Stella Dimoko Visa Process Halted As US Embassy In Nigeria Shuts Down Indefinitely Over US Govt Shut Down...


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Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Visa Process Halted As US Embassy In Nigeria Shuts Down Indefinitely Over US Govt Shut Down...

Thousands of Nigerians will miss their visa appointments as the United States embassy in Abuja and its consulate in Lagos have shut down indefinitely.

This implies that persons who have applied for tourist, study, business visas, immigrant visas or any other travel document will have to cancel their plans.

The US embassy in Nigeria said in a Facebook post that the development was caused by the government shutdown in the The US executive arm of government led by President Donald Trump and the legislative arm have been at loggerheads for nearly two months over Trump’s attempt to build a wall along the Mexican border.

Building a wall was one of Trump’s major campaign promises as part of efforts to curb illegal migration and crime.

He had boasted during his campaign that the Mexican government would pay for the wall.

However, with the refusal of the Mexican government to fund the wall, the President approached the US legislature, asking the bi-cameral institution to provide $5bn which would be used in funding the wall.

The Democrat members in Congress, however, rejected Trump’s proposal.

On December 11, Trump held a televised meeting with Speaker-designee, Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer, in which he asked them to support $5bn in funding for the border wall.

The Democrat leaders in Congress refused and Trump said, “I am proud to shut down the government for border security … I will be the one to shut the government down. I’m not going to blame you for it … I will take the mantle. I will be the one to shut it down.”

The shutdown officially began on December 22, 2018 and is expected to last for a few weeks.US.

The statement read, “Due to the current US government shutdown, the American centres located in the embassy, Abuja and Consulate-General, Lagos are unfortunately closed. They will re-open once the US government shutdown is resolved. Sorry for any inconvenience to our valued patrons.”

The embassy charges N57, 600 in visa fees which is non-refundable. However, it was not clear whether any concessions would be made to applicants since the development was no fault of theirs.
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  1. This isn't fair at all. I hope they resolve it soon

    1. Is it just in Nigeria abi it also affects other countries

  2. I pity the pregnant women. Especially those who were waiting for visas to go over so to have American babies.
    By this, it means if your application is still pending no trip. What a disappointment!!! Pls quickly make alternative plan cause there is a stage preggie won't be accepted in board a flight

    The earlier they resolve this the better. We don't want to lose our citizens who may be trying other crude means to go over and may lose their lives in the process.

  3. Is this applicable to other countries if not then our government need to do something especially refunding our money. Na wa o

  4. I actually wanted to travel to US this December but when my colleague told me his mum applied November and was given interview date of April 2019 decided to seat my ass down.
    Besides I feared me even submitting my passport after the interview and my passport gets stuck there when my U.K. visa still running there.
    What happens to all those who have dropped their passport for drop box. I hope they will give them back, visa or no visa they should just release people's passport to them I hope.

  5. Hehehehe...... to think i just renewed mine weeks ago, as I got the first in Londres years back and they didnt accept drop box since I changed location. The queue was crazy!!! 8am AP, yet i eventually interviewed at 11:30ish. Imagine if I had delayed booking my appointment by one more month...... 🤷🏽‍♀️ The december own sef.... na August I book am oh.

    1. Na wah oooo, is this what visa application has turned to in Nigeria? But US never used to so drop box, you walk in: do an interview, get your visa or be refused visa same day. Na, wah oooo.
      God have mercy, happy for people who had the opportunity to go give birth abroad quickly.
      It looks like it will continue to get tough.

  6. When I first heard the news, I though it was a joke. Government shutting down?
    Well, I read this isn't the first time the US government will be shutting down.

  7. To think I want to apply for tourist visa this month. Let me hold on then

  8. Donald trump is not a Nice Person At All Very Wicked Man.

  9. OK na to make alternative travel plans in the interim. Donald has trumped again!

  10. They are just closed for the holidays nothing to be alarmed about. The one change from last year was date for interviews now requires up to 6mth, plus they randomly call people renewing their visa via drop box for interview to be such you're back in your country after your last visit to their country. They however don't hold in any passport during these up to 6mths wait for the interview date. Trump really made some bitter changes though plus that automatic renewal via drop box has been reviewed. So make sure you plan and start your application process 6-7mth ahead of your intended time of travel.
    Best of Luck guys, for those planning to.

    1. The line 6, 'such' is meant to be 'sure', pardon my typo.


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