Stella Dimoko A Shocking Narrative From Big Brother Naija 2019 Auditions....


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Tuesday, February 05, 2019

A Shocking Narrative From Big Brother Naija 2019 Auditions....

This was such an Interesting read that I thought to bring it here.....Please Read to the end if you can.....I hope the Organisers of the BBNaija auditions got to read this as well..

''Where do I start from?

From going for BBN auditions to turning to a casualty specialist and helping admit unconscious bodies in the hospital?

Mentally traumatized:Permit me this tautology.

The blood and mangled flesh I have seen this morning alone could fill up a 400 leaved photo album if I decided to take pictures.

Have never been happier to be back home.

As early as 5am this morning,my mum phoned me.

I told her I was preparing to head to Ikeja for the Big Brother Naija auditions,and she seemed hesitant with a response to that.

I kind of expected a 'good luck' or something similar,but my mum's voice sounded a little worried from the other end.
She just told me to call her once I arrived the venue.

So 'Vroooom'--I zoomed through traffic and rolled into Aromire avenue,Ikeja to meet the longest and thickest sea of humans I had ever seen in my entire life.

3 packed-out world standard stadiums had nothing on the crowd of humans I saw on that street this morning.

It wasn't yet 7am yet,but nothing less than 13,500 humans were sandwiched on that road already--and caused traffic congestion that stretched from Oregun into Awolowo way and diagonally upwards towards Allen and Sheraton hotels.

Instantly reality hit me.

This wasn't an audition.

This was just a formality for the cameras.

More than 90% of the people who had shown up for the audition didn't have international passports.
Many even boasted about it openly.

More than 80% learnt of the auditions yesterday from friends who told them:'Come try your luck na--you fit win N45 million.'

At least 60% of the crowd 'applying' weren't entertainment inclined, nor even understood what the essence of the show was.
They just saw it as an 'awoof gamble' that did not require cash to participate.

I won't talk about the guys that were wearing wigs,plaiting coloured hair,slinging non-functional guitars and wearing stage costume.
(Even a cross-dressed male with artificial eye lashes,female clothing and heels also came to audition.)

It is the stampeding that I want to talk of.

I watched a girl clutch at my legs with her last will-power and beg:'Help me'--before hundreds of legs stomped her out of sight beneath the ocean of feet.
I hope she survived.

In less than 5 minutes of trying to hew my way through 7,000 grimy bodies and get to the gate,my white and green customized Tee-shirt tore in 3 places and I was looking like a tunnel bomb explosion survivor who slept in a dust bin.

A lady trying to scale the perimeter fence got slashed on the upper thigh with sharp steel and narrowly missed dissecting her vagina by a few cm.

See blood like a fountain.

International Passport and phone thieves had a field day too,and 6 out of every 10 people had their shoes trapped under collapsed metal--never to be found again.

A seedy guy who fell from the top of the security post was trampled upon by a lady and her stiletto heels tore his septum(skin dividing nose into nostrils) off.

I watched as this guy held his injured nose and cried like a baby as people trampled him over like he was some abandoned sack of yam peelings.

No body send am.

Within the 3 hours I lingered around that venue trying to get in,I saw about 8 women slumping unconscious and being raised above the heads and passed from hand to hand like the way they moved ladies that fainted in Michael Jackson's live concerts.

And trust me--the ones whose lifeless bodies were even lifted and passed above the sea of heads--out of the melee of bodies were the lucky ones.

Several collapsed from lack of oxygen and were trampled upon for like 10 minutes first before some considerate human called for rescue.

A lot of the candidates had arrived the venue as early as 1am today and had stood till 7am without a morsel of food and water--before commencing pushing,huffing and struggling,falling and rolling.

My height saved me from sustaining grave injury by being mowed over and trampled to an inch of my life.

But in quick minutes,my white shirt sleeves became a pallete board for all the colours of brown facial foundation and multi-coloured make up the ladies pressing all over me wore.
There was no kind of dirt,pancake powder,eye pencil crayon,nude lip stick and bronzer that wasn't smudged on my shirt.

And did I mention that for every male in this audition,there were 10 females?

