Stella Dimoko Panties Thief Paraded After He Was Allegedly Caught With Sister And Sister In Laws Panties


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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Panties Thief Paraded After He Was Allegedly Caught With Sister And Sister In Laws Panties

A 25-year-old man, Ojonugwa Adejoh, was on Wednesday paraded at the police headquarters in Ondo State after he was apprehended for allegedly stealing pants belonging to his brother’s wife as well as that of his younger sister for ritual purposes.

Adejoh was arrested alongside a 53-year-old Prophet, Olajide Ogunleye of the Celestial Church of Church, “Ibanujemidopin’ parish, Uso in Owo local government area of Ondo state.

It was gathered that the suspects were arrested by men of the Ondo State police command after one of the victims (Mrs. Adejoh) raised the alarm when he caught his brother-in-law in the act.

Confessing to have committed the crime, Adejoh claimed that he was hypnotized by Ogunleye to steal the pants while on his way to work.

“I went to the prophet to pray for me because I couldn’t see any progress in my work.

“When I got there, he asked me the nature of my work and I told him that I learnt panel beating and he said he wanted to pray for me that I should open my hands and he put something on it and asked me to swallowed it and he prayed for me and I left the place.

“But when I got home I don’t know what I was doing again, I just picked my brother’s wife and sister’s pants, and when I got the pants I went back to him.

“I didn’t steal the pants for rituals.

“Hours after, my brother’s wife raised alarm that she didn’t see her pants again and I was arrested.

“When the police arrested me, I was taken to Uso police station before they transferred me to Akure.

“Two of the pants belong to my brother’s wife and three belong to my younger sister.”

However, the prophet denied the allegations by Adejoh, as he maintained that he has never met him before.

Ogunleye further argued that Adejoh and his elder brother were just trying to implicate him due to his refusal to lease out his land to them.

The Spokesperson of the Ondo State Police Command, Femi Joseph, who said that investigation is still on towards unraveling the motive behind the pants theft, enjoyed ladies and women in the state to protect their under wears, adding that “this is a very dangerous phenomenon now.”

“We are using this opportunity to appeal to our ladies and women that this is a very dangerous phenomenon now, we have to guard whatever we are putting on, particularly, underwear.

“Parents should warn their children, particularly female to be very careful where they keep their underwears.”

Also, the command also paraded two local security guards for allegedly attempting to rape a woman (name withheld) who was coming back from night vigil around 4am along Agbogbo road, in Akure the Ondo State capital.

The suspects, Daniel John (25) and Longbap Bongven (25) from Plateau state according to police spokesman said they normally hide somewhere around the area whenever they wanted to perpetuated their act.

The PPRO assured that the suspects would be charged to court as soon as investigations are concluded.
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  1. A lot of people fall victims to such. They go to prophets and get hypnotized. I know a woman who became a babalawo,s 4th wife after going to him for problem. It took years of prayers to get her out...not hear say, I see korokoro. So I believe this guy

    1. Well, the lady in your story did not commit a crime. But I think she may get an annulment if she can prove the hypnosis. The guy in the post committed a crime and fortunately has admitted to it, whether hypnotized or not he will face the law, cos you cannot prove the hypnosis in court.

  2. HypnotizedšŸ¤£ and he still remembered how he picked those pants. Imagine his own sister's pant too. God protect us more than we wish for

  3. Ur own blood.riches is contentment.not when you are like dangote

  4. Don't let me talk o, some people/prophets just like to spoil the name of a church, at the end of the day Oluwa lomon awon tounsin

    Swallowing, bringing pants and all that is not done in Celestial

    The boy might be saying the truth and the man might be innocent who knows.

    But wait, how did swallowing lead to bringing pants? Because he didn't say the man told him to bring it.

    Let the truth be revealed

  5. I am just imagining a scenario where someone is intentionally wrongly accused of stealing pants,will people believe the person?

  6. All I want to know, all I'm asking, wetin me I wan know be say "is it pastor, mallam or juju man that request for the pants?" Any one they catch will say na mallam, na pastor, na Oracle send them.

  7. Women are fast becoming endangered species, oh Lord, save us!

  8. Nowadays with so many devious people, secret & hidden enemies, unknown haters & malicious so called family members/ relatives, you r better off not going near people physically anyhow & allowing people to come near u & tamper or touch ur personal things like food, clothing items & belongings.
    Recently i rejected several invitations to visit people in their homes or to sleep over/stay with people. I also don't share food anymore or allow people to get close into my private life. Very costly choice, but it keeps me safe & not open for any risk of (spiritual, physical proximity for abuse & manipulations) attacks against me.

  9. Your own relations! Well, let the truth prevail.

  10. Lieing Bastard that wanna Be Rich Automatically..

  11. cele is not a church and this is possible. u will see all manners of candles, using egg to pray, going to beach to pray aka conjuring mammy water spirit ati bebelo..go to cele at your risk. your man whether hypnosis or not dem don catch u with pant, na oyo you dey


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