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Friday, March 15, 2019

Friday IHN

I saw the photo of a woman whose hubby cut off her left hand and that left me in shock...And then i heard the man whose three Children died in the collapsed building took his life?And i read the report you about to read about the BV below....................I am just in one kind of mood..not smiling,not frowning,just pissed at everything!!!!

Enjoy the rest of your Friday......


I am just reading the child molestation post
I am so angry...
I was raped at age 5.i can still remember the smell;
I saw no blood or maybe the sperm covered it.
The smell was awful.
he took my choice from me.

If anybody saying why did she waited this long you;u are a bastard!!!!!!I say again a bastard!!!!

That thing messed my childhood up...
I slept with anything from that age!my fuckup dad I hate u
Feel like even calling you out


He refused to work so momsi had to work her ass for us.
She noticed nothing..
I was threatened
I became so promiscious
I will become horny I will fuck table
I will fuck edge of bed
Before 18 sef I lost body count
I remember crying and I really wanted to stop but just could not.!!

I was always crying

The first time I every got closure was 2008.

I attended a fellowship in and jaunita baynum was played and she was talking about having so many baggage on her body and how she removed them.
After then I tried making so many effort to stop .

After a while I got back
It was so bad.
I threw myself at guys
When we are done I start crying
I needed help
No where to go

Till 2010 I became a strong member in church
Reading our daily manner and praying kept helping me.
For the first time
I started dating.
One thing I never dated long.
But I was faithful and never cheated.

I told God I wanted to stop having sex in relationships
And wanted to settle else I will fall again.
Met hubby and I told him
We have our issues but I know 100 %
He loves me.

Now making love to my hubby is like a chore
I feel within I am a stone
He keep complaining I am not romantic.
Kissing irritates me cos am used to just put it inside
I love him I think
I don't really know what they call genuine love sef
He always says I don't love him much.i am hard.

My rapist i heard he is suffering in abroad and nothing to show for it.
Told my mom five years ago
And she cried
I used one of my mom small juju one day years back
I was hurt and tired and I cursed him..

I just cant explain the feeling
My nephew wanted to rape my baby.
I took her far
I thank God the beast did not succeed and I caught him.
Was 17 then
He is 18 now
No money for police then
Now they are far apart.
Miles apart.

So much pain
My baby still says it till date.
Cos I want her to be open to me
He stole my childhood from me.
Till now Stella I don't really love 100% I think..
I am happy for my hubby
Apart from finance he is ok

No drinking;no smoking;late night no;he wants us to be happy;listens to many good things.he used to have anger now working seriously cos he said he does not want his kids to see him like that.
To all those going through this

May Almighty God help u to be completely healed
I am a. Bv with an I'd

Pls protect ur kids
U owe them that
My mom working to foot the bill ND my lazy father caused this.
It was not easy and when I saw the post I burst out crying
If u have not been there you just can not understand...

OMG....I am so so sorry this happened to you..OH LORD!!!!

Dont want to say much not to give you away,we will continue this inbox OK?



Kai you can never understand women .see somebody that has been keeping malice with me since.doesn't talk or cook for about a week now.but for night the kind fucking no be here.different styles.see the way she dey shout.this is the second time.this morning if you see the way she squeeze face.hmm.she still no gree talk to me o.i shock.chei fear wahala as the fight no dey reach night.make she continue.

Hahahahahahahahahahahhaha if no be say na blokos man dey use think,i for advice you to starve am small whether she go beg



Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I cry easily and I cry so much.

During meetings when they say i did not do a job well, I will cry,any small and inconsequential thing that people say to me, particularly at my place of work, I will cry.

last time my boss said that i don't come to work regularly, I cried for two days, from the meeting point, till i got home, even though there was no sanction or penalty for what she said. The other departmental supervisors at the meeting were shocked, they were begging me to stop crying, telling me that they just wanted me to be better.

I am tired of this and it is becoming embarrassing. I am 30 years old and still crying like a baby. Once they say anything slightly unpleasant, I just start crying, the tears will be gushing none stop for hours. When I stop crying, I will then start again, till the following day.

