Stella Dimoko Oby Ezekwesili Says She Was Deceived To Run For President Under ACPN


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Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Oby Ezekwesili Says She Was Deceived To Run For President Under ACPN

“First, they assumed that I was one of those who served in government and had a stash of looted public funds hidden somewhere to expend on the elections. When they realized that was not the case, they made a second wrong assumption by believing that I would be willing to go and obtain foreign cash to prosecute my campaign......''

Former Minister of Education, Oby Ezekwesili has blamed her decision to run for presidency on the platform of her now estranged party, the Allied Congress Party of Nigeria, ACPN, on an error of judgement on her part.

Ezekwesili, who announced her withdrawal from the presidential race, last week, stated this on Monday at a world press conference in Abuja. According to her, she fell for the ‘tricks’ of the ACPN leadership when they approached her to run for presidency on their platform because they created an impression that the party believed in her disapproval of the transactional money-grabbing politics of the PDP and APC which has held the country back since independence. She said: “When the ACPN leadership approached me in a series of visits to appeal that I run for office on their platform, the party appeared to be a good fit. It was founded by some disgruntled PDP members some years ago, but when its prime founder decided to return to the PDP, a core of its membership refused to move back with him. I was told that they stayed back because of their opposition to the ways of the PDP.

Considering my vocal disapproval of the PDP and the APC, I admired the ACPN’s decision to stand firm and refusal to be co-opted. “Also, the party came fourth in the popular votes count for the 2015 elections. So this was not exactly a mushroom party. “We held several meetings before I chose to run on the ACPN platform, and in each of those meetings, I was clear to all that if the target was the same transactional money-grabbing politics that has held us back, I would never go along with it.

My public stance that the nomination form for Presidency should not be above N100,000 was acceded to by the Party while they pressed me to join their fold.

I also privately and publicly during the convention that adopted me as their presidential candidate disclosed that there was no personal war-chest for politics available to me and called on the Party to get ready for all of us to disrupt the traditional way of campaigning by the dominant parties. You may have seen some of the videos from those early meetings. You would notice that they repeatedly assured me that we shared common values and principles. We shook hands and made it formal. “I knew that along the way I will face tests of my values, but I didn’t expect it so soon and not from the party members who had assured me privately and publicly that they were on the same page with me. In truth, our values were poles apart.

The ACPN leadership demonstrated in deeds that they did not believe in my advocacy for a cleaner politics. They were not really interested in being a vehicle to break the bad politics championed by the #APCPDP. In fact, the ACPN leadership began to act like a junior sibling to the twin #APCPDP party. “At one point, we were supposed to have a meeting with all the state coordinators of the party. Instead of the ACPN leadership to be honest about the strengths of the party and explain that some states did not have coordinators at the time, they hired fake coordinators, and asked the campaign to fly them into Abuja. You all saw how they demonstrated their preferred brand of politics last week by endorsing the ruling APC in a classic summersault. Deceptive politics of transactions at its worst! “Their actions last week did not surprise me one bit. My relationship with the ACPN became problematic once they faced the reality of my modest financial means that I had transparently disclosed to them from the beginning.

 Their mistake was that they harbored two wrong assumptions about me. 

“First, they assumed that I was one of those who served in government and had a stash of looted public funds hidden somewhere to expend on the elections. When they realized that was not the case, they made a second wrong assumption by believing that I would be willing to go and obtain foreign cash to prosecute my campaign. 

The leadership of the Party became frustrated that I was not using my global network to get some countries, organizations and foreigners to donate money to their Party like the APC and PDP do. The more I told them  that I was committed to abide strictly to the provisions of the Electoral Act and INEC rules on campaign finance and was not going to negotiate that in order to satisfy their monetary demands, the more frustrated they became.

“In all these, the options before me were clear. I could give in to the ACPN’s desperation and use any means necessary to satisfy those fellows or I could uphold my values and leave their fold. I could succumb to their pressure, pretend as though I did not see how utterly corrupt their ransom demands were and continue with the campaign or I could step up at great personal cost to myself, and say ENOUGH. “Immediately I expressed my options in those clear terms, the choice was easy.

