Stella Dimoko Governor Ikpeazu Versus The Major Guber Candidates In Abia State......


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Monday, March 04, 2019

Governor Ikpeazu Versus The Major Guber Candidates In Abia State......

Abia State Gov, Okezie Ikpeazu, who is the candidate of PDP, is not alone in the March 9 election contest.

The governor, who is seeking a second term, will slug it out with major contenders from other parties. Governor Ikpeazu is from the Southern part of the state, and people from the zone believe it is their turn to remain on the saddle for the next four years.

Abia has a rotational arrangement for the governorship position among Abia North, Abia Central and Abia South. The arrangement is being implemented religiously by the current crop of leaders.

According to them, rotation is the recipe for peace and progress irrespective of the performance of the person in office. However, this has not stopped candidates of other political parties from challenging Governor Ikpeazu...

Dr Alex Otti is one of them and is contesting on the platform of All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA).

An Ngwa man in the central zone, Otti who felt dissatisfied with the PDP process dumped the party in 2014 and picked the ticket of APGA.

For the Ngwa people of the central district, including Isiala Ngwa, Obioma Ngwa and Ossisioma, the APGA candidate will be their rallying point based on the belief that Otti and the party he is riding on are popular in Abia State.

Mr. Otti is also believed to have some links with the Arochukwu people in the northern district, which will make him have inroad into the zone to catch some votes.

Otti has said in several fora that his vision is “to restore the glory of Abia and make her truly number one state in Nigeria as God’s Own State.”

However, his refusal to allow the zoning formula that would allow his kinsmen in the southern district produce a governor might rob him of votes in that district.

Dr. Uche Sampson Ogah is also in the race on the platform of APC.

He is from Isuikwuato Local Government Area in the northern district, same as Ikpeazu. He also emerged as consensus candidate of his party, hence giving him some edge. Issues relating to zoning might not be a problem to him. The APC candidate who is an industrialist, sits atop a flourishing conglomerate with diversified business interests.


  1. Alex Otti for me. Ikpeazu is a disappointment.

  2. Anyone but APC... Don't @ me

  3. Ikpeazu tenure is a disaster! Even as an Ngwa man he can't fix Aba, then what can he do? The man is just a calamity!

  4. Come Saturday I'll be voting for Otti. Ikpeazu is a big shame. They even had to use cartoons as adverts on TV showing good schools and roads as part of campaign promises delivered. Chei so so bad

  5. This toad is owing my retired mom 14 months pension,the sister in abia poly 14months salary and these people have bills to pay. May God reward u and ur generation according to ur evil deeds. Oji uzo kalu and his lots put Abia in perpertual darkness. I pray Otii or Ogah wins.

  6. Ikepeazu for voting him come saturday

  7. Not really been to Aba, it was a total mess when i left but some colleagues who have been to Aba testifies that ikpeazu did his bit in fixing some roads. I know Aba under Oji Uzor and T.A Orji was a total mess.
    I hear Ikpeazu did his bit dont know how genuine the tales are, Aba is a commercial center that when harnessed would set the state amongst the top in Nigeria.
    I just pray the state would have a leader who will liberate it and set it where it ought to be, billions would be generated from that Aba alone if Abia is properly managed.

  8. Now that it concerns their failed state, ...... dem no go fit talk


    1. You're an idiot to call abia a failed state, big fool. The small change you're getting from this govt will choke you to death, plus your bitterness towards the easterners. Stupid girl, always sticking out your tongue like a mad dog on heat. Stella better post my comment let this nkita ala see it.

    2. KikKikiki the tribalistic goat. Igbo hater

  9. Ikpeazu is a disgrace, currently owing us 9months salary (Hospital Management Board). He managed to pay us may 2018 salary because we (Drs) enbarked on a strike and he shamelessly want a second tenure.

  10. Alex is from Aro Ngwa. Originally, they are from Arochukwu, but Aro people are known to migrate and settle in other places. This is wy hwe hear of places like Aro-Ndiizuogu( izuogu is a town in IMO state), Aro- Oporenyi, and whole lots of other Aros. It's this his dual origin that Ikpeazu used to campaign against him in the last election that he is not a true and bonafide Ngwa man.
    I hope he wins. This man left Diamond bank as its MD in 2015 to come and contest for this governorship seat.

    Uche Ogah is a good business man. He is the owner of Masters Energy. He has awarded a lot of scholarships to his people.

    1. Only his uturu people. He shouldnt win

  11. Apc candidate is ikechi emenike not uche ogah

  12. Alex Otti or Uche Ogah all the way.

  13. Hope APC won’t rig it.


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