Please I need help. What can I do. My siblings feel so embarrassed by my constant tears. My younger sister told me she is ashamed of me. Is there a drug I can take or is there something I can do.

Is this a medical condition?

the funny thing is that I am not timid, I am bold, smart and eloquent. When i am being cautioned, I can be crying and talking/explaining coherently. I also have a tough personality with a 'good sharp mouth', so when people see me cry, they are usually shocked. So i am really confused. What could be the problem. I am worried sick and tired of making a fool of myself in public.

What did i just read?My dear resign from that Job and join Nollywood where a bright future awaits you....


Emotionally Unavailable Persons! (Part 1)

Good relationships can sometimes go through hard times when one has got to hold on, but first, you've got to know if you are in a relationship or a ‘situationship.’ Yes a situationship is the type of 'ship' where you think you are in a relationship with a significant other, when in actual fact, that significant other is none but yourself. 

The big question is, “Are you dating yourself?"
Now, nobody likes to admit that those 7, 8, 6, 12, 2 years, or 2 weeks you have given yourself to loving someone are wasted years. It’s like a blow to the ego. We keep asking ourselves all those self accusing questions. Could you have done something differently? Perhaps if you had dressed in a certain way, lost a little more weight, made a little more money, given a little more time...yada yada yada. Honey, we all need an upgrade every once in a while but there are people who you could never be good enough for, heck! Nobody could ever be good enough for them.

 It’s time for you to wake up and smell the coffee. Now sit tight, because WE NEED TO TALK!

I hate to be the one to break it to you but there are people who cannot love. Now don't give me that 'everybody's got flaws' look. I repeat, some people cannot love!!!!!!! Let it sink a moment. No matter what you do, it’s just never enough. On why they are this way will take a 12 page article, I'm not about to go into that right now, just note that there are usually deep seated issues. 

Remember John Mayers song, verse 1 chorus:"I know a girl, she puts the colour inside of my world, but she's just like a maze where all of the walls all continually change; and I've done all I can, to stand on her steps with my heart in my hands. now I'm starting to see, maybe it’s got nothing to do with me. fathers be good to your daughters, daughters will love like you do, cause girls become lovers who turn into mothers, so mothers be good to your daughters too"

This song should give you a clue of where deep seated issues may stem from. (apply to both genders). There are 3 categories of people who make loving them hard or impossible. 

Category 1: Incapable of giving love but damn well know how to receive it. (Narcissists) 

Category 2: These set of people love to love but are incapable of receiving love. These folks do not believe they deserve to be loved. (Avoidant Personality Disorder or high insecurity)

Category 3: Please beg whomever you serve, that they never allow you meet and fall in love with category 3. Incapable of giving and receiving love. (Sadists)

So what are we on about here? We are talking about Emotionally unavailable people. People who act savage are the ones who need love the most. Yea true! 

I'm not telling you to flee every emotionally unavailable person that comes your way, oh yes they will come your way, (lord knows we have one too many in the world), you could be the catalyst they need. 

This post is to help you understand what you might be getting yourself up against! Then there are people who are emotionally unavailable and don't even know it... Well lets understand these categories, shall we?

Thank you for sharing this lovely write up,let me read it well and absorb and see if i am on any of the three tables.....

Oya oh,who is on any table?



I have a baby crib, car seat, stroller and changing mat to give to an expectant mum who truly needs it, all items were bought new and used by me, I'm giving it away because my child is 4yrs now and instead of keeping it at home, waiting for another baby which may come or not, I'd rather someone else have it lest it goes bad. Pictures are attached (the stroller is folded)

I also have few clothes and shoes that will fit a 3yrs (or big 2yrs) baby girl for another interested BV.

The items are for Port Harcourt BV's please.
I can be reached on 07080380839.


Looking for unique and beautiful Ankara fabrics for Asoebi or private use? Wholesale or retail? Contact us today. Prices start from N2,000 to N6,000 for 6 yards.

Ig - @ankarakulture
Phone/Whatsapp - 07017108022
Location - Lagos

Delivery is available nationwide.



