Stella Dimoko APC Guber Candidate Sanwo-Olu Says He Wants To Run An All Inclusive Govt...


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Thursday, March 07, 2019

APC Guber Candidate Sanwo-Olu Says He Wants To Run An All Inclusive Govt...

Babajide Sanwo and his Vice Hamzat with Minister for works,power and housing Babatunde Raji Fashola in tow were on #TVCThisMorning to round off their campaign......

Sanwo Olu says ''When our govt took over in 1999, Lagos could barely pay salaries. It was all of the processes that we brought in, infrastructures, innovations etc that led us to seeing growth in the state. See all of the other development that has happened.
To say we are the fifth largest is because of the growth that has taken place in the state over time

''We said we will run an inclusive govt. We will listen and
 listen well. We will hold meetings, brief the people & take feed backs from them. We are also going to be a bit audacious and see if we can do some branding around government ''

''It is important that we educate our kids so that they can compete with other kids of the world,that is why technology is important. We will be extremely big for everything we are doing.We currently have over 500 tech start ups in Lagos''.~Femi Hamzat

*Whoever wins on Saturday's guber election should keep the promises they make...hold them accountable people!!!


  1. Story! Deceptive talk. We are used to it.

    1. Fashola and this guy may just End Tinubu

  2. I wish Jimi Agbaje will win...........

    Wish........... BV COOKIE

  3. If they don't Stella, we kuku can't take them to court. God dey

  4. May the best Man win

    Ogun election is turnioniown
    I have not decided yet.
    So kashamu won Lado in court .....Issokay ooo
    My neighbor has been blasting since yesterday, Awon kashamu.

  5. This explains the reason behind the new posters of fashola on 3rd MB. Hopefully this will be the right step in the right direction 🙏🏼

  6. Is Jimi really campaigning in Lagos.
    Why can't Lagosians shout o TO GE

  7. I fear for Tinubu. Fashola is a very smart guy. Right now, he doesn't need Tinubu. He has become very close to Buhari himself. TBH, no one in APC really fucks with Tinubu. The Hausa/Fulani cabal doesn't tolerate him. Amaechi doesn't like him. Ajimobi doesn't really rock with him like that. Fayemi and co despise him. As for his relationship with Amosun, the least said about it the better. El Rufai doesn't fuck with him either. All these guys are now in Buhari's ear. It is very possible that they will come together to oust Tinubu. Forget PDP, Tinubu's greatest enemies are right next to him.
    Right now, Fashola, Fayemi, Amosun and co have absolutely nothing to lose. Whether or not Sanwo-Olu wins, it's not their problem. If Agbaje wins, all the better for them to oust Tinubu because he'll lose his influence over Lagos. And Tinubu's candidates will definitely lose in Oyo and Ondo. But if Sanwo-Olu wins, Fashola's buddy Femi Hamzat will be Deputy Governor. That means he has eyes and ears in Lagos. The one with everything to lose right now is Tinubu. His influence is fast waning.
    Tinubu 2023 is nothing but a mere pipe dream. It will not happen. If anything, it's Fashola 2023 you people should watch out for. I've worked with him before; he's a very intelligent, charismatic and articulate fellow. Plus he has an army of very loyal young devotees. Trust me, people will vote for him! And frankly, so would I!

    1. You just had to copy thisday back page of Monday . Fashola is not a grassroots politician , he’s more of a technocrat. His candidate had to step down to be deputy to sanwo-olu even with his closeness to Buhari as claimed by you.

    2. Annon 15:03, it is pretty obvious that you have no idea what politics entails. In Lagos or Nigeria, it is all about grassroots structures. Tinubu's has built that structure since 1999! I am waiting for that person that would beat Tinubu's grassroot structure! You know the way Oloye( Saraki's Father) held Ilorin? That is how Tinubu's is to Lagos. As far back as 1995, when I stayed in Ilorin for 2months, every Friday, after Jumat, most of the market women will line up in front of his house to collect money or food items. Every Friday! Now to beat that kinda structure, you go try oh! As long as Tinubu is still breathing, I can't see anyone dusting him on the issue of grassroots...My opinion oh

  8. fashola come and give Abuja people light naa kilodey, since 3 days now.


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