I cannot do anything that contradicts my eternal values. For someone who was running for office with a promise to fix our politics, getting mired in the mud of transactional anti-people politics would have represented a quick fall. God forbid! I had to live my values; I had to follow my truth. And I am proud I did. “The only thing I now owe the ACPN is a total and immediate separation from their camp. I have earlier today returned my ACPN membership card, party flag and other paraphernalia in order to signpost my complete separation.” On INEC’s position on her withdrawal from the presidential race, Ezekwesili said: “I acknowledge INEC’s position on the withdrawal of my candidacy.

Based on the Electoral Act, the time has elapsed for withdrawal so the law still sees me as a presidential candidate. However, I have suspended my campaign and INEC’s position on my candidacy will have little effect. I will work hard to ensure that those who would have voted for me, cast their votes instead for the consensus candidate who will hopefully emerge from the coalition of willing credible alternatives in the coming days. My lawyers have officially written to INEC in a symbolic gesture to make them aware of my separation from ACPN.”
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  1. now i belive that story that said some alphas convinced her to run for the posution that she was ordained by God..truth is coming out gradually..

    truth must win in 2019.pmb if your are sincerely honest..and truthful about your dealings..then u must win.bcos truth must prevail as long as their is a God and nigerians are askin for mercy..the best man with a genuine heart and commitment with passion,must win this election.
    Thank God,God is not man.

  2. in life,natural law must work.empty barrels make greatest noise..same with atiku and co.all her noise of apc red card..buhari redcard..redcard here e
    atiku own go end on 16th sha.
    there is a differnce between noise amd signal.
    you all say buhari gave northerners 95% appointment..good..northerners will give him 95% vote.buhari is winnin.he is smarter than you all as long as politics is concerned.take this info to the bank.

    1. Who is dis mad one ranting? Buhari will win in ur dream..Wake up! With only northern votes he cannot win according to electoral law.. He won in 2015 bcos many igbos voted him believing he will do better..Atiku will share his votes in d north while Atiku will still get all the vote in the South..Deal with d truth and stop crying all over d place like a wounded sheep.

  3. Medicine after death. The problem with the average black man is the inability and unwillingness to take responsibility for their actions. They always find ways to apportion blame to others.
    Madam please accept the consequences of the choices you made and the attendant consequences. Nobody is above mistakes.

    1. God bless you... Good you aren't surprised. Aren't it the black race again?

  4. I believe you madam...politics as a Christian in naija is really hard..

  5. Haa!! All these long grammar to buttress the points on why u left ACPN. Madam just admit that a juicier offer came and u bolted.Politicians and honesty are parallel lines.

  6. I don't know why I expected more from her. These reasons kind of sound shallow and unconvincing. No surprises,na naija we dey.

  7. So, Oby wants to convince us that she truly believed she would become president? How and why? On the basis of what - tweet wars? As educated as she is, will she claim she didn't know she wouldn't be able to withdraw from the race after a certain date? She didn't see, read or receive INEC rules? I'm beginning to consider the possibility that BBOG was an elaborate scam for mischief-making and publicity.

    God, please deliver this nation from wicked and unreasonable men and women.

  8. Madam please stay away from politics, Nigerian or international. Politics is dirty every where. Stick to the actual work. Minister, ambassador etc.

  9. My Madam President! I'm glad you left ndi iberibe. I have absolute respect for those who are never afraid to leave nonsense behind and move on no matter what the world says afterwards. Let me transfer the vote to Moghalu ASAP. His head too is correct.

  10. this woman is confused, surprised Nigerians still give her Attention she doesn't deserve, for Heaven sakes shes a fruad. its just sad that all her antics are failing her and here she is playing the victim. mtchewww

    1. I bet you didn’t read what she said. Just the headline is your piece.

    2. What are you if she's confused? Discombobulated?

    3. its a pity you are this daft edache...olila. did you read the body of the article?

  11. I am not surprised that the comments I have read on the blog so far about this post.she gave a sound reasonable and we'll thought out reason for living and I applaud her sincerity in all of this

    SDK Bv's let's do better, reading headlines and rushing to comment without properly understanding the post is Madness...Let's stop the madness my people😕


    1. do BVs here read to comprehend? they just run with headlines and sometimes stellas comments. she has no record of being a frivolous person so i believe and trust she was in the race with good intentions. politics in naija is very tasking and you must be ready to let go alot if you want to do it with your hands clean. she has alot of integrity and i commend her for taking a stand on what she believes in


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