gold


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