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Sunday, March 03, 2019

Educative,Entertaining And Inspirational - 1246

These are just pictures but they tell stories that will either Educate,Entertain or Motivate you...


  1. Eeyah for fact@2. No wonder bible referred to lion of Judah.

  2. Replies
    1. His wife was much more gifted. She signed over all the credit to Einstein on all their theories and researches. Yet Einstein divorced her. Her story was a sad one.

    2. You don't say @saphire......sad indeed

  3. Yaba left escapee3 March 2019 at 16:55

    We all need a loyal friend like Sam, oh how he weeped when Frodo sent him away, after that crooked Gollum planted the bread crumbs on his "Jacketsis".... yet he came back to save him.
    I cant get tired of watching Lord of the rings!

    1. Yaba left i am in love with you now. "Crumbs on his jacketsis". Oh i love Smigule. I can recite every line Smigule said.

    2. Can't get tired of watching it too. Sam was just too good to Frodo Baggins

    3. Yaba left, your madness showed today o @'weeped'.

    4. Weeped is simple past tense and past participle of weep... its correct, wept is also correct. British and american english confusing africans sha

  4. Tiger are nicer than lions bcos they share their food and allow females eat before the males....female human or what?

    Who their nice help

  5. Yey my Samwise Gamgee. Lord of the Rings on my mind. I have the complete 3 on blue ray and watch it anytime adulthood becomes one kain. It takes me back home to family time in my childhood with every member of my family including my dad memorised lines from it.

    Smigule is my best character.


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