My family will be relocating from Lagos and will like to sell off these items
43" LG Television #110,000
LG Home Theatre #75,000
LG 1.5 split unit AC #90,000
4 seater dinning table #50,000
OX standing fan(The biggest one)#15,000
TV Console #10,000
Baby walker #5000
Car seat #10,000
Wardrobe #4000
Cupboard #3000
Rocker #5500
Cloth hanger #4000
Prices are slightly negotiable
Location: Iju Ishaga
Serious buyers only please



 I urgently need a room self contain or a boys quarters apartment in Apata area and surroundings. I plead with any bv that has the ability to help me pls. I'm not buoyant financially to pay agency and commission , my budget is 60k.

 I am a woman with a little daughter. My contact is 08178371779


I will really love to thank you for helping me with the advert you placed on your blog.
I got two wonderful customers.
Here is a little Token and I promise to do more.
Thanks once again

Thank you!!!!!



I need a computer monitor, just the monitor, does anyone have one to flip? I have just 5k please.

Also I’m trying to learn how to use a sewing machine. Can anyone teach me? I have the machine at home already? Anyone willing to teach me just how to use the machine at an affordable rate, I will learn the rest online.

I can be reached by email at


I sell unique and affordable plain and pattern materials and Ankara materials.
Plain and pattern Materials -#2500
Ankara Materials- #3000.
I reside in Abuja and do nationwide delivery. You can follow us on instagram @ Kaiso Fabrics or call/whatsapp: 08065481073.


Fairly used Binatone 3.5 Litre cake mixer with handle attached. Working perfectly with no issues. Pickup in Festac, Lagos. Price is 9k. 
 Call 07034707670 if serious.


Do you know a good and clean quality beddings is a must for an healthy night's sleep?
Also, you can make your bedsheets a statement item for your bedroom furnishing
Call/WhatsApp: 07088646952.



  1. The heat in Lagos today is unexplainable.

    1. I'm telling you I wish heat de burn body fat,I would be like Agbani before evening....

    2. single ma, your comment just make me burst into laughter for inside keke πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

    3. Let me borrow your space...Miss Ess.
      To the rape poster, I feel you. I was also raped (about 2 or 3 times, I think) at 7 years and was also physically abused,by one of my cousins who were living with us then. He would use the wooden turn-garri spatula and beat me on my buttocks, while he makes me lie face down on the mattress, and he sits on my back and hit my buttocks with the spatula. I would be choking, suffocating, I couldn't cry out. I did him nothing. I was just a kid.
      It was a terrible experience. I couldn't talk because I was threatened that I would be beaten more if I dared.

      Thankfully, my mom found out, because I started bleeding from the tears I had on my vagina. I was hospitalized and admitted. My vagina was stitched. I can recall that the boy was sent back home.
      I am 37 years now and married yet the trauma is still there.
      The experience didn't make me promiscuous, rather it made me afraid of sex. I didn't use to enjoy sex until recently. I didn't allow anything into my vaginal till i was 22, yet it wasnt easy for me.
      I had real fear/phobia for sex. But it's better now, thankfully.

      I have always sensitized my son on keeping his private parts private, not to let anyone touch it and do not touch another person's privates, since he was 3 years.
      Yet it seemed that was not enough, as the devil wanted my son to pass through the same sexual molestation I passed through, by My God pass am.

      2 weeks ago, I called my son (6years) to my room to have a heart to heart talk like we used to do sometimes.
      I reminded him of the 'keeping your private part private '
      Then he confided on me that the 15 years old boy that was staying with me (whom I am trying to help) has been inserting his penis in his buttocks hole. And that he told him to keep it a secret ( as in boys secret)
      When I heard this I died and resurrected again. I felt as if I was floating on space.
      The same thing that happened to me has happened to my innocent son.
      Felt like asking God why. The pain and trauma of my own molestation came back again. I would be walking on the road, be moping and crying. It was terrible. I re-lived the trauma all over again.
      Thank God my son was not traumatised and that he told me. If not it would have continued.
      Now I dont have any help. I am saving for the installation of a CCTV before I can get another househelp or have any cousin or relation live with me again.