Slay queens didn't come to play at all.

2 whole hours of pushing,nearly falling, regaining balance,having girls complain that you are elbowing their breasts,having your scrotum squashed by all kinds of rear ends...

By the time I managed to burrow myself to the gate after my sneaker managed to survive being trampled on by at least 25 different pairs of feet without shredding into pieces---I was looking more like someone auditioning to be an Okada man than someone auditioning for a reality show.

When the bouncers at the gate rolled the gate close and stopped letting anyone else in,I knew this was my cue.

I clawed myself out with whatever remnant of gracefulness I could scrape up and started striding towards Allen roundabout fiddling with my phone and trying to book a Gokada to come whisk me straight home.

Then I heard my name.

Turned and saw my producer--Greyhome Richards looking all neat and sharp.
Even though I envied that he had honourably stayed away from the whole madness and just calmly watched,I was glad to see someone I knew.

We shook hands and laughed out about the whole sorry situation the future leaders of this country were suffering for N45 million--while crossing the road to get coffee from one of these mobile vendors.

Then I saw it.

A guy was lying on the side of the road in just underpants matted in wet sand,filth and an oddly angled right arm.
He was frothing from his mouth in near throes of death and breathing laboriously.
Audition contestants were standing around gisting and laughing--paying no heed to the dying guy lying right before them.

Some even crossed his body and flicked more sand on his face,and a couple just stood around video capturing his shame without trying to help.

I drew closer to the supine guy with Shadrack and crouched next to him asking what happened?
Was he asthmatic?
Did he have a health condition?
Did he have a phone where we could reach out to a family member?
Could we get him to a hospital?

In few minutes,I gathered 3 things:

(1) He had fallen from the high fence while trying to scale,dislocated his right arm and had a near fatal seizure.

(2) He had immediately been so trampled by a horde of boots against the broken metal barricade;that his entire clothes had been torn beyond recognition--and so they had to be peeled off his body and stacked in a messy heap close-by while his near-lifeless body was dragged across the road and deposited beside the gutter.

(3) His both I-phones had been stolen,plus his wallet, credit cards,international passport with Dublin and Canada Visas.

I rallied some kind hearted Nigerians to help us get an ambulance,because I know what death looked like and the eyes I saw there were already one step out of this world.

Only 2 girls worked with me and another well built guy and eventually we hefted the dude into an Uber cab (after about 2 declined--for fear of the man dying in their cabs),and I directed the cab to Lagoon hospital on Balogun bus stop,Awolowo way.

In the critical case unit,we met another Big Brother Naija stampede victim.

Her flesh had been ripped open from her thigh to her abdomen and you could literally see the whites of her bone.

Buying an admission card in Lagoon hospitals is about N30,000 and a simple stitch on wound operation is N28,000!

I learnt her boyfriend had rushed down to the hospital after she was brought there to settle what he could.
Infact,administering a local anaesthetic injection alone cost over N18,000--and because the boyfriend could not afford that,the girl was adviced to bite a pillow and endure being stitched raw!!!

I almost shed a tear watching the whole thing.

A doctor walked past me and was discussing with the boyfriend about how she had type I Diabetes and how he hopes her bleached skin would allow proper healing.
The girl was crying and moaning 'Jesus'.

The guy I brought was starting to have spasms again and started speaking deliriously and trying to tumble off the wheel chair we wheeled him in.
He kept saying:'Mummy ,please hold me.Jesus ooo...'

I asked the doctor to give him a bed and run tests,and was told I had to pay for a card first.
Then treatment and daily admission

I told the doctor that I wasn't related to the guy in any way,but was just a concerned Nigerian who happened to be at the auditions' venue when he collapsed, and couldn't just watch him die.

Doctor said hospital policies were hospital policies and he had no power here.

Then he asked me a question.
Why was I carrying another person's cross?

I sat back and stared in disbelief.

How could a human ask such a monstrously diabolical question?

I was supposed to let him die because the 'cross wasn't mine to bear?'

The guy started sputtering and convulsing violently while stabbing the air--and again reality hit me.

