Stella Dimoko K-Solo Says There Is A Cabal In Nigeria's Music Industry


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Saturday, January 12, 2019

K-Solo Says There Is A Cabal In Nigeria's Music Industry

Beat maker , K - Solo, was popular in the Nigerian music industry in the early 2000 s and has produced evergreen songs for singers like Timaya , the late Kefee , among several others.

But recently, not much has been heard about the music producer . During a chat with Saturday Beats, K - Solo said it was wrong for people to assume that his career was dead simply because he had not had a hit song recently .
“ At a point , people said that my career was dead and I told them that if you assume that my career is dead, it means that Don Jazzy ’ s career is also dead as well . Some people misinterpreted me , but what I meant was that if you check the list of producers that are making hits currently, I am sure you would not find his name on the list .

“ To the best of my knowledge , what people mean by the fact that my career is dead is because I do not have a hit song in the market. If you see me in that light , then assume the same thing for the likes of Cobhams Asuquo and other producers that have not had hit songs recently, and leave the likes of Young John , who have hit songs in the market.
“ I am trying to change the impression of people because the truth is that even if you do not have a hit song , it does not mean that your career is dead , ” he said .
The music producer also said that there was a cabal in the Nigerian music industry , but that luckily, their grip was no longer strong .

He said , “ There is a major cabal in the music industry but their hold is weakening now . There used to be a major cabal and the way they work is this; if you release a song and you are not based on the Lagos Island , most radio stations would not want to play the song. This happened to me when I took Timaya ’ s song to meet a top on - air personality ; he told me that it was not the kind of song that they played on their radio as it was not a hip -hop song at the time . Later , we were able to categorise the song into afro -music and dancehall and eventually , it became a big song.

“ So , if you do not reside on the Lagos Island or move with certain people , the cabal would be against you . Thank God for the likes of Small Doctor who broke the barrier . The cabal still exists but they aren ’ t as powerful and visible as they used to be .

“ The main reason why they are not visible is because the industry has passed the level by which you could force the public to listen to a particular kind of song. We have got to a point whereby the fans know what they want to listen to . If you had told me in 2015 that a diva like Tiwa Savage would collaborate with Slimcase for the song , ‘ Codeine Diet , ’ I would have argued with you .

“ The cabal has lost their grip on the industry and that is why everybody is going with songs that are doing well . That is what broke the cabal and they are no longer relevant. "
While speaking on his plans for the New Year , he stated that he intended to share his wealth of knowledge as a music producer with the younger ones because some of them seemed to toe the wrong path .

“ There are times that I hear some sounds that are distorted ; it is not as if the music producers want their sounds to be distorted but the reason why that happens is because some of the producers do not have the right quality .

“ When international artistes hear such sounds , the impression they have is that the sound is good but our production cannot match international standard . These are some of the things the new crop of music producers need to know . This is the major reason why I want to have a class for budding music producers .

“ I am a living witness of the positive impact music can make in the life of an individual . I have children and I take care of my family through the music that I do . Young men who have the vision to become professional music producers of international standard can do so, but they have to learn the ropes , ” he said .



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      The only one I exonerate is Lagbaja. Dead career? Yes, he piped low but he's back on the beat. Thank God.

      There's always been a Cabal. They actually dealt with Timaya, he got lucky made enough doe and released I DON BLOW to shame all of them. That song was hot.
      Social media not just Small Doctor broke the jinx. Any song can be downloaded and played wherever.

      Stop the new music stars if you can. Oluwa is involved!

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