      Mothers, be close to your children. Encourage them to tell you their secrets and promise never to be mad when they do.

      May God keep our kids safe

    4. Jeez this is so sad @ anon 15.17. So sorry about what you passed through. I think you should avoid having any relative or nanny to live with you. So many bad people out there.

    5. Anon 15:17 this is so sad. May God heal you and son. May be never desire the gay life when he grows.
      Only God knows what's running through his mind right now.
      Pls say not should be arrested ASAP.
      To the poster up, May God heal you completely and protect our kids from evil.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. father please do what you alone can do, it is my turn

    2. Amen to your prayers!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks to you and Stella once again

    2. I would like to say a big thank you for the data giveaway,thank You so much for the gift,may your pocket not run dry Stella.Thank you beloved.

    3. Thanks to Stella for d data giveaway. I got it this morning.. May God continue to bless you.

      Beloved thanks for chosen me😘

    4. Thank you Stella for the data. I have received mine. God bless you beloved.

    5. Data received this afternoon..
      Thanks Stella
      God bless you real good..

      Thanks Beloved,you are loved..

      God bless the Angels in da house. More open doors..

    6. God's blessings on u Stella for the data giveaway and thanks to Beloved

    7. Stella and Beloved thanks so much for the data giveaway.
      Sorry I have not been online almost all day.
      I appreciate.

  4. I got the data giveaway, thank you so much Stella and Beloved.

    1. I laugh in spanish. If u believe yemisis cheated first you will believe anything.
      They just sent her away and settled her.
      Pasta is being blackmailed hence the confession".
      I really dont understand pasta saying that child isnt his cos d baby is SS and his wife said she is AA.
      If she is really AA, can she give birth to an SS child?.
      Is this not a clear case of either deceit from yemisi or error from labs.
      But no, he is hammering on it , as if he were AA and sud ddenly had an ss child.
      Both of them had skeletons in their cupboards. But pasta should stop exaggerating his wifes own biko.
      We aint fools..

  5. Everywhere peppersoup, everywhere peppersoup, madam bring in more beer
    Everywhere peppersoup!

    Who no like this post, Na the peppersoup water go enter una eye! πŸ˜›

    Kevin Dat Edo Boi (Stellz Cousin)

  6. ihn is here, thanks beloved I got my data, may God bless the giver

  7. 43 inches Lg tv for 110? you are a theif. kukuma go and carry gun Nonsense.

    only raped victims really understand the pains and trauma that comes with rape.

    1. @ Finny don't mind that poster, all the prices are exuberant.

    2. The seller is an armed robber without gun, the mixer that I bought new one for #9500😎😎😎😎

    3. Lmao oh my Finny.I thought the exact same thing and mind you,they might have bought those things when dollar was 150.Why are some people so greedy?

    4. Maybe they bought when electronics was high,They shd have done market research before placing prices. Even friends that follow you to buy will not buy at good price when you decide to sell on the third day.

    5. Exorbitant not exuberant

    6. it's exorbitant, hun.

    7. @Finny ooo,follow me see something. Brand new 4 seater dinning set here in PH is 40,000, same as his displayed picture, and his fairly used is going for 50,000. Oga you will be alright las las...

    8. dont mind the ole i got my childhood friend who got married on the 2nd of febuary an Lg 43LJ500 HD LED tear rubber tv that cost 105k. infact i was told i was cheated sef. that it was sold for 98k in terminus and this ole is selling fairly used for 110k. These people selling stuffs here think we are all madly rich people who dont know the road to the market or what to do with money. mtchewwww

    9. Lmaooo no be small thing ooo....The prices are as good as buying brand new @ seller.
      I hope you find 'market'.

  8. Good Afternoon lovelies ♥♥♥

    Those who leave everything in God's hands will eventually see God's hands in everything. An act of kindness made me gave way to tears today. Will share later. It's so good to be good.

    Football lovers have you seen the draw?