I was about to have a dead human with no traceable identity piled on me,and I knew I couldn't run out on him at this state.

I made a quick decision:

'Please get this man treated--dammit---I will make a transfer.Please hurry NOW!!

I watched him being wheeled into the ICU unit,and an attendant escorted me to a section where I was given an account number to transfer the patient registration levy.

I used my Stanbic IBTC where I saved my rent money and wailed inwardly as I received the debit alert.

Then I sat and waited.

In the course of the over 2 hours I was there,about 23 casualties from the Big Brother Naija stampede were rushed in.
Several ran back because of the cut-neck cost of treatment here,but I saw things today.

A lady rushed in with her twin sister that had been dealt a glancing brush by a speeding Mack tipper while standing by the edge of the road.
The lady had been thrown head first into a gutter where she struck her head on the concrete curb and cracked her skull.
As soon as the mum rushed into the reception and saw her other daughter,she slumped.

A guy had toppled over while climbing the audition venue fence--and had dislocated his jaw and neck.

A lady had fallen bottom-first--or rather--forcefully trip-sat on a rusty sharp steel prong while being pushed back and forth in the melee--and had her anus torn into bloody bits.

I'm tired of writing.

I'm sure as many as attended this Lagos audition saw these and many more.

The guy I brought in was eventually stabilized and placed on drip.

I was allowed to see him.

Fair chubby guy with Jheri curled hair.

He was still very weak,but he thanked me profusely and begged I wait until his brother arrived so he could repay me.He was able to read out his brother's number, which I dialled on my phone and called.

One hour later,the brother bounded into the hospital hyperventilating and asking what ward Chisom was in.

I dragged my scruffy,trampled and stained body out of the hospital without revealing myself to the brother.

And found my way home.

I have been thinking.

What kind of auditions do the organizers hope to achieve with such a structure?

What is the use of throwing a free open audition where just anybody can just
walk in and play around?

I can tell you for free that out of that vast sea of humans,not up to 100 were ELIGIBLE for a reality show audition based on the requirements they were looking for.

Comedians dressed like circus carnival clowns,dancers wearing cheap shiny costumes styled in the recycled forms of what church dance crews generally wear,cross-dressed males wearing female cultural dance attire,guys fixing Darling Yaki weave-on on their hair and Xpression attachment on their beards...

......Where is the line between being unique--and being an Isoko Yam festival masquerade?

So why wouldn't the organizers just device an online modality of screening out the ones they don't need within 4 to 5 screening levels--and call for physical auditions when they have the last most eligible 100 from each zone/area?

You can imagine that DSTV Nigeria never really did much publicity on radio,Newspaper or NTA--but had such an explosive turn-up of candidates and audition applicants(almost 31k in Lagos alone as at last count).

The bulk of the publicity was done on social media.

Imagine if preliminary screenings were also done on social media/internet.

Imagine how much more interesting the auditions would be.

But just look at the mess I saw today.

Even at 10 candidates per session,the judges would get tired before 500--800 people and start to rush through the whole thing.

Plus how much merit does the whole exercise demand?
Some leap over fences,and gamble with their lives to get in first.
Not like they are exactly eligible tho.
Remember...this isn't Gulder ultimate search auditions o.

Some other eligible ones don't fancy risking their lives this way,and stay calm and put--but do not get the chance of auditioning.

What of safety?

What of security?

What happens if Boko Haram chooses to strike in such large gathering?

People risking their lives,dying and getting injured for auditions that require candidates to breeze in cool,relaxed and collected--and answer questions naturally.

I think the government needs to step in here and regulate the way auditions hold in this country.

Why does no one seem to care?

You could actually die a gruesome death and the show would still go on --oblivious of your existence or death.

And is there anyone here that has photos or video clips of Ebuka ochendu,Uti Nwachukwu,Miracle T Boss,Cee-C or Tobi when they were doing the blind auditions with the sea of others?

There is something I need to understand.

And today was a working day,Friday--and the crowd was almost 36k in Lagos alone.

How will tomorrow's auditions be on Saturday--a work free day?

Lagos city will locked down.

I am getting a lot of calls about tomorrow's auditions.

