Stella Dimoko Residents Flee Borno Village As Boko Haram Militants Attack Them..


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Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Residents Flee Borno Village As Boko Haram Militants Attack Them..

Suspected Boko Haram militants, Monday evening stormed Auno, a village about 10 km from Maiduguri, the Borno State capital.

Some villagers were said to have fled the community for safety.... According to fleeing residents of the area, some soldiers, Mobile Police and members of the civilian joint task force were seen heading to the troubled area.

“We took to our heels when we heard heavy sounds of gunfire. We know they are the Boko Haram boys, because they have been around as reports from some firewood sellers said they have seen them earlier and suspected they were not security forces.

“Soldiers are already in the village to repel them, however, so many innocent people may have been trapped in the village, who were not able to move out as at the time we fled the village,” the resident, who craved anonymity told DAILY POST Monday night.

*will Nigeria ever be free from boko haram?


  1. The war of Boko Haram is far from over. Nigeria can never be redeemed with this set of old recycle politician.

  2. The Boko haram militants re not as strong as the Niger Delta militants. The only reason they are still operating and ve not been brought down is because they ve the support of some Northern elites who ve made so much money from the insecurities issue in the Northern part of Nigeria. if they were truly a terrorist group affiliated to the Al-qaeda, they'd ve spread their madness to other parts of Nigeria.πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•

    1. Kidjo, you are so intelligent on this you have said. The fight against Boko Haram is being politicized and the very reason it can't be subdue.

    2. My bro teejay,she wasn't right after all, these bokobharam sect are So much stronger than the ND militants, a group that was declared 2nd most dangerous terrorist group in the world, they are arm with sophisticated military wares and ammo( surface to surface,surface to air bombardment weapons) a sect that effortlessly overtook a mopol unit and have dislodge so many military formations are not to be undermined at all.
      Their mode of operation is highly technical and brutal,however the military have really being on their toes and have done so much in terms of limiting the damages.
      I believe at the end our military will completely dislodge and eradicate this menace.

    3. Sealord I spoke on the aspect of her saying the sects received support from northern elites. Of course who doesn't know that Boko Haram are more deadly than the faceless militant of the creek.

    4. @Deenity, you earned some respect and 20 Gbosa. The two comments above yours are so hilarious together with parochialism in them.

    5. Oga Sealord, I said what I said and you re repeating what I said in a different form..."They are not as strong as the Niger Delta militants(strength wise,most of them re walking corpse and not as smart or built like the N.D militants) if not for support from the Northern elites.." in other words, they are what they re today all thanks to the money and guidance they get from their Northern sponsors(some of the elites ve military background and that's why the Boko haram operates using military strategies most times.)

      The arms the Boko haram group re using who got it for them? is it not the same Northern elites making billions from the fight that's going on through the procurements of sub-standard fighter jets and weapons.πŸ˜•πŸ˜• I saw a video clip on ig where our soldiers were battling the Boko haram using ancient iron guns(sorry I can't call that a proper gun😒) I felt sorry for those guys putting their lives at risk to save other people...
      They became deadly and stronger than the ND militants because of the support of some people, they weren't like this under Yusuf(their first leader)..

    6. anon 10:11
      You re the one suffering from insularity and lack the ability to comprehend what I wrote up there...goodluck in finding the cure to that😊😊😊

    7. If not someone who is suffering from insularity, how could she tell that what the soldiers had was not proper gun? This same person doesn’t even know guns not to talk of how they work. The rephrased ‘analysis’ is a manifestation of insularity in thought. Playing semantics where there isn’t any need for it but further exposing the insularity suffered daily. The obviousness of the insularity is clear on the profile picture. There isn’t any cure for that except through those people who fly at night. I assume that is where you come from right?

    8. I forgot to add, please learn proper use of quote - inverted commas have to be in order. Sentence constructions must commensurate your claimed education level. Spacing, plural, caps, etc. Thank me later. If these are in order, your comments would be more comprehensible. Which means, the readers aren’t suffering insularity but the one with poor analytics and ability to construct basic sentences.

    9. anon 15:41. I know nothing about guns?
      You must be kidding meπŸ˜…πŸ˜… I started seeing and playing with guns as early as 8,And I've seen enough guns to know one or two about them,even seen a drone used in combat(NAF,Kaduna) .You don't know me enough or what I do for a living , So shut your useless mouth ok.

      well if you think I know nothing about guns, would be glad to prove you wrong by shooting your empty skull with a double barrel short gun😊.

      You re nothing but a big fool and there's nothing wrong with my sentence construction et al. Take your insane mind elsewhere, jobless nitwit

  3. Lord have mercy in this new year. Please protect them

  4. Boko haram Again When Will borno villages have Peace..Lord Send Thunder And Lightening to Kill All Boko haram this is too much..

  5. I have asked myself this question severally and the answer isn't even positive....I just hope Nigeria knows peace again someday soon....

  6. I pray God send a saviour to Nigeria and may He also open the eyes of Nigerians hearts to see and know when the saviour comes.

  7. This is really sad. Auno Village is very close to Maiduguri and as long as you are coming from Damaturu to Maid, you must pass Auno village. Some innocent travellers may have been caught in this rubbish. I wasn't even aware of the attack untill few minutes ago when I got a security SMS update. May God protect the Villagers and innocent travellers who may not have gotten this info on time before embarking on their journeys.


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