      Ajax vs JUVENTUS - Juventus will qualify
      Liverpool vs Porto - Liverpool will qualify
      Tottenham vs Manchester City - Bye bye to Tottenham
      Barcelona vs Manchester United - Barcelona will qualify

      Arsenal vs NAPOLI - hard to predicts cos both teams are superb
      Villareal vs Valencia - this will be another el-classico as both are La Liga teams and dem no dey gree for each other
      Benfica vs Frankfurt - i tip Benfica to win
      Slavia Prague vs Chelsea - Chelsea will SURELY win

    2. Yes o: I see a juventus and barca finals. Although would have loved to see Man u pull through but can't see barca loosing out to them.

    3. Howdy Olori, I hope your day is going well.

      Yes o, I look forward to the Barca vs Man United match. My team is in the Europa league though, we get to face Napoli.

    4. The draw tight gan, Ron let's wait and see

      The rape victim, so sorry.. May God erase that phase from you completely.

    5. I have seen it o. I can't wait! !!
      Football is sweet mhen.

  9. Poster wey dey cry, you are my sister
    At some point am ashamed of myself, my cry no get shame and it can happen anywhere
    my cry no dey form posh or classy at all

    lass lass we go dey alright

    1. Do u cry when they are breaking ya waist?

    2. I can relate to that cry cry poster,but mine isnt as bad,haba I hate people seeing me cry..The worse is how embarrasing you get to feel after the tears have rolled. Poster ask yourself:are you crying out of pity? or is it because you are pained/hurt? I havent even cured mine so I cant advice you on how to go about yours...and im an adult ooo, no be small pikin. mtchweeeee

    3. Make all my Sisis wey dey cry come be crying actresses na.
      No be cry cry that ATUress wey work or Roach for Imo state take chop for Nkeiru before she come kopu?

  10. To the rape victim.. OMG,may God help u heal..oh dear,can only imagine what u went through..
    Cry cry baby...why now,pls join Hollywood, where ur talent will be appreciatedπŸ˜‚..
    Relocation sale..the prices of ur items are that of a new once o,hope u know...
    Rip to those kid..may God console their parents...

  11. Ordinarily, I wouldn't have answer those anonymous guys asking me after Sky, for if you guys truly wanted to know about his whereabouts, then you should have click on his ID in an old comment of his and send a mail to him or better still call his line to check up on him than

    Sky is fine and very much busy on things at the moment. Spoke with him and let him know he is being missed on the blog. Hope he will breeze in when he has the chance to do so.

    I hope I can now have my rest over this? Lolzzz.

    1. He is being missed as per philanthropist wey he beπŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜Ž

    2. The first part of your answer - unnecessary. Same as second. Choose one answer. Either you say where he is or you don’t. Pick your hustle. You’re all over the map

    3. Na lady bug still miss Sky pass need to deny

    4. 15:12 lekwa ka iga e choke on bile for Teejay...and NO I aint his fan...but ive got no reason to hate or trail nor drag the young mans comments ALWAYS...get a grip over your self already!

    5. @15:45 shaatap!!!! You’re a fan. Why do you think I understand your Igbo? Speak English. And MYOB! Defender of the universe.

    6. Stupid anon15:12, what's ur problem?
      Why does Tj give u so much headache?
      Are u mad?
      Trust me, I'm not Tj but I hate bullies with a passion.

    7. Finny wats with d thief insult. How dare u call someone a thief like DAT, is it by force to buy? Pls respect ursef cos u r not any better.

  12. That rape up there;
    What confuses me is what men find in a 5 year old or even newborn vj. Yes, newborn for I've heard about that one too. And to talk about ones father. Really some men are sick.
    What I will advice this poster is that for complete healing, you need to forgive. Since you mentioned being a Christian, I will refer you to Romans 12. In the last five verses you will read about forgiveness and not repaying evil with evil. When you don't forgive, you suffer that heaviness of heart. I've been there before. That is the burden on a non-forgiving heart.

  13. Sdk you say make im deny im wife fork; that kin Naija woman. She go collect am outside o and even elope with a "drilling rod".

