Stella Dimoko Suspended Chief Justice Of Nigeria Onnoghen Sues FG ....


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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Suspended Chief Justice Of Nigeria Onnoghen Sues FG ....

The Drama is only just beginning!!!!

Suspended Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN) Walter Onnoghen has filed a suit against the federal government over his suspension.

The suit was filed by his lawyers, Wole Olanipekun, Adegboyega Awomolo, Kanu Agabi and James Onoja.


  1. This is the best way to Go but which court and who is going to preside over it?
    Pure case of dictatorship or he has forgotten Our President do not follow court orders

  2. That is what it should be. His purported suspension is illegal,the president in acting with such judicial officers should have recourse to the NATIONAL JUDICIAL COMMISSION. The Elelu habeeb v AGF case comes to mind.whether Onnoghen is guilty or not,tthe only body with sole right to discipline him is the NJC simpliciter because his appointment was subject to the recommendation of the NJC.

  3. Na the way of criminals. Short cut. But mr man, you are already a gunner. Nothing to save you. And the government will surely investigate how you made those millions of dollars and other foreign currencies in your dubious accounts. Beg people like teejay to cry and bark for you, you all are gunners.

  4. Great news. Osibanjo over to you. @Blessed Princess

  5. After NJC have directed him to respond to the allegations levelled against him.

  6. Wahala,but this man too didnt do the right thing.How can a law maker says he forgot to declare his asset? That is because you aint honest and it a sign of thiefery. You all are educated thief's.

  7. They better conclude the fight before the incoming government resumes

  8. Those his lawyers just want to have a piece of the cake.

    Though am not in support of the way he was humiliated out of office, but can he really explain the source of those money in his foreign bank accounts?
    Let the truth be told our judiciary is very corrupt. But that does not mean due process should not be followed ib handling cases.
    If he gets Justice fine. But does this sick and deaf government obey law?
    Those advising him to sue government should better argue his case well.
    I just pity this man. It was with great resistance, he was installed .Infact the cabal kicked but Osibanjo swore him in. So it had been in their mind tey tey to get rid of him. Unfortunately they got him through this CCT. Has Bubu himself declared his asset?. Of course he only had those hungry cows. But what can we say now ?
    Stupid APC!. Stupid government !Stupid Cabal!. Corrupt regime!

  9. I trust Nigeria judiciary to adjourn their sitting regarding this issue till after election which ever party win the election shall be favoured. Case close..

  10. A man that can forget that he has several millions of Naira in different accounts while majority of Nigerians hassle for 30k per month minimum wage is not a normal person - and so whether he resigns or goes to jail should not be my business.

    Goodluck to him and FG.

    1. God bless you Olori Orente..Tee jay will soon run here to spew nonsense!!!

    2. shut teejay the only one commenting here?don't know why some of you will pick on a BV and be behaving stupid...if you see teejay on the road will you recognize him? teejay has every right to say his mind and his own opinion like you do so give him a break

  11. kwakwakwakwkwakwakwa werey nation

  12. This seasonal movie is not about to end anytime soon... I am patiently waiting for Teejay's view


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