Please I value my life.

And my limbs.

Every single attire I wore today has been destroyed--including my wrist watch and shoe--and I never even got into the hall.

I hear some people were even paying money to be allowed in.


Making money off people they already know will never enter the house?

For the umpteenth time...

Nigeria has caught up with me''.

Written by ®️Ivan The Terrible


  1. Replies
    1. Too much audience to this programme called BBN

    2. It isn’t well. When Donald T calls us a shit hole country we complain. These are some of the reasons why we are a shit hole nation. A country that cannot protect its own. Can MTN do this in SA? I read this intelligent man’s write up and I am angry, so angry I can’t even breath. And I don’t live in Nigeria. I am in no position to criticize as I am away but God I am mad after reading this. God bless this man for having compassion and saving a life. Shake my head... that’s all I can do

    3. It is so sad.....

  2. Lazy youths that want to take the fast lane to wealth instead of starting small. The country needs serious revamping

  3. Jesus! What a gruesome picture! I am actually visualizing the whole scenario in the hospital with all those injured young people in terrible pain. All for what? Kai!

  4. Hehehehe
    All this for bbnaija
    All the best oo

    1. Why the "Hehehe"?
      What's funny?
      You mustn't always comment, you know.

    2. There's nothing funny about this at all. This country has serious issues.

  5. This is sad but I found myself laughing hard. So you guys know I was supposed to go try my luck on the said Saturday right? Well, I woke up to a text from a big female politician. They were going for campaign rally and yours truly was to do makeup and tie gele. I quickly figured that a bird at hand is worth 45 million in the crazy scene this writer just described. Went, did my job, my palm was greased well and I was given T-shirt and cap. “Mummy can I come along?” I asked. She told me it could be hectic and when it becomes terrible, there can be gunshots et al. I told her I didn’t mind and that was how I jettisoned that big brother audition idea and I don’t regret it one bit. Going to waste precious hours for nothing. I made contacts from the outing and who knows I might have started my political career. Anywhere they manufacture the housemates from we will watch when we have the chance.

  6. This write up reminds me of the immigration recruitment of 2014 or so. I don’t think Abuja was that bad though.

    1. Immigration recruitment where i lost the phone i bought for almost N100,000 that is less than two months in Lagos stadium.

    2. Abuja was terrible @kiks. I was pregnant and hubby had to take me home immediately. We heard a pregnant woman died there.

  7. I got tired of reading, and I'm really speechless!
    WTF! SMH

  8. Terrible! God reward you for coming to that young Man's rescue. Nawa

  9. I can't believe I read this from beginning to the end.
    She is such a prolific writer and made a lot of sense. the audition show be online that will be better. BBN organizers suould look into this.thanks dear for saving that young man from death.

  10. nawa nawa this is terrible.youths should learn to ignore some of these get rich quick things and strive

  11. Hmmmm.

    I love money, even love free money more but I can never be caught dead in a huge crowd

    Don't even attend Experience because of the fear of crowd

    1. Like me. Anything crowd count me out.

  12. Oh this is very interesting. I read every bit of it. I like the writer and really hope he'd be contacted to participate.

    1. Is it about participating?
      You sure say you read this article well so?
      Person dey talk injuries and accidents, you dey talk participate.. ContinueπŸ˜‘

    2. Participate for what??
      What about those who lost their lives?

    3. Abi o. They should just cancel the show.

    4. dont be stupid. cancel the show cos people died. why cant people learn to compote themselves? cant they be ordely? if you come to a place that is to crowded cant you go back home? people should learn to use their common sense to do things. everybody wants to be famous and win 45 million

  13. Who send them
    The ones that will enter bbn
    Is in their house sleeping and watching TV
    Nonsense and ingredients

  14. Hey hey hey I'm speechless.

  15. What a long read on top big brother naija palava...
    ASUU strike and joblessness caused this wahala

    1. Smh.. You're just dull

    2. I tell you Dietitian. Oga, is it mandatory to attend audition?!

    3. So madam Diet, you didnt gain anything from this?!
      What a pity.

  16. Wheeeeewww!!! What a long read.😢

    People risking their precious life because of BBN.πŸ™„

    Las Las, na 10-20 people them go choose from all these thousands of crowd. So why kill yourself for it?