  14. Very Hot Afternoon.. We need rain, plenty rain..πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

  15. I need ideas on how to run a good business with the sum of #200,000

    1. I will guide you on how to start a makeup business...

    2. Your interest,passion, Location, market strength, human relationship, status,accessibility to(raw materials, buyers)matters in business.
      Business needs high percentage of concentration.

  16. I got one Etisalat, may more customers fall on you. The Broken BV, may God heal you completely. We don't look what we have been through. @Relocation poster is the pot of soup among what you are selling? @Blessed Princess

  17. Ubi Franklin is a snake. Saying Iyanya he wasn't interested about the music business but he just wanted to sing. Was it not the singing that brought all the money ? Or the loan was it not possible because of IYanya ? Or was he supposed to go to the studio spend days to record, go to concerts and gigs to perform and then still be running around with you to register company or handle the business? All he had to do was sing good songs, it was your duty to promote and get good gigs for him and handle the books. But you had to stab him, you used your brothers as shareholders, IYanya was not included when all he to do was to sign papers to that effect. You didn't use any of his family, but your brothers.

    Iyanya did what any talented and music conscious person would do by leaving the business part for you to run because he trusted you. Iyanya owns mmmg because from your narrative you got the loan simply because of him. You signed Tecno and you didn't give him anything from all the money you made from techno. Take a cue from Mohits.

    Dbanj and Jazzy felt out and shared everything. They disagreed but nobody cheated the other when it was time to disband.

    Iyanya was gullible to have trusted you. He did the music, made money for the company and you stole everything from him.

    Should have been 50/50 at most. You wrecked him and now he is broken.

  18. inh is here again, God bless and keep us all away from harm. the days are evil

  19. Chai poster continue to be strong. There's no damage like child molestation. I wish you permanent healing.

    Stella what did you advice the poster who said she cries too much. Maybe you should seek medical help or could it be that you're too emotional

    Thanks Beloved I have gorrin the dara. Data is nife indeed

  20. I've gotten my data. kisses to SDK and our blog P.A.
    Thanks to the giver, may you never lack anything good in your life. Amen.

  21. I still don't know what type of girlfriend I need


    1. Danny how are you na?

    2. A tonto dike type will fit you oh.

    3. One that will make sense out of you. Too dull.

    4. As you be GOAT, get a SHEEP as a girlfriend.
      She will be meek.

  22. Thank you Stella for posting my items for sale i appreciate. God bless u

    1. are you the thief up there selling fairly used oooooops sorry i mean very used 43 inch LG tv for 110? i hope not oooh coz i have sent an angry thunder to scatter that person head.

    2. For the fact that this is a faceless blog does not give you the right to insult people here anyhow. How dare you call the poster a thief? Didn't you see where he or she wrote negotiable? You're just a bloody illiterate that's why you're going around insulting people here.

  23. wow!!the Bv with the rape issue.
    I pray the good lord settles you and make you whole.

  24. Data received today by 12;30pm.
    Thanks Stella Nneora
    God bless you more.

    God bless the givers in da house
    God bless the Angels in da house

    God bless you @ Beloved...

    Good afternoon blog visitors..

  25. Sunny afternoon it is!
    Thanks Stella and Beloved,I got the data.
    Madam cry cry,did you always cry over nothing when you were younger? If so,I think I need to caution my daughter on this cry cry matter,so that she doesn't grow up to also be a cry cry woman.My girl can cry over nothing...chai
    Grateful for the gift of life

  26. Why are men like this?
    They are married but won't stick to their wives.
    So because you are an offshore worker I should rush you ba?
    Telling me what other girls are looking and rushing at, really?
    I clearly stated it to you that I don't want to have anything to do with a married man even though I've got kids, then you came up with maybe I'm married that's why I don't want to do with you, and you now went ahead to say God is trying to save you from something from me that's why.
    Mr. man, put your money, energy, time and love into your family and stop gallivanting with girls up and down.
    Been there so I know what it feels like when I woman is being cheated on by her husband and I'm not willing to cause another woman pains.
    You even want to come and feel too important in the chat, Mr man swerve you hear. If you weren't married, just wanted to use you to shine Congo, collect money and move on.
    Please, nobody should come after me o I took a walk so I don't get killed in the name of staying for the kids.
    I pray your wife cheats on you too.

