Stella Dimoko Evangelist Elliot-Uko Says Only Enemies Of Progress Will Vote For Buhari


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Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Evangelist Elliot-Uko Says Only Enemies Of Progress Will Vote For Buhari

The founder of Igbo Youth Movement and the Secretary of the Eastern Consultative Assembly, ECA, Elliot Ugochukwu-Uko has said only Nigeria’s enemies would vote President Muhammadu Buhari in the forthcoming election.

The Igbo youth leader said this in an interview with DAILY POST on Tuesday.

Ugochukwu-Uko while accusing Buhari of destroying the economy, dividing the country, institutionalizing nepotism and condoning bloodshed said there was absolutely nothing good about Buhari’s performance in the past three and half years.

”There is absolutely nothing good about Gen Buhari. He came to power and spent six months commanding the central bank and reversing them without ministers, without cabinet for six whole months, personalizing the government of the country, trying to institutionalize himself as an oracle.

”He destroyed the economy, divided the country, institutionalized nepotism and condoned bloodshed. Everything must be done to return him to Daura so that he can take care of himself. The quality of every product in the market has so much decreased from tissue paper to roofing zinc.

”The quality has decreased and the prices increased. Go to the market and check. The quality of our life is diminishing under Gen Buhari. So many companies have closed, some have ran away from Nigeria under Gen Buhari. Millions of people have been thrown into unemployment market under Gen. Buhari. Farmers in the Middle Belt and many other parts of the country have received it hot under Gen Buhari.

Speaking further, the youth leader alleged that Boko Haram and herdsmen stopped attacking Nigerians because Buhari is running for a second term, adding that they may return after the elections.

”His people just ceased fire because their “Oga” is running for election next week. May be they will resume again immediately after the elections, confirming that they listen to him. When his interest is at stake, his people will know and they can ceasefire. People are killed like rats under Gen Buhari. The Shiite, the IPOB, and ordinary people.

”Insecurity is worst under Gen Buhari. From the Fulani Herdsmen militia to the Boko Haram unleashing mayhem in the North East to armed gunmen in the North West in Zamfara, Kastina and Sokoto. The country is ablaze under Gen Buhari. Anybody who wants Buhari to continue in power is an enemy of progress. Any Nigerian who does anything or engages in anything that will assist Gen Buhari in one way or the other to return to power that person is not being fair to himself because Gen Buhari is a clear and enemy of unity and survival of Nigeria.

”Buhari’s world view is inimical to the growth of Nigeria. We are calling on all men and women of good will to campaign door to door and tell their neighbours in all the six geopolitical zones that we must retire Gen Buhari on the 16th of Feb. 2019 out of Aso Rock so that Nigeria can be rebuilt and reconstructed,”he added.
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  1. This man doesn't speak much but when he does, he do so with all sincerity and purpose. Met with him at various occasions those days at Enugu, such a great leader and noble man. All he said is nothing but the truth. He couldn't have said it any way better than he just did. Only the guilible ones will still fall inside the fire.

    1. Kano Stadium Shut Down: The Fear of PDP in Kano is the Beginning of Wisdom

      There is news that the Sani Abacha Stadium has been shut down for renovation. This is exactly 5 days to the massively and highly acclaimed Kano Mega Rally of the PDP, duly headlined by the all popular Kwankwassiya movement in the business hub of Kano State.

      The fear of the PDP, especially the former Governor of Kano State and the former Vice President of Nigeria, Rabiu Kwankwaso and Atiku Abubakar respectively, has forced the APC into undue panic mode and unfortunately, shutting down the stadium is their best action. Too bad that it is already late. Hurricane Atiku and Hurricane Abba, are real in Kano.

      The Kwankwaso Tornado will blow and destroy every dollar collecting and recession aiding spirit in Kano State, and nothing will stop it. With Kwankwaso drumming massive support for Atiku, Kano is set to fall to the PDP. This act of desperation is the last, in the APC’s bag of trickery. What next now?

      Ganduje orders immediate shutdown of all Kano stadiums ahead of Atiku’s visit
      The Kano State government on Monday ordered the immediate closure of the two major stadia in the state, barely six days to the proposed presidential campaign rally of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

    2. DAILY NIGERIAN gathered that the PDP Presidential Candidate, Atiku Abubakar, is expected to hold his rally at either Sani Abacha National Stadium or Kano Pillars stadium, Sabon Gari.
      However, this newspaper gathered that the state government ordered the Kano State Sports Commission to immediately close the facility for renovation.
      But, a source close to the state government told DAILY NIGERIAN that the shutdown was intended to frustrate the forthcoming campaign rally of the PDP candidate in the state.
      According to the source who begged for his identity not to be revealed, the governor had received a confidential report that a lot of PDP supporters are being mobilised in their numbers from across the state.
      He said: “There is every possibility that Atiku will pool more crowd than President Muhammadu Buhari did in the state during his campaign last week.
      “People are already angry and tired of Ganduje.
      “Also, the governor doesn’t want to send a bad signal to Abuja because the crowd will be massive.”
      When contacted for comment, the spokesman of the sports commission, Abbati Sabo, said the directive was not intended to scuttle the campaign rally of the PDP presidential candidate.

    3. I am NOT Yoruba or Igbo, but I stand for the truth. The people who are supporting Buhari today are either (1) those running away from efcc prosecution (2) the very few benefiting from this government (3) family & friends of people in power (4) some APC members and (5) ethnically biased Nigerians eg some Yorubas . All these categories of people I term enemies of Nigeria !!!!!!

    4. May you leave long 16:19 and fulfill your purpose in life for this comment.

  2. Enemies of progress gbam. Plenty of them on this blog chanting Buhari yet dem never eat. Awon giveaway grabbers shouting Sai Baba just because a fake pastor is trotting along.
    I got my transfer PVC today and I'm so voting Atiku and Obi (way forward).

    1. Thank you Castle. Na dem hungry pass o...using their dry hungry lips to shout said baba up and down. No be only sai baba na sai bura.

    2. lol..but sister..u with all the 16yrs your pdp don dhey party by now u suppose they compete with bill gates oh.

    3. I don't mind the bura part if it's as thick as that kpomo Castle is washing. Me and politics, no way.

    4. Castle, GOD bless you so much, if you see the level of hunger in the Northern Nigeria !!!!! Shocking is an understatement !!!! Millions in the North are regretting **Voting out GEJ*** when women give themselves to men for as low as N100 or N200 , just so they can eat ,then you can imagine the situation. Yet some morons are still rooting for another 4 years of hunger and backwardness for Mr clueless !!!!!

    5. 16:10 are you serious on what you said about women giving themselves as low as 100 naira to 200? Has it gotten this bad over there in the north?

    6. Anon you know them wella. Give them one indomie one egg, dem don off pant. All because of hunger.
      God bless you too.

  3. Yes sir! !!
    Back to daura fully activated.
    Pmb must go.

  4. This man no lie. Only educated illiterates, full blooded illiterates and enemies of progress will vote buhari. Allah ya kiyaye...A man that old age has eaten and doesn't even know what he's doing again.
    All of you chanting Buhari, have you all listened to his interviews? Giving off point answers. God will punish all of you for supporting evil.

  5. Even if is Fresh party I ready vote....Let d truth b said Dumb..ARI finished us. Y wld any rite thinking Nigerian vote him? Thunder will fire dose campaigning/ voting him.

  6. yes oooooh its about time bubu retires.


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