    "Even a cross-dressed male with artificial eye lashes,female clothing and heels also came to audition." Lol😁

    Oh Chim ooπŸ˜πŸ˜‚

    Because of "Awoof" money. 😁🀣

    Many of them there don't even have focus sef, they just want to go in there, win the cash and lavish it. No Ambition, Nothing!

    While few of them need the fame/cash. May God help us all.😒

    Some even carried "slinging non-functional guitars and wearing stage costume". It's well.

    I wish those that were injured, speedy recovery.

    1. That Shemale got me rolling on d floor
      Chaiiii another Bobrisky

  17. This is terrible. Very sad situation. Nigeria can never move forward. I can't endanger my life because of money. I hope the injured ones get a quick recovery.

  18. Really took my time to read it all and all I can say is. It is well

  19. Nawa oooooo this is serious. The simple truth the auditioning stuff its just a's well.

  20. And Vuharia APC claimed to have given employment!...

  21. My lover told me a jungle is better than Nigeria. He was right!

  22. O Nigeria! Unemployment+ not gaining admission into tertiary institutions+ ASUU strike+ the harsh economy coupled with a country that does not value human lives has turned youths into this!!!

  23. Jesus Christ πŸ€”what did I just read?ohhh what a country!πŸ’”

  24. Too much exaggeration if you ask me but then it was a mad house. God will heal the wounded.

    1. thank you. It was hyperbolic to a fault. I don't think we need to make such noise about an audition. Its a free world after all.

    2. How do you know he was exaggerating? Where you there? Pls dispute with facts. Come back and tell us what you saw before you run your tap! Hissss

    3. It seems he exerggerated. Example is where he said they wheeled him to ICU and he got healed afterall with just a drip. Thats a bit far fetched, lol

    4. He said stabilized not healed.

    5. anonymous 12:46 you should stop hissing like a snake. he did exaggerate

  25. This is just the beginning. The Nigerian youths have been brainwashed into easy virtue; just enter a room and have sex for free and at the end of three months of doing nothing, eating free sumptuous meals, you are paid 45 million Naira and given an suv and you become a celebrity. What a shame.

    1. When I said this bbn was an evil thing and that there were more positive ways to help our youth, people for this blog wan chop me raw, dem talk say na entertainment, say if I no like am make I no watch. Watch wetin? I have more important things to do, even if it is to sleep. So I don't care about the coming one. A show where people are encouraged to have sex publicly, scheme their way and show bad behaviour. I will pass. Thank you.

  26. They could have managed the crowd better. Haba. The deaths of all those people that went for Aptitude test for one government job is still fresh on my mind.

    But wait, so all these trolls want to get into the house too? Or where is the crowd coming from😳😳😳😳

    1. Na trolls now,some of the bbn blog were quiet that day. They all have gone for audition. A won werey

  27. Na waooo.. God Bless Nigeria..wish The injured One's uick Recovery o..

  28. What a situation. I hope the organisers will take more security plans from now on. Speedy recovery to those involved in those casualties.

  29. Na wa ooooooooo and some guys with high connections will just stroll in and be given slots to go win the money, meanwhile some other people will be voting for them with their hard earn money, insulting themselves and creating unnecessary enmity. Tor! Las las we will all be alright

    1. Real foolishness as I see it. Let them continue....

  30. hmmmmm terrible experience I think they should be more organized next year in their auditions

  31. Just if our leaders will read this. Just if every past or present governor, senator, house of representation or President will build even a matches producing company in Nigeria. Youths will have jobs and the quest for survival will reduce.