    1. God will perfect all that concerns u.u are a good woman

  27. See my sister in the crying ministry...
    I see love movies!!! I cry
    Someone hurt me!! I cry
    I sit alone for too long!! I cry
    If I had a fight with someone!! I cry in my closet and so many things like that
    Yet pple assume I’m the most liveliest girl alive cos they don’t ever get to see that side of me...
    In other news!!! I truly appreciate the data, I have already acknowledged it in the morning..

    1. Me too I cry a lot but not in public. I'm so emotional eh but people see me as a lively tough girl. Last night watched 'Girls trip', you needed to see how I burst into tears after Regina Hall's last speech.
      Even books make me cry. I read 'Cypress point' by Diane who again? last week. OMG see ocean of tears.
      But you won't catch me crying in public. Ever.

    2. if u see me crying is bcoz i lost my money or business is not going well and i have plenty bills and gbese to settle. i cant come and start crying over nonsense.

    3. Thank God I’m not alone, no one knows this about me not even my mum....
      Sometimes I wonder why I make pple laugh so much and I don’t get same in return, at the end of the day I will return to my corner and starts crying about irrelevant things....
      Happiest girl are the most emotional yet I look tough on the outside... it is well my sister

  28. Good day Stella. Beloved I got the data giveaway, thank you Stella and Beloved. May God bless you family.amen

  29. Data giveaway received, God bless you Stella, thanks beloved.
    Longlive sdk.

  30. I would like to say a big thank you for the data giveaway,Thank You so much for the gift,may your pocket not run dry Stella.Thank you beloved.

  31. Thank You for posting my give away ma'am.
    Already got a caller for the clothes.
    Expectant mum, i await your call, first caller gets it all.

  32. Hello lovely people. This sun can melt stone o!! God please we need rain oooo.

  33. Good afternoon everyone.
    Thanks Beloved and SDK for the data ,I have received mine,God bless you both abundantly.
    To the Bv that was molested,I feel so much pity for you, can't imagine what you are going through,may God punish all molesters/rapist(amen) they cause so much damage to the victims. Please dear,God who healed u and gave u the πŸ’“ to love, will heal u completely, don't punish your husband for what he doesn't know anything about,it's time to let go of the past, open up to your husband and God, you will be relieved, make yourself happy. God bless you.
    Those advertising, more customers come your way.
    Happy weekend everyone.

  34. The price of those item hmmmm get as e be.
    The poster that was rape may God heal you

  35. Hahaha, Emotionally Unavailable is my fancy name for Hoe Phase.

    To the survivor of rape, you ain't no victim. You took back control of your life and you are a badass mom. Keep ya head up.

  36. Goodafteroon everyone thank you Stella and beloved data received.

  37. To the rape victim, may God give you true closure. It is well

    God bless the givers and the recipients.


  38. Beloved and Stella, thanks for the data. I got mine some few minutes ago. Thanks so much. God bless you.

  39. I have received my data.thanks.God bless you Stella and enlarge ur coast. To u beloved,God will perfect all that concerns u.bvs,pls say a word of prayer to me.I believe I am healed

  40. Good afternoon all. Thank God is Friday . The rape victim , really a sad writeup. I pray God see you through. Keep enjoying your day.

  41. Don’t be afraid to start over. It’s a chance to build something better this time._ItsLifeFact

  42. Crying BV, your own is extreme. I cry anytime I am having an argument with someone and he/she accuses me falsely. At that point, I can injure the person with whatever I can lay my hands on. But, I'm praying to God to help me control myself when it gets to that point. I need help too.

  43. I hope you totally get healed poster. We need a death penalty law for child rapists seriously. What’s the world turning into?

  44. To the Bv that was molested, please be strong,I pray God gives you the strength to move on with time...
    May God bless all the givers and uplift all those who run various businesses

  45. To the rape victim, my heart breaks for what you went through. Emotionally unavailable persons, ah! I have met a few in my lifetime .

