Stella Dimoko Veteran Actor Vivian Metchie Reveals Why She Has Been Away From The Screen For A Decade And Some.


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Saturday, February 16, 2019

Veteran Actor Vivian Metchie Reveals Why She Has Been Away From The Screen For A Decade And Some.

Actress Vivian Metchie was off the screen for 14 years and was bedridden for most parts of 2014 as a result of an undisclosed illness but she is back to playing lead roles in some satellite series. 

What movie brought you to limelight?

The movie that brought me into fame was the series by Zeb Ejiro, ‘Candle Light’, where I played the madam of Do Good.

Who were your contemporaries when you started off?

Shan George, Kate Henshaw, I met them in Nollywood. And I had the opportunity to work with some of the best actors like Bob Manuel Udokwu, Kanayo. O . Kanayo and Tony Umez when I just started.

How long have you been acting?

From 1996 till now, that is like 23 years.

You were off the scene for a while, what happened?

Yes I took a break; 14 years. But I am back. I got married, started raising a family. I became a wife, mother of one, then two, three, four. It was pretty much of a work then and there was no spare time. I had to make out time for the children and that took me off the scene.

How does it feel, coming back after the break?

It has not been an easy ride, but I am grateful to God. I did Funke Akindele’s ‘Majele Ife’, and came back with Stephanie’s ‘Dry’. And the rest is history. It has not been easy because if you leave a place, people replace you, but I have been able to find a ground to stand now.

What would you have ventured into if you had retired?

Nothing; I studied theatre Arts. This is what I love to do. I don’t think I plan to do anything else and I have no plan to retire soon. I am going to act till the last breath. I love my job.

Tell us about your new found religion

It is no longer a new found religion. And I think it is an over-flagged issue too. I mean, if you google my name, about five stuffs will come out on it. And I am not going to talk about it anymore. It was pretty much an easy switch.

Who are those that inspire you?

Funke Akindele on this part.

Who is your favourite actor?

(Laughs) My favourite actor is Odunlade Adekole. He is a versatile actor. In Hollywood, Idris Elba.

Would you still give marriage another chance?

I don’t know for now. I am more into my career and my children. But I cannot say never.

How do you manage to switch roles?

That, as a plus, comes pretty easy. I am not trying to blow my own horn, I am a magnificent actor. My ability to interpret roles sometimes shocks me. I am not being proud; but when you got it, you got it. Some of us are just born with it.

What are your plans for your coming birthday?

I don’t know what my manager has planned for the day, but I would love to visit a home I just discovered for orphans. I would love to spend time with the children there; after all I am an orphan too. After that, I really want a quiet evening with someone special; don’t ask me who that someone special is. Even me, I don’t know. Anybody that feels that should take me out that evening.

What is your advice to aspiring actors?

If you know you have the drive and passion, keep a steady head; a step at a time. Don’t crash your way to the top, because you will crash back, no matter the opportunity given to you. I remember when I first appeared in ‘Evil Genius 1’ and played just a scene licking ice cream at Allen Avenue (Ikeja, Lagos). 

The scene for Part 2 came up and that upcoming actress got the lead role. That one scene must have struck something and birth the lead role and in Samadora and Carishika. No matter what you are doing, I think you should give it your best.

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  1. Good old days....pls who can suggest and epic action movie with a tight story I can watch.foreign wo wo

  2. I really love her acting then, she was good. Thank God you are back. more roles coming your way

  3. Saw her in Though Love , I didn't recognise her at all. Nice one ma. Family is everything, don't regret nothing

  4. OMG I remember her face now seeing the names of those movies, she played the role of Karishika.
    I still remember that song 'karishika karishika the Queen of demons'

  5. Very good actress. All the best ma'am

  6. She wasn’t away she simply faded out of the scene because she did t develop her acting skills and better actresses over took her . Full stop

    1. That is a lie,she was a good wise actress who used her time well,be wasting your time, time waits for no one.

  7. That's my sister up there...the only daughter of late Justice John metchie from Umueri..she can make someone laugh eh...welcome back sister mi

  8. I still remember very well, welcome back Vivian

  9. This is what any wise actress should do,women don't have all the time in the world .i just dey look all these actresses wey still dey slay,go and get married and have a family,like Mercy and Chacha.


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