  32. Ivan I been enjoy to dey read you well well.
    Since my mama born me, I see one Naija guy wey dey yarn correct Oyinbo.
    Wait o
    Una read where im say "for every 1 male, there were 10 females?"
    Greed don collect my Naija girls chew them throway. All of them wan be
    Internet celebs, slayqueens, free forkers for tv wey them go pay 45million
    and governors go dey dash them money aghara aghara and them go dey land endorsement deals,
    dey travel abroad; Dubai for hotels come dey upload pictures for every internet space, okwa ya?.
    Una see am, as them onya don nab nkapi?
    Naija don scatter finish o. Say our youths no wan do honest work earn money.
    Dokinkas don dey rip off piple dey sew them like tailors, like carpenters dey take
    nak hammer for nail come dey build coffins.
    Alu emee nu pipiro ooo

  33. sounds like a scene from a horror movie...

  34. choi how do i unread this na

    1. Sorry. You have read it already. You can't unread it.

  35. Everything written in this piece is the truth, I am a first hand witness and victim. Lol its funny and not funny at all, I had to take pain killers as soon as I got home, my arms were swollen from pushing and trying to protect my self, I wore white also and before you say jack it had turned black, I had two extra whites in my bag that I changed too but those once never made it till I changed to black which got drenched in sweat and I began to catch cold and became feverish, thank God I wore sneakers as ladies who wore slippers were a sorry case from trampling, I had blood clots under my skin on my legs, God bless those who made sneakers strong, if God bless you and you are short nna! You are dead when average heightened people like me were stretching to get air from above and not suffocate. People were collapsing left and right and this was Abuja. Thank God I am better now, my fever is gone as well as the body pain.

    1. Where are the two Amebos that said writer was exaggerating and talking about hyperbole..... come and read Abuja episode

    2. Please I hope you went to the hospital to ensure there are no blood clots moving around. Sorry dear.

    3. Don't mind the Morons forming hyperbolic.
      I'm glad you're well dear

  36. Sad thing is BBN contestants are meant to have some kind of talent to showcase and get endorsement or picked by scouts.The present day contestants are going to gain popularity to prostitute their way to wealth.

    1. It’s not really a talent contest, it started off as a social experiment to see how total strangers live together in a house without any connection to the outside world except for a voice who directs them on what to do. So talent is really not a criteria. The only throng is for contestants to be smart enough to use that platform to launch themselves

    2. thank you for saving me the time to type. people just criticise what they have no knowledge about. bbn is an all comers affair, properly managing the crowd is just a way of putting sanity in the selection process especially in a country like ours bedeviled with a lot of issues

  37. This is serious, God bless you for helping that guy.... God knows I can never be in such crowd... BBN should read this, why put people's lives in danger because of one rubbish audition...

    I saw the crowd and I was extremely sad, too many jobless people... It's well with us

    1. God bless him and replenish his purse abundantly. His kind of person is rare in our time.

  38. When will our youths learn from their predecessors(Abba Moro's 2014 immigration stampede)mistakes? May God save Nigeria.

  39. This is serious

    May God heal the wounded ones

  40. I saw first hand what the writer wrote. I was on my way to work that morning and my first thought was that noise maker in the senate who has his campaign office at Aromire was having a rally. The traffic was as far back as into Ogba and there was chaos on the roads leading to ikeja and out. A journey that usually takes me 15 minutes to the office took me 3 hours.When i finally meandered into Aromire i had a rude shock!i asked an okada man what was going on and his reply caught me off guard, he said....oga na big brother people o.i have never said a sea of such scantily dressed young girls and weird looking young men. There was a half dressed girl laid on the ground by UBA apparently caused by exhaustion/stampede or some other random cause. In the time i was stuck in the traffic within the area i saw a young lady trying to scale the perimeter fence while a boy was dragged out from under the feet of almost 50 people. All that came to mind are these the same keyboard warriors/slay queens and kings/ e-rats that make noise all over the naija cyberspace?i smh....future leaders?naaah

  41. SMH. That's what I do when I see people trying to throw away their lives cos of a reality television.

    There is nothing REAL about reality television. TV is too expensive to even attempt to make without having an idea or knowing for sure, what will happen. Nobody will spend money on a production that they don't know if people will watch. It's like a lawyer putting a witness on the stand without knowing what that witness will say. Too risky. It doesn't happen.