  46. Monster dad 😈😈😈
    Lol @ the husband's comment. Oga, quarrel no dey reach that side o. Na una too dey park face, no be una ifedi. Ikwokirikwo is no respecter of malice.

  47. Thanks once more to SDK for always reaching out and gifting data to BVs every now and then...May God continue to bless you immensely in everything you lay your hands on SDK for makeing me and BVs always happy😊

    On behalf of everyone I say MIGWO SDKπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ

  48. Good afternoon to everyone.
    l have received my own data, "data is indeed life".
    Thank you Stella and beloved once more.
    To the angels Blessing people on this blog, may God refill your pockets in thousands fold.
    To the bv that was molested, may heaven heal you completely and may our kids be shade away from all the rapist that may surface during their journey on earth.

  49. Thank you Stella nwanyioma. I have received my data. God bless you and may he continue to replenish your pocket. No evil will come near home. God will continue prosper you in all that you do in Jesus name. Thank you too beloved, I appreciate.

  50. Saw my name on the list of data giveaway and was so excited, only to check my balance and found do I check please? I used *140#..
    Thanks for being a blessing Stella, thanks Beloved for being so lovely..really do appreciate the gesture..God bless u

  51. thanks stella for your continuous kindess.....i love in house news

  52. Lord, plz remember me for these data giveaway. In life, pre marital sex cause harm bcus ladies are always on the receiving end. Pls ladies stay safe and protect yourself

  53. @ Blog visitor that was raped,May God heal you completely dear...

    Cry cry baby, You will be alright las las..

  54. My husband cry past.we had an argument last week.he couldn't take it.he started crying.I kukuma join.DAT is how we resolved it oo.consoling and forgiving ourselfs

    1. He couldn't take it abi you use your razor mouth finish the man.

  55. Bv that was raped I felt so bad I understand your pain ..i don't know why a grown up man willbe attracted to a baby even to the extent of sex 😭God help us mothers to listen more and be more protective of our kids ....stella remember me o as you dey give data o Lol .....Congrat to all the bvs who got their free data o..God bless atella

  56. To the rape victim,may the rest of your life be so PLEASANT that these sad memories will fadeπŸ™

  57. To the raped victim(s),God will heal you completely and permanently from every emotional pain you are going through right now. It is well.

  58. To the raped victim(s),God will heal you completely and permanently from every emotional pain you are going through right now. It is well.

  59. When you go on Instagram today, there are lots of 5 minutes businesses that remains in the same 5 minutes time frame no matter how much income they generate.

    Ubi knows he is not talented in entertainment like Inyanya but he knows he has one thing which is ...a goal getter attitude.

    If you are reading this and you are an entertainer, consider investing in the business side of your job. Look at Ay comedian, he is not funny and he knows it, so he decided that instead of waiting to book shows and hunger will wire his family, he created shows and brought funny comedians to it. He diversified his income and started producing movies. He was thinking long term while his mates where thinking short term.

    I could go on and on but I need to get back to doing what I was doing.


  60. Madam Stella, Thank you so much for the data... You're Blessed and Favoured.
    Your pocket will never run dry, dancingπŸ’ƒ shaku-shaku....
    God Bless you and family.
    You don join for my prayer point oo.

  61. Rape victim, so sorry for what you went through.
    A on please we careful of who you invite into ur home

  62. Dear poster with teary eyes, I used to be like you and I'd cry at the slightest things. I want u to examine yourself, is there any situation that saddens u, is there something you feel about yourself, it can be appearance, happenings in life. I used to be like you until my mom helped me out, she called me and told me I needed to toughen up and put a rock between my chest. Mine sterned from all the hard knocks life had thrown at me and it made me so emotional. I still cry but I am no more a cry baby. So please check urself and you will be fine.

  63. Bia....wia is dat person trying 2 sell 43inch LG tv( ordinary o) 4 =N=110 ? Na my destiny I wan watch? How much is brand new? Check ur price again.


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