Stella Dimoko Iran Seeks To Ban Instagram Citing Immoral And Obscene Content'


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Thursday, January 03, 2019

Iran Seeks To Ban Instagram Citing Immoral And Obscene Content'

Justice officials in Iran want to ban Instagram due to what it deems "immoral" content on the photo-sharing app, according to local media.

"Instagram unfortunately has not only illegal but also immoral and obscene content," the state prosecution service's IT commissary, Javad Javadnia, said on Thursday.

Authorities are now waiting for a final decision from Iran's political leadership in order to implement the ban, the Isna news agency reported.

Instagram is hugely popular in Iran, where millions of people use the service to share pictures and videos. Much of the content - both from outside and within the country - violates the republic's strict Islamic rules.

Twitter, Facebook and the encrypted messaging service Telegram are all already banned in Iran.

Observers say that blocking social media is politically motivated, as they are often used by critics of the regime to communicate and promote their causes.

Many Iranians use a virtual private network, or VPN, to get around the ban. Research by state media found that 40 million-45 million people continue to use Telegram in Iran.
from Haaretz

*I dont blame them...All these social media platforms increase depression.


  1. Replies
    1. Seriously, instragram promotes iniquity.

    2. Mtchew... these ones and the fear of immorality are like 5 and 6 but they are the greatest doers of immorality, they hate woman so much but like to have sex even if it’s with a child of 8, abeg they should park well

  2. This is about freedom and rights as a human being.
    Most of the things they put women and children through in these countries are enough to cause the same depression.
    Granted that social media has its demerits, but most ot these countries are not doing this because of the harm it is causing its citizens, its more of control,political agendas and religious bigotry.

    1. Iphie, i agree with them 100%. What was life like before all these mind altering apps, its creating more harm than goood. What u dont know cant get u depressed or oppressed

  3. That is true. Most social media have corrupted the young impressionable people.

  4. They have a point though

  5. Many ladies are being deceived by social media. Always easier to deceive ladies right from Eden.

  6. Yet, they are very mean towards their fellow humans

  7. Life was good without these apps mehn..asides for business purposes,there are more cons than pros to it,imo.

  8. Most people are slaves to instagram & they dont even know it yet.

  9. This is what they want to turn Nigerian out

  10. I like Instagram but to be honest, social media has its ills lately...

  11. I support them ojare. Yesterday I opened instagram, first thing glaring at me was a nude woman being painted white all through while her boob's were glaring. Then Bob risky too showcasing "his ass" tiring men.
    La creme

  12. Its the right thing to do, would gladly welcome that for Nigerians, let everyone move back to Facebook and stop end the 100% fakeness then it wld.reduce to 50%

  13. I understand that most of these social media apps like Instagram has a lot of disadvantage like I read in this post and I understand their fears and all what they are trying to curtail but I believe any society should allow its citizens to make their choices but these Arab countries are the most demoralized set of human beings I have read about. They will ban all they lay their thoughts on but still do the worst of things on their fellow human


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