    If you like, read this and think I'm joking:
    1) Reality shows are SCRIPTED
    2) Yes, all of them. Singing, cooking, fashion, talent, housewives of wherever, Say Yes to The Dress, Four Weddings, Big Brother, that one people meet for the first time and get married, etc. Yes in ALL countries
    3) Scripting means just that - people are told what to say and do. They're given personas. AKA characters to act out. Why do you think relationships tend to implode as soon as people come off reality shows? Or they're deliberately put in certain situations, based on the results of their psych profiles and allowed to flow. Big Brother contestants are subjected to psychological evaluation AND psychiatric testing before they get picked. It's too risky otherwise. That's why scandals from TV shows die out quickly; no prosecution cos if you're acting, are you really a victim? And if you think Ceecee is even half as insane or bitter as the media portrayed her, you got played.
    4) Winners ARE CHOSEN before a series starts, depending on what they decide they're looking for in a given season. Sometimes, the winner is aware. Sometimes, they're not. You're wasting your time and money voting. Your votes don't count. You're just giving back the money the production company spent on making the show.

    But please, ignore me and go & risk your life.

    1. Reality shows have ceased to be a novelty to me now. Most are a waste of my time.

    2. As for that Ceecee 'S own, that's her real character. I know her reach house. Her character is combination of her mum (esp) And Dad. So pls don't go there

    3. You are extremely silly to drag her parents into this your horrendous comment ! And to think you are any better than what was portrayed on TV! You are the biggest hypocrite ever ! How dare you ? You know reach where ? Stop pedddlng lies about Nkem!

    4. Who is Nkem? I used her parents so that you know that it's in her not that I want to insult them Bcos they our family friend. I can't do that online.

    5. ChyAdaJesus do you really think that if any of the psychologists AND psychiatrists all of them had to talk to, believed Ceecee was a real danger to anyone, they'd have put her in the house? I didn't watch the show but is there anything that has gone on in the house that's different from Patience Ozokwor portraying a cantankerous woman? Or any "romantic" role that Omotola, Genevieve, etc have acted?

    6. 1000 likes for this comment. I totally agree with you. There's nothing real about reality shows.

  42. Thanks for the boy you saved and for the info. The good Lord will reward you. I will make sure that nobody close to me goes for the audition.

  43. I think these guys should be sued. You can't organise stuff like this and don't consider HSE

  44. This is all wrong. Has Nigeria become this lawless that anybody and any organisation can do whatever they like and go scot free? This is so sad.

  45. Such a profolic writer. Thump uo guy. Thank you for saving that guy's life.

  46. Everything is crude, barbaric, primitive, wicked and backward in Nigeria.

  47. Dear poster, I must commend u your written skill is wowwow! May God reward for rendering a helping hand to the young man.

  48. Kudos to the writer for giving such a graphic description of the event occurred. Na wa O. Most probably those that will be selected won't be part of the crowd. God bless you for being a good Samaritan for saving a man's life and when the grace of God will fall upon you because of that deed, some people will say it's juju. Best of luck Ivan

  49. Abuja case was terrible,The crowd was mad thank God I wore a very strong pair of sandal.I was a victim of pepper spray,I felt I was going to go blind.See people fainting everywhere not to talk of the almost naked females hmmm, people lost their phones and passports.After small struggle I carried myself home at about 12pm.
    I heard as at 9pm that day they were still auditioning. What a mess.

  50. This writer has a heart of gold. God bless you.

  51. Na wah o,anyways,I can't be caught in the midst of such crowd o.

    Thanks for saving a soul even as you battled your way through.,God bless your kind heart.

  52. The hustle is real!It is well.

  53. The number one thing that grabbed my attention is the hospital scene.... Medical practitioners why? 28,000 naira is worth more than a human life? What happened to the pledges made to save lives?

    1. Whatever happened to the Hippocratic oath? In all this, i'm no longer sure there's hope of Nigeria's redemption.

  54. I think the government needs to investigate the organizing body of BBA. How doe one organize auditions without medical services, security and traffic mgt or any form of emergency mgt.There's no regard for human life and property is Nigeria. I'm so sad and upset about this events.

  55. We should bouycourt the show

  56. To church worker that is willing to do anything because of money.


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