Stella Dimoko Nollywood Actress Amara Maduka Talks About Battling Depression Caused By Her Body Size..


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Saturday, February 16, 2019

Nollywood Actress Amara Maduka Talks About Battling Depression Caused By Her Body Size..

Anambra born plus sized actress and aspiring producer, Amara Maduka is one of the fast growing Nollywood screen divas .......

Recently Amara was interviewed on how she battled depression in the movie industry because of her body size, why she has never been in a relationship with any man but enjoys s#xual intimacy when needed, take on the movie industry amongst others.

Can you introduce yourself briefly?

I’m Amara Maduka, from Anambra State. I’m from a family of 3. I’m the first daughter, second child. I’m an Actor, writer and aspiring producer.

What were the challenges you faced at the early stage?

My weight was a big challenge. I was very fat at the time and I didn’t get featured in characters I know I can deliver because all the producers saw was a fat, ugly girl. Not my talent.

How did you overcome it?

Oh well, when you get tired of being fed bullshit, you gotta make a change at some point. All that matters is how you see yourself. I knew I am more than they could see and that image alone, kept me going.

Did it make you depressed?

I battled depression at some point. But like I said, if you know who you are, nothing can stop you. Not for too long.

You hit the gym or worked on your size to fit in? I didn’t work on myself to “fit in”. I’m working on myself for me. I love to look good. And I’m only just getting started

How supportive were your parents when you took the bold step to join Nollywood?

I have just my Mom now. My Dad wouldn’t have allowed it, but My Mom is supportive.

Did your boyfriend at that time, give you the go ahead?

I’ve never really dated like dated anyone all my life. It’s funny but true. I’m just learning to truly give love a chance now. Why? I’m too sensitive. I thought not dating at all was best to avoid heartbreaks and all.

So are you saying you are still a virgin? 

I said I didn’t date. I didn’t say I don’t have s#x.

So how long can you stay without s#x?

Oh, I can stay for as long as I want to. I’m not a freak on s#x. But when I get it, I get it good.

I have heard people say to s#xually satisfy a plus sized lady is a hard journey, how true?

That’s based on individual differences. It’s wrong to generalize stuff like that.

Have you ever been embarrassed by a male fan? No, I haven’t. Not physically though.

Best moment as an actress? When someone looked me up on Facebook, asked for and account details and sent me money from London for making his family laugh.

Advice to young and aspiring actors? It gets easier, not harder. Hang in there.

Can you mention names of some big movies you have done? I have featured in countless but some of the big ones include Maduka Daughters, Village Flavour, Okirika, The Israelite, Good marriage, 3 bad girls amongst others.

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The questions na wahhhhhhhh


  1. This one na correct ATUress

    1. Lol 😂 kai SDK blog

    2. Lmaaaoooooooooooo..... I laughed out sooo loud in public!!! Anon 15.19 , u are highhhhhh!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    3. Some so called actresses, actors, celebrities et al would have been UNKNOWN if not for blogs.

  2. Hahahahaha Chai.. poor girl..

  3. I've seen madukas daughters and she's a good actress. The interviewer was asking odd questions.

  4. Hey Amarachulwu Maduka you have always been fat since Fggc Abuloma days jasmine house. Besides you eat too much. Work on that okay!

    1. Shut up,Amebo Oshi.

    2. 'on the road to Abuloma' hey Prounitate"

      I think Amara is a good actress, loved her role in maduka's daughters. She's always been big, she should just keep carrying herslf well.

    3. She is Amara Maduka and she acted in Maduka's DAUGHTER


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