Stella Dimoko BudgIT Tells INEC To Declare Nationwide Data Of Permanent Voters Cards Collection


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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

BudgIT Tells INEC To Declare Nationwide Data Of Permanent Voters Cards Collection

Without any travesty, the administrative and political tensions surrounding the 2019 general elections are manifest threats to free, fair and credible elections in Nigeria.

In the presence of contentious accusations of rigging – flying from both sides of the political divide – coupled with the abrupt ‘logistic’ failure of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), we are deeply worried about the secrecy in which the major data that can safeguard the elections from possible manipulations is being confined.

According to the electoral commission, there are 84 million registered voters for the general elections. However, questions from both local and international observers remain: What is the total number of collected voters cards across the country?

It is instructive that “84 million registered voters” is vague and susceptible to manipulation the very moment Nigerians are barred from the actual data of collected PVCs. Fifty-two million as of February 17, 2015, this data was published – regular updates in fact – in the last elections. The hesitation today by INEC to do the needful casts immense doubts around its integrity, therefore, the credibility of the upcoming elections.

We’re calling, once again, on INEC to publish immediately the total number of voters cards collected in all states. In the pursuance of fair elections, this is the right thing. Nigerians should, amidst many uncertainties, have data of expected votes.

Shakir Akorede
Communications Associate


  1. I have screamed this severally and I'm hoarse. How do you expect to receive correct change from a seller if you don't exactly how much you gave to purchase an item. INEC should be made to declare how many registered cards collected so we do the final maths with them.

  2. Exactly!!! I have said over time that this administration is not ready to conduct a free and fair election. Last PDP administration, everything was done transparently as been testified by the international communities and international observers. Here we are with people who came with a change mantra only to end up been chained.

    "My ambition not worth the blood of any Nigeria"- Goodluck Jonathan

    "Shoot at sight any electoral defaulter". General Mohammed Buhari.

    Between both who is a democrat? Why is Oshiomhole calling for the reshuffling of INEC one week to election? Come on think out of the box if you have a functional brain. APC are bent on truncating Nigeria democracy, but reasonable people like us will resist their plans.

    1. Rep. Chris Smith, immediate past chairman of the United States House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Africa, has spoken on the postponement of Nigeria elections.

      His reaction was contained in a statement he signed on Monday.

      The statement posted on his website reads: “Responsibility for the delay of Nigeria’s presidential election lays squarely with President Muhammadu Buhari and those close to him.

      “Actions in advance of the election — including removal of Supreme Court Chief Justice Walter Onnoghen and arson attacks on Independent National Electoral Commission offices in opposition strongholds — are undermining confidence that this election and subsequent gubernatorial elections will be free and fair.

      “At a minimum, the presidential election must meet the 2015 standard, which saw a peaceful transfer of power and a statement by the then-sitting president that all bloodshed must be avoided.”

      Rep. Smith also called upon the Trump Administration and the State Department to focus greater attention upon Nigeria.

      “In addition to being sub-Saharan Africa’s most populous nation, Nigeria is its biggest economy, and what happens in Nigeria has ramifications beyond its borders,” Smith said.

      “Given the magnitude of global problems Secretary Pompeo must contend with, he should consider appointing a Special Envoy for Nigeria vested with full authority.

      “The State Department must use all tools at its disposal, including visa denial and sanctioning authority, to hold accountable those who undermine democracy and foment sectarian and ethnic violence.”

    2. Abeg uncle, bring Rep Chris Smith make him come vote for your Atiku. You no dey shame to use them as your compass? You need to wise up a little o.

  3. They will not see this,if its to cancel election they go do that one sharp sharp

    1. Is BudgIT’s responsibility about budget and projects implementation or on the election scorings?

  4. Great news. INEC PLEASE PUBLISH THE NUMBER OF VOTERS CARD COLLECTED Then leave the plus and minus for us .@Blessed Princess

  5. They will not!which is suppose to be the right thing.

  6. Even if they will publish it and I thought if INEC will give correct figures. is only in God's hands we need to commit this coming Election.

  7. they should tell us the number of registered voters per state we go use Biro and book write am down and wait for their ojoro on Saturday


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