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Monday, January 07, 2019

Nigerian History...

The first and oldest medical hospital in Nigeria is located in Lantoro, Abeokuta. 

It was founded by Catholic Missionaries in 1895 and was built to fight a leprosy outbreak in Egbaland. The hospital is still run by the Catholics till date.

from Nigerian facts twitter.


  1. Wow... Good to know. The Catholic church are good in preserving edifice and bequeated legacies. So much love this history.

  2. My mum had her fibroid operation here, when i was a kid. Its a very good hospital and they pay attention to details. Catholic hospitals are very good especially with Childbirth. Had my baby in a catholic hospital in Lagos. I couldnt bear the pain, felt like i was going to die. I begged the Rev.sis i wanted CS. Her response: Oh madam! You are doing fine... You dont need a CS...Lol. it wasnt funny then

    1. God used this hospital to save my mum some 18yrs ago as one self acclaimed best gynecologist in Nigeria operated her for fibroid but the suture opened up and refused to heal up, with pus gushing out of her stomach. This gynecologist claimed there was an infection and was treating as such. Thank God for my mum’s strong will o, she left the hospital in Lagos against Drs order and family insistence of getting treated there and requested that they drive her to sacred heart Abeokuta where a big gauze was discovered inside her stomach. It took over 3 months to heal up

  3. This hospital saved many people lives. I for a fact can attest to it because they saved my brother's life back in the late 80s...i was probably 8 or 9 years old then. Those Catholic doctors and nurses were the best....very articulate with miracle hands. I did not forget the good food too, because na me chop all the oyinbo food them give my brother to recuperate, hahahahahahahaaa!!!!

  4. Catholic hospitals are the Best.

  5. wow! that is where I was born,I don't even know much about the hospital.

  6. It's not like it used to be when Biersack was still there